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Cisco Valet Wireless Router Giveaway for Grads!

by on May 04, 2010
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Internet & Networking, Organization :: 176 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by Cisco

Congratulations to Linda from Winchester, CA for winning the Cisco Valet!

Cisco Valet wireless routerIf you have a child graduating from college who will soon be living on their own, or you want to set up a wireless in your own home but have been putting it off because of the complexity of setting it up, the Cisco Valet line is for you.

Cisco® is pairing its wireless technology leadership with Flip Video’s simplicity-in-design approach to launch Valet™ -- a breakthrough new product line that makes home wireless simple and accessible for everyone.

cisco valet setup keyQuick Set-Up and Simple Management
Valet is the first wireless product line to make it simple for anyone to set up and manage their own home wireless network. Getting started with Valet is incredibly easy. Consumers simply insert the included USB set-up key right into their PC or Mac and the Cisco Connect software takes over. Unlike other wireless products that require 20 to 30 complicated steps to set up, Valet takes only three steps from start to finish. The Valet set-up key retains all set-up information and can be easily inserted into additional home computers to add them to the home’s wireless seamlessly.

Personalized Wireless Experience
Once set up, Valet gives you a simple way to manage your home wireless experience. The included Cisco Connect software makes it easy to: 1) add additional devices to the network, 2) set parental controls, 3) provide Internet access for guests on a separate guest network and 4) customize personal security settings such as passwords.

Valet also provides a new level of control for parents with simple tools to manage their family’s online experience. Valet’s Cisco Connect software lets parents easily set controls on the fly, so they can modify web usage for certain days and times of the week, or even for temporary periods. If teens are spending too much time on social networks or game systems, for example, parents can modify their wireless access so that they cannot go online after 9:00 pm on weeknights. Internet access for each personal device connected to a Valet - from a computer, to a gaming system, to a smartphone - can be individually controlled or changed as needed for the particular child or teen, including blocking inappropriate web content.

In addition, Valet makes it easy to set up wireless access when friends or family come to visit. With a completely separate wireless connection, guests can use their laptops or mobile phones around the house, while the main Valet home network remains secure and private.

Enter the Cisco Valet Wireless Router giveaway for a chance to win your own Cisco Valet ($99.99 MSRP)!

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. First, subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter using the "Subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site—be sure to provide your name, city and state when subscribing and a valid email address (the same one used for your comment)
  2. Then, tell us in a comment below why you want the new Cisco Valet!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on May 21st, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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From Richard James on May 16, 2010 :: 7:31 pm

I need the Cisco Valet to set up a network to teach a friend how to run the computer that will run my outdoor night club when its finished


From Kathy Luman on May 16, 2010 :: 11:46 pm

I need a router so I can run broadband on my laptop through my computer.


From Karen on May 17, 2010 :: 1:05 am

I just graduated with a 4 year degree and finally moved in back home. I found out the hard way that my parents’ router sucks!!


From Jenn S. on May 17, 2010 :: 11:15 am

I like that guests can have a seperate network and that its easy to use.


From Lawrence Waters on May 17, 2010 :: 4:44 pm

Because my current network is so screwed it, it doesn’t do anything except share internet access.

I could uninstall everything, try to go through the 20 steps on each PC…but I’ll screw it up.

The Cisco Valet with the USB Setup Key is probably the only solution for me.  If it’s not too much trouble, please select me to win this.


From Christie on May 18, 2010 :: 3:00 am

I am already a subscriber.
I want to win the Cisco Valet because I need to buy and set up a wireless router for my Mom’s house. This one would make it so much easier for me to set up with multiple computers.


From Janice Whitaker on May 18, 2010 :: 12:34 pm

I dislike my current router. It loses signal all the time :(


From cb on May 18, 2010 :: 2:07 pm

I am technologically challenged and need all the help I can get in coordinating my computer and accessories. This sounds like even I can do it!


From kate W on May 18, 2010 :: 3:02 pm

We have a router but it is tenn years old we have to kids in our family graduating this year it would be nice to send them off with new technology


From Fayanne Thorngate on May 18, 2010 :: 10:08 pm

My daughter is on her own in graduated school; she could use this.


From Daniel M on May 19, 2010 :: 12:47 am

my current one is ancient and buggy help!


From Sharon on May 19, 2010 :: 12:58 am

I would like to win the Valet because my router is old and weak and is constantly dropping my connection.


From Anna M on May 19, 2010 :: 8:08 am

The valet sounds like a great wireless connection.  Mine is a dinosaur….let’s make mine extinct plzzzzz


From Erik on May 19, 2010 :: 11:33 am

I could really use this because there are 5 different computers in our household and the wireless router we have sucks. Not only that but since some people dont understand encryption they don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting any lock on the internet. This will make it simple and easy to add their computer and if the connection needs to be reset or anything like that theirs an easy key to do it with.


From Opal Baker on May 19, 2010 :: 2:13 pm

NO WIRES!!!!And easy to set up.We need this at our house as soon as possible.


From Paula Hafner on May 19, 2010 :: 11:48 pm

I’m a subscriber. I would love to have this for when my in-laws come and stay with us. My FIL always brings his laptop.


From christopher h on May 20, 2010 :: 1:19 am

we’re still using an ancient router, would love to replace it with this


From Sheila on May 20, 2010 :: 9:06 am

We actually have a graduating college student in the family right now who would LOVE this! Not only has she been wanting a router, but this looks so chic and modern.


From Daniel on May 20, 2010 :: 10:50 am

My wife and I have been wanting very much to get a laptop for the house so this router would help us a great deal. Thank you and god bless!


From shel772 on May 20, 2010 :: 10:56 am

I have been told that my cable connection would be faster if I used wireless. Would like to try this router.


From Jamie on May 20, 2010 :: 1:11 pm

I need to expand my home network and a wireless router would be great


From Kathy Scott on May 20, 2010 :: 1:25 pm

It would be nice to get rid of the wires going down the hall to my son’s room.


From Eric on May 20, 2010 :: 1:31 pm

Will be moving to a new place and the wireless router is my buddies. Would love to have one for my new place.


From Thomas I. on May 20, 2010 :: 2:07 pm

Gotta keep up with technology…


From styleezta on May 20, 2010 :: 2:51 pm

I’m a subscriber

I hate my router! always drops the connection :(


From katie s. on May 20, 2010 :: 3:01 pm

We don’t have a wireless router right now… what we have is three 50 foot ethernet cables running out of bedroom doors into the oldschool wired router in my hubby’s office.  I think its about time we cut the cords… (i’m a longtime subscriber)


From Ron Miller on May 20, 2010 :: 3:45 pm

subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter and need a wireless router easier to use then my present one


From Geoff K on May 20, 2010 :: 5:52 pm

I’m a subscriber.  I’d love to have the Cisco Valet to replace my current router, which is antiquated and drops my connection fairly often (which is really frustrating!).  I love the added features of being able to create guest accounts and sync numerous devices on the same network.  Thanks!


From Salleefur/Jesslyn on May 20, 2010 :: 6:08 pm

We have two home offices and lots of techie equipment. What with all the wires everywhere, our home looks like a cross betweem a snack pit and a bowl of spaghetti! Our cats too, have great fun with this mish mash of twisted wires! Not to mention the aggravation of frequent lost and hopelessly slow connection!

We would love to simplfy, organize, “beautify” and speeed things up around here! THe Cisco Valet Wireless Router sounds like just the solution!

We subscribe to the Techlicious Newletter and their RSS Feed.


From carol lewis on May 20, 2010 :: 7:23 pm

Ineed it for my computer as the one I have now, uh, sucks!


From Shellie on May 20, 2010 :: 9:45 pm

I wan this because I have 4 computers in thos house and would like to have at least 2 on the same network.


From Chris Barfuss on May 20, 2010 :: 9:50 pm

I need one of these to help me create my first home network


From Howard Steeley on May 20, 2010 :: 10:07 pm

I subscribe and would like to upgrade my router.


From Auriette on May 20, 2010 :: 10:22 pm

I would like to have this wireless router so it can be installed at my mother’s house, so I can use my laptop over there.


From Amanda on May 20, 2010 :: 10:35 pm

We finally this year got highspeed out here in Amish country, and I’m loving it! Our router was super expensive, I can’t afford a new one, so a backup would be great for when this one dies.


From reid on May 20, 2010 :: 11:19 pm

I am tired of all the wires!  I need to get with the present and go wireless


From Sarah Z on May 20, 2010 :: 11:27 pm

Love the parental controls it has!


From Dan on May 20, 2010 :: 11:34 pm

Cisco is the best


From gordon on May 20, 2010 :: 11:54 pm

Our router is shot!


From Sheila Newton on May 21, 2010 :: 12:17 am

It would be great to have a wireless router! My husband has cords running all over the place! Thanks for the chance!


From Ellen Ring on May 21, 2010 :: 12:17 am

We have several computers with my kids laptops & this would be great to keep everyone going. I’d love to go wireless on everyting & this is perfect.


From Andrew on May 21, 2010 :: 2:06 am

I want the Cisco Valet because I could use a newer router that can give us longer range through the walls.


From Samuel Taylor on May 21, 2010 :: 2:16 am

Don’t have none of them URL’s and never had a Techalicious either,but would love one of them
Wireless router thingies so’s I can have a home internet setup to be able to get online anywhere on My small hobble
I call el Rancho Small-O


From Secret Burkheiser on May 21, 2010 :: 4:44 am

Subscribed.  Would love a router so we could have internet on the laptop and the PS3.  Thanks for the great giveaway.


From Kittery on May 21, 2010 :: 5:14 am

My husband has been begging me for one, and claims it would be his fathers day gift. Maybe I’ll get it for free and that could be my late moms day gift?


From twister_oil on May 21, 2010 :: 7:52 am

I need this and can’t afford one.


From Guadalupe Valdez on May 21, 2010 :: 7:58 am

Better than what I have.


From Erica C. on May 21, 2010 :: 8:29 am

I’m a subscriber.  I could really use a wireless route…then I could move my laptop around!


From Pam on May 21, 2010 :: 8:33 am

From everything I have been reading this is the best router out there and I only want the best. I would love to win this.


From barbara wright on May 21, 2010 :: 10:00 am

I subscribe and I want this because I’m tired of fighting with Roadrunner over whether it’s their modem or MY router that’s slowing down my connection (I have to reset the modem EVERY single week!!!).  Aside from the fact that it would be nice to have a router that works effortlessly, I’d like to be able to prove to Roadrunner that I had TWO routers that “don’t work”, so they’d better come out here an give me a modem that works!


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