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Amazon Launches Yesterday Shipping [HUMOR]

by on July 22, 2012
in Health and Home, Announcements, Blog, Shopping :: 9 comments

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Amazon is my go-to source for almost everything. They offer a bigger selection than anyone, and have terrific prices. But when you need something right away, waiting a week or more just won't cut it.

So, I was really excited to hear about Amazon's new Yesterday Shipping, which can get you what you need the day before you order it. Now that's fast!

Want to learn more? Watch the video:


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From Corina Carrasco on July 24, 2012 :: 10:01 am

Anything is possible with Amazon!

Loved the video!


Amazon Locker

From Keith Keimig on July 24, 2012 :: 10:17 am

Amazon is coming close with Amazon Locker… check out:

The locker room isn’t warehouse sized so it still requires delivery time.  However, I foresee the future with the most commonly ordered items stored in the lockers prior to your order.


Funny because it's true....

From Lindsey Carlin on July 24, 2012 :: 10:18 am

Competition over expedited shipping is fierce. Love that Amazon took the time to give consumers a good chuckle. Thanks for the laugh!


This will be offered if technology catches up

From Lisa Anderson on July 24, 2012 :: 11:14 am

As an employee of Amazon - we all agree this is pretty funny.  But when everything we do is about fulfilling the customer promise if they ever figure out a way to make this happen they’ll do it!  I was a HUGE Amazon supporter before working here but even more so after working here! 

And yes, they are testing the Lockers in different geographies - it might very well be the way many people in metro areas or areas with limited delivery access get their packages.  One stop delivery for USP or FEDex, etc…makes it a great option for delivery.


Amazon Locker

From Susan on July 24, 2012 :: 1:46 pm

Disappoint that the Amazon Locker is not in New Jersey, only NYC. Do you think they will be in New Jersey? I hope.


That's hilarious. It would be

From Tracey Black on July 24, 2012 :: 11:51 am

That’s hilarious. It would be awesome if it were true though. Or maybe intuition shipping - it knows what I want and when before I do.


Watch out Wal-Mart!

From Susan House on July 24, 2012 :: 3:07 pm

This was hilarious! I love, love, love Amazon- they usually have what I want (hint, hint W-Mart—-) at great prices- AND they deliver right to my door instead of me having to tote it to my car!


Buy all you want!

From Paul Curry on July 25, 2012 :: 5:41 pm

Can I order an Amazon Gift Card and pay for it with the Amazon Gift Card that was delivered yesterday?


Too good to be true

From Josh Kirschner on July 25, 2012 :: 10:27 pm

Unfortunately, Amazon also rolled out Yesterday Billing. So you already paid for that card delivered yesterday that you just ordered.


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