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Audeo PFE 112 Perfect Fit Headphones Giveaway

by on February 24, 2010
in Phones and Mobile, Giveaways, Headphones, Music and Video :: 174 comments

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Congratulations to John S. of San Clemente, CA! You've won the Audeo PFE 112 headphones!

Audeo PFE 112 Perfect Fit Headphones Giveaway!

Audeo PFE 112 Perfect fit headphonesEnter now through March 9th, 2010 to win a pair of Audeo PFE 112 Perfect Fit headphones from Phonak ($139 MSRP)!

The high-end Audeo Perfect Fit headphones offer great sound, and can even be customized to individual listening preferences with the included passive audio filters. Inside the box, you'll also find a set of very functional accessories:

• Silicon ear guides for better support while exercising

• Six passive audio filters for customized frequency response

• Eartip cleaning tool

• Expanding foam ear tips

• Silicon ear tips (S. M. L)

• Carrying case

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Simply subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter using the "Subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site—be sure to provide your name, city and state when subscribing
  2. Then, post a comment below indicating your interest in entering the giveaway. Please use the same email address you subscribed with when commenting.

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on March 9, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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From Jen on February 24, 2010 :: 3:16 pm

I’m an e-mail subscriber and would love to win!


From Social Networking Platform on February 24, 2010 :: 4:16 pm

Subscribed to you email


From Margaret Smith on February 24, 2010 :: 4:58 pm

I’m a subscriber.
I’d love to win these headphones.
Thanks so much for this chance.


From Bob F on February 24, 2010 :: 5:05 pm

I’m an email subscriber, and would love to win a pair of high quality earbuds.


From janeh on February 24, 2010 :: 5:14 pm

I’m a subscriber and would love to enter this contest…..


From Faye on February 24, 2010 :: 5:58 pm

We always need more headphones!


From Danielle on February 24, 2010 :: 6:12 pm

I entered thisfor my soon to be husband - he is always playing his PSP and needs better headphones


From BW on February 24, 2010 :: 6:50 pm

I’d like to win it.


From Sydney Mathis on February 24, 2010 :: 6:57 pm

Boy do I need replacements for mine!  Thanks for the opportunity!


From mr on February 24, 2010 :: 7:22 pm

M R I Subscribe


From Gary on February 24, 2010 :: 7:24 pm

I would like to win it.


From Cassaundra on February 24, 2010 :: 7:25 pm



From Linda Kish on February 24, 2010 :: 7:30 pm

I am an email subscriber and I would love to win these headphones.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com


From Amanda on February 24, 2010 :: 7:34 pm

I subscribe via email. For years still haven’t found a pair of headphones that suits my taste, would love to get a chance at these.


From Lewis on February 24, 2010 :: 7:42 pm

Would be a cool contest to win. Never have enough headphones.


From Dorothea on February 24, 2010 :: 7:43 pm

I’m currently an e-mail subscriber to your Techlicious Newsletter, and would love to win the Audeo Perfect Fit Headphones Giveaway!


From LeeAnn P. on February 24, 2010 :: 7:46 pm

I’m an email subscriber and I’d love to win these headphones!


From Andrew Gordon on February 24, 2010 :: 7:46 pm

i could use some new headphones.


From Joyce on February 24, 2010 :: 7:50 pm

I already am a subscriber. Please enter me in your giveaway for the headphones. Thanks for offering this giveaway. jgs0925 at gmail dot com


From Nick Hoda on February 24, 2010 :: 8:03 pm

Great! Real headphones. I’ll take a pair.


From Valerie on February 24, 2010 :: 8:09 pm

I’m a subscriber. I love these. Mine have gone missing and I’d love to own a pair of Audeo PFE 112 Perfect Fit headphones. Thanks.


From Gary on February 24, 2010 :: 8:09 pm

I could really use such cool headphones please!!


From annulla on February 24, 2010 :: 8:36 pm

I am sooooooooo interested in this giveaway!


From zedthewizard on February 24, 2010 :: 8:42 pm

just got an iphone i could really use some quality headphones

zedthewizard at gmail dot com


From paul on February 24, 2010 :: 8:48 pm

i have’nt ever been able to find headphones that fit my ears except big bulky ones that cover my whole ear..i want these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Ken on February 24, 2010 :: 8:50 pm

I’m already a subscriber and these would be great headphones to use at work.


From Freddie on February 24, 2010 :: 8:59 pm

I have the bose earphones that are similar.  But these seem to have better sound.


From Jaime on February 24, 2010 :: 9:04 pm

I am a subscriber and i would love to win.


From Jennifer Pellicone on February 24, 2010 :: 9:11 pm

I subscribe and I would love to win these.  I have tiny ear canals and think these may fit!


From John Stewart on February 24, 2010 :: 9:13 pm

Yes, I’d like to have these!


From Ananthakrishnan on February 24, 2010 :: 9:19 pm

I’m always a big fan of in-ear headphones.


From Erin Walsh on February 24, 2010 :: 9:33 pm

I’d love to win these. Thanks!


From Brian Banks on February 24, 2010 :: 9:58 pm

I would love to win these headphones!


From Sarah Banks on February 24, 2010 :: 10:02 pm

I would love to win these - Thanks!


From Jennifer B Reda on February 24, 2010 :: 10:11 pm

i subscribe! (


From Robert Lamb on February 24, 2010 :: 10:12 pm

I subscribe! This would be a cool prize to win. i could use one of these!!


From Clarissa Neiding on February 24, 2010 :: 11:09 pm

this subscriber would love to win


From gerald hanson on February 24, 2010 :: 11:55 pm

this subscriber needs to win these


From Quanda on February 25, 2010 :: 12:14 am

I’m a email Subscriber and I would love to be enter into this giveaway.  Thanks! smile


From Jennifer B. on February 25, 2010 :: 12:30 am

I subscribed and would like to enter.
Nashville, TN


From Sheila B on February 25, 2010 :: 1:43 am

Email subscriber. Think if I wore these to bed at night they would drown out the snoring?


From Mark/CharmCity on February 25, 2010 :: 1:51 am

Subscriber (found out about this from opening the latest missive); I’d enjoy giving these a listen!


From Scott Harris on February 25, 2010 :: 1:54 am

I’m a software developer and work in a noisy environment. These would help me block out distractions and listen to music while I work.


From Monique Rizzo on February 25, 2010 :: 2:20 am

I would really love to win this! Thanks for the chance.


From Mare Petrelli on February 25, 2010 :: 5:28 am

Would love to win and could really use them too!


From Miles on February 25, 2010 :: 5:50 am

Cool headphones.


From Carol on February 25, 2010 :: 8:46 am


Carol Wayne, NJ

I want to win, these are great.


From 216amyc on February 25, 2010 :: 9:24 am

Nice headphones!


From LV on February 25, 2010 :: 10:20 am

I’d love to win.


From Evelyn Wackett on February 25, 2010 :: 10:32 am

I love to win headphones, money, concert tix anything!


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