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Tired of Charlie Sheen? Block Him Out.

by on March 10, 2011
in Computers and Software, News, Travel & Entertainment, Fab Websites :: 0 comments

If you're as sick of Charlie Sheen stories as we are, then you'll love the new browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome from the Free Art & Technology Lab, "Tinted Sheen", that literally blocks him out.

Once you install the app, anytime you browse to a page with the words "Charlie Sheen" they will be replaced by a black bar. Even the pictures of Sheen will get blacked out, saving you from further exposure to the insanity.

Charlie Sheen blacked out

Now if they would just release a Lindsay Lohan version...

p.s. Yes, I recognize the irony of writing a story about Charlie Sheen that is about how tired I am of stories about Charlie Sheen.

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