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5 Gadgets that Help You Look Younger

posted by Christina DesMarais on January 04, 2012 in Health and Home, Health & Fitness, Guides & Reviews :: 1 comment

We may not have a fountain of youth to dip into, but technology can serve as the next best thing. If you’d like to take a few years off your face, here are five gadgets that may be able to help.

I checked in with Sara Mattson, an award-winning Minneapolis-based esthetician, who says there are several devices that can make skin look younger.


Clarisonic MiaClarisonic Mia

This is the bottom tier in Clarisonic’s lineup of a battery-operated facial cleansing brushes, but honestly, it does an awesome job. It exfoliates like you can’t imagine, making skin look younger and also helps anti-aging creams absorb better into the skin. Mattson uses the top-of-the line version, the three-speed Clarisonic Plus, on her clients but says budget-minded people can get good results from the one-speed Mia, which does a much better job cleaning the skin than a washcloth alone.
Price: $119 on


LarkLark iPhone App

Mattson says sleep plays a big role in how people look. Devices that monitor your quality of sleep and give recommendations for how you can improve it are widely available. One that Techlicious has tested, and liked, is the Lark iPhone App which comes with a matchbox-size device you wear strapped to your wrist at night.

When you first start using it, the Lark Pro spends seven nights establishing your sleep baseline. It tracks when you usually go to bed, how many hours of sleep you’re getting and how often you wake up. After this initial assessment you can set personal goals to get to the next level of better sleep. You’ll also start receiving tips on your iPhone for getting improved sack time and you can see at a glance how you’re doing with a daily snapshot of your last night’s sleep. If you don’t need tailored recommendations and daily phone reminders you can opt for the cheaper version.
Price: $99 or $159 on


Baby QuasarBaby Quasar

Mattson says this one uses red light that stimulates skin cell mitochondria to produce more energy which in turns reduces inflammation, increases collagen production and promotes healing. “I use red light in the treatment room and love how it plumps up the skin and drastically reduces inflammation. It is like taking an iron to the skin—it smoothes and plumps up wrinkles.”
Price: $399 on


Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion SystemClarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

This palm-size device uses patented sonic vibrations to force penetrate your eye serum deeper into the skin thus reducing fine wrinkling and promoting better circulation. “With consistent use morning and night I have seen moderate to impressive changes in the under-eye tissue in just one month,” says Mattson.
Price: $144 on


Panasonic Facial Ionic SteamerPanasonic Facial Ionic Steamer

Mattson says keeping the skin hydrated is very important for a youthful appearance, yet as skin ages it loses its ability to retain moisture. This steam machine uses nano-sized particle ionic steam which penetrates deeper into the skin to hydrate the face and neck. It’s not for people in a hurry, though. It takes 11 minutes to use—three minutes in combination with the skin cleaner of your choice and eight minutes of steam therapy alone. Since the steam opens pores, Mattson says people who like the relaxing feeling of this mini sauna might try using it in combination with a papaya enzyme for exfoliation.
Price: $299 on

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With the exception of the

From Candee Potter on April 08, 2012 :: 11:57 am

With the exception of the face brush, most of these are ridiculous…


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