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Cisco Valet Wireless Router Giveaway for Father's Day!

by on May 24, 2010
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Internet & Networking, Organization :: 142 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by Cisco

Cisco Valet wireless routerIf your father is still cabled to his router, or you want to set up a wireless in your own home but have been putting it off because of the complexity of setting it up, the Cisco Valet line is for you.

Cisco® is pairing its wireless technology leadership with Flip Video’s simplicity-in-design approach to launch Valet™ -- a breakthrough new product line that makes home wireless simple and accessible for everyone.

cisco valet setup keyQuick Set-Up and Simple Management
Valet is the first wireless product line to make it simple for anyone to set up and manage their own home wireless network. Getting started with Valet is incredibly easy. Consumers simply insert the included USB set-up key right into their PC or Mac and the Cisco Connect software takes over. Unlike other wireless products that require 20 to 30 complicated steps to set up, Valet takes only three steps from start to finish. The Valet set-up key retains all set-up information and can be easily inserted into additional home computers to add them to the home’s wireless seamlessly.

Personalized Wireless Experience
Once set up, Valet gives you a simple way to manage your home wireless experience. The included Cisco Connect software makes it easy to: 1) add additional devices to the network, 2) set parental controls, 3) provide Internet access for guests on a separate guest network and 4) customize personal security settings such as passwords.

Valet also provides a new level of control for parents with simple tools to manage their family’s online experience. Valet’s Cisco Connect software lets parents easily set controls on the fly, so they can modify web usage for certain days and times of the week, or even for temporary periods. If teens are spending too much time on social networks or game systems, for example, parents can modify their wireless access so that they cannot go online after 9:00 pm on weeknights. Internet access for each personal device connected to a Valet - from a computer, to a gaming system, to a smartphone - can be individually controlled or changed as needed for the particular child or teen, including blocking inappropriate web content.

In addition, Valet makes it easy to set up wireless access when friends or family come to visit. With a completely separate wireless connection, guests can use their laptops or mobile phones around the house, while the main Valet home network remains secure and private.

Enter the Cisco Valet Wireless Router giveaway for a chance to win a Cisco Valet ($99.99 MSRP)!

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. First, subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter using the "Subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site—be sure to provide your name, city and state when subscribing and a valid email address (the same one used for your comment)
  2. Then, tell us in a comment below why you want the new Cisco Valet!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on June 11th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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From Joe K on May 24, 2010 :: 1:24 pm

I want this because it would be a useful and much simplified way to manage my home wireless connection.


From Jeff B. on May 24, 2010 :: 1:28 pm

It would make our world wireless and expand access to the net from anywhere in our home.  It would also bring a smile to Dad on his day…


From LARRY on May 24, 2010 :: 1:48 pm

great for my house!


From Andrew Gordon on May 24, 2010 :: 2:03 pm

I want it so I can have wireless in my house finally.


From Carol on May 24, 2010 :: 2:21 pm

I subscribe and would love this so I could get wireless.


From Mya Brooks on May 24, 2010 :: 3:30 pm

I subscribe and I’m going into college soon and this would help me get online when at the library!


From Chris on May 24, 2010 :: 5:29 pm

I want this so that me and my roommates can all use the internet in my apartment!


From GPrivat on May 24, 2010 :: 5:51 pm

I would like to give it to my son who is going away to college this Fall.


From Peter P on May 24, 2010 :: 6:26 pm

This would replace my old junky actiontec router that is over 10years old!


From Kiara on May 24, 2010 :: 6:53 pm

I want it so I can be wireless in my home.


From Jacob LaFountaine on May 24, 2010 :: 7:16 pm

So hopefully I don’t have to go unplug it like I do my current model to actually get it to start working again


From Bob F on May 24, 2010 :: 7:23 pm

I’d like to win this Cisco Valet wireless router because I just got a laptop and would like to set up wireless network.


From Russell M on May 24, 2010 :: 7:27 pm

Password protected, easy installation, who wouldn’t want it?


From Michael Smith on May 24, 2010 :: 7:53 pm

could use awireless connection at home


From timothy farley on May 24, 2010 :: 8:44 pm

my router always needs to be reinstalled.i have 4 pcs on takes forever.


From Theresa Jenkins on May 25, 2010 :: 1:08 am

your review sold me on this…I NEED easy!!!thanks


From lynne Goodwin on May 25, 2010 :: 1:22 am

would love to win this so I can go wireless in our house.


From Kristi C on May 25, 2010 :: 7:35 am

I am a subscriber and I want this for the easy set-up.


From Jeff on May 25, 2010 :: 10:24 am

I would like to use this to create another access point.


From david basile on May 25, 2010 :: 11:04 am

my router is slow and inconsistent


From Heather S on May 25, 2010 :: 12:03 pm

My router is old and I need a faster up to date one


From Angela J on May 25, 2010 :: 2:27 pm

I’m trying to eliminate as many wires as I can to end the tangle behind my desk.


From bw on May 25, 2010 :: 4:39 pm

I would like it because my router always needs rebooting.


From Linda Lansford on May 25, 2010 :: 4:41 pm

I want the new Cisco Valet to update my life


From John OBrien on May 25, 2010 :: 7:31 pm

Hoping a new router will give me a better signal where I work at home.


From Stephen Saunders on May 25, 2010 :: 8:11 pm

Hi!  I subscribed.  smile

I’d love to win this to help my mom and sister out.


From John Stetson on May 25, 2010 :: 9:16 pm

A great improvement for my old router.  I’ve been hoping that the old workhouse wouldn’t die before I could get a replacement.  This would be perfect.


From Timmy on May 26, 2010 :: 12:43 am

I can actually go wireless in my hutch!


From Cynthia C on May 26, 2010 :: 9:24 am

I subscribed.  I’d love to use this to set up a wireless system in my home.


From Kymberli A on May 26, 2010 :: 11:50 am

Already a Linksys wireless customer, for several years now!! This would totally hook our house up allover, & would also be a much easier way to connect up all our tech equipment…phones, puters, Wii, etc. We could definitely use an upgrade here!!


From George on May 26, 2010 :: 2:04 pm

I’m a subscriber. I can get my neighbors wireless connection easier and cleaner than when trying to access my wireless which is in the same room I am! Getting an iPad from work soon and i want to be able to take advantage of it!


From Monique Rizzo on May 26, 2010 :: 3:55 pm

I love that it has easy installation.Thanks for the chance.


From Timothy Pedersen on May 26, 2010 :: 6:16 pm

If I had this I could finally use my laptop in the kitchen when I am cooking.


From Jerry on May 26, 2010 :: 7:58 pm

Already a subscriber, My current router sucks, I constantly have to unplug it and wait awhile and then plug back in, Why? Who knows but it sucks. This would totally freak me out if I actually turned on my laptop and didnt have to go reset the router.


From Erin Walsh on May 26, 2010 :: 8:12 pm


I’d love it as an easy way to set up a family network.


From Victor on May 26, 2010 :: 8:56 pm

A subscriber. I would use this router to set up a network when I move for myself and the lady. The wireless and ease of use make this a very viable option.


From Peggy Gorman on May 27, 2010 :: 12:13 am

I am a subscriber!
I love electronics and this is a fantastic wireless router! I love Cisco products and setting up a wireless network would make life easy! Thank for the chance


From Christine on May 27, 2010 :: 1:54 pm

I subscribe and would love to win this because it would be so wonderful to get rid of a few more cords, not to mention the box I call a “router” right now.  Thank you!


From Elkaye on May 27, 2010 :: 8:52 pm

I’m a subscriber.

My family is still using an old wired router and I’d really like to upgrade to a simple wireless router.


From Jeanette Huston on May 27, 2010 :: 9:26 pm

My husband would love this prize. He loves computers


From Glenna on May 28, 2010 :: 4:56 pm

A great way to handle a home network.


From Janice Wright on May 28, 2010 :: 7:21 pm

I’d like this because it appears to be abetter wireless router than the one I have.


From kathy on May 29, 2010 :: 5:38 pm

Moving into a new home and this would be the best way to get us all connected


From Beth Munsterman on May 30, 2010 :: 12:17 am

I want the Cisco Wireless Valet so that our home can finally support wireless.


From Carol B on May 30, 2010 :: 12:17 pm

This would make it so easy for me. I could finally get my sister’s computer hooked up with mine without more wires and my photo printer is set up for wireless also. I already subscribe.


From Kim R on May 30, 2010 :: 2:52 pm

I’d like the router to give me the freedom to work with my laptop in more areas of the house and yard.


From Carol Gowett on May 31, 2010 :: 12:15 pm

I would like to win it so my grandson could use it with his new laptop.


From Jeanette Huston on May 31, 2010 :: 5:12 pm

I would give it to my husband for father’s day.


From Paul Conrow on June 02, 2010 :: 2:18 pm

Since I am a father, does it count for me to try and win myself??  Besides my father does not understand Internet, no matter how hard I try to explain, or get him involved.  And yes I am a subscriber.


From Alla on June 02, 2010 :: 4:44 pm

This would be great because my router now keeps going in and out! I need a new one!


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