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Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker is Small, Colorful & Tough

by on September 16, 2011
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Bose SoundLinkBose has added a new portable model to its selection of iPhone/iPod touch speaker docks, the SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker. Distinguished by its diminutive size and light weight––5.1-inches high, 9.6-inches wide and 1.9-inches deep, and less than three pounds––the SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker is significantly smaller and lighter than Bose's other mobile speaker dock, the SoundDock Portable. In addition, the new SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker introduces a first for Bose: a palette of fashion colors.

Conveniently, the SoundLink uses Bluetooth to wirelessly pair with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. The six most-recently-used Bluetooth audio devices are retained in the SoundLink's memory for quick re-pairing and startup.

Inside the SoundLink are four low-profile neodymium transducers to reproduce mid- and high-frequency sounds, and newly developed dual-opposing passive radiators (similar to those used in Bose's Computer MusicMonitor speakers) to reproduce low notes and eliminate vibration.

Because of its smaller size, the SoundLink will not match the audio frequency range or maximum volume of the SoundDock Portable, concedes Tim Saeger, vice president of Home Entertainment Product Development at Bose. Nevertheless, Saeger says, the SoundLink still will achieve what Bose describes as "full-range audio"––a contention I found believable in my own listening test at the Bose press conference today, where I played Michael Jackson's Billie Jean streaming to the SoundLink from a Bose-supplied iPad.

The replaceable lithium-ion battery will fully charge in three hours and provide eight to 10 hours of continuous audio playback at normal listening volumes, or three to four hours of continuous audio playback at maximum volume. (Operating the device while it's plugged in to an electrical outlet is an option, too, of course.)

On the outside, end-caps made from automotive-grade chrome resist scratching and improve durability against accidental drops. The enclosure is sealed to resist environmental threats at a beach, including salt-water fog, sand, wind and moisture.

The SoundLink comes with a metal-reinforced folding cover (available in nylon or leather) that switches the device on when it's opened to become a stand and switches the device off when it's closed over the front speaker grille.

Two versions of the SoundLink are available now in Bose stores and other authorized retailers. A "standard trim level" model ($299.95) comes with a dark gray Cordura nylon cover and matching trim, and the LX model ($349.95) comes with a dark brown leather cover and silver trim. Accessory covers are available, too; nylon covers in bright red or purple are priced at $29.95 while leather covers in burgundy or tan cost $49.95.

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Soundlink mobile vs Sounddock portable

From Oluv on September 17, 2011 :: 5:13 pm

I am intrigued by the comment of Tim Saeger about the Soundlink not reaching the frequency range of the Sounddock.
I really love the sound of my Sounddock portable it is the best sounding compact speaker I have ever heard. But I would like something even smaller and more flexible so that my wife can use it with her Android phone which cannot be docked into the Sounddock.
Does the soundlink sound much worse than the Sounddock? Could you compare both?


Re: SoundLink vs. SoundDock Portable

From Robert E. Calem on September 26, 2011 :: 3:17 pm

Basically, what I was told was that because the SoundLink is smaller than the SoundDock portable it will not achieve the same level of bass (low notes), as well as its maximum volume will be lower. I thought it sounded great; I did not think it sounded worse than the SoundDock. It should be noted, however, that I did not listen to both side-by-side, so beyond repeating what I was told about bass and volume I am not prepared to do a more qualitative comparison of the SoundLink and the SoundDock.


soundlink vs sounddock

From oluv on September 27, 2011 :: 1:29 pm

meanwhile i was able to compare both side by side as i bought a soundlink lately.
i was really surprised how powerful the little soundlink sounded. the sound is not far away from sounddock. both are tuned differently but the difference is not night and day. the sounddock has an overall more refined sound, but this was to expect. still i was surprised how close they are.

of course the sounddock can play much louder (i would estimate about double as loud), but IMO soundlink’s volume is still more than enough for normal use.

i would claim the soundlink to be the best portable speaker i have heard yet. it can compete with much larger systems (i compared it to a large non portable philips fidelio speaker and they sounded pretty close). the soundlink also makes similar sized speakers like the logitech s715i sound cheap and toyish!


great post!

From Logitech s on November 02, 2011 :: 2:42 pm

I love this post. It’s very informative and tells me alot about the subject in question. I’ve found very interesting things on your blog and will be subscribing.


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