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eBay Valet Sells High-Value Items for You

by on April 22, 2015
in Internet & Networking, News, Computers and Software, Blog, Time Savers :: 8 comments

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eBay employee selling items in a warehouseBy now, many of us have experimented with selling items on the online auction site eBay. It’s a great way to trade unwanted items for cash. But let’s be honest: Listing items can be a hassle. You need to take a number of photographs, provide an accurate, well-written description of the item, and try to figure out what it’s worth so you can price it correctly.

A service from the site called eBay Valet aims to take all the pain out of listing items and selling them on the site. The program is simple: You send your item in to eBay, and they’ll handle all the rest.

To get started with eBay Valet, you’ll first need to sign up for an account on the site. You then need to fill out the Valet form to request a pre-paid FedEx shipping label so you can send your item in to eBay’s professional sellers. An eBay employee will research your item’s selling history on the site to come up with a competitive price, take photos, create the listing and answer any questions buyers might have. If your item sells, eBay will ship the item to the buyer and put the cash in your PayPal account within 4 weeks. If it doesn’t sell, eBay Valet will return your item to you after about a month, free of charge.

eBay suggests that its new Valet service is good for selling electronics, antiques, collectibles, musical instruments, new and like-new designer shoes and handbags, sporting goods and accessories, and high-end kitchen appliances (like KitchenAid mixers). These items typically sell well on eBay, and for relatively high amounts of money. There are a number of items the site won’t accept through valet, however, such as items valued under $40, items in poor condition, fragile items, jewelry, art, clothing and vehicles. You can view a full list of what’s allowed (and what’s not) at the eBay Valet FAQ page.

To encourage you to use the eBay Valet service, the site has agreed to list items for free and give sellers 100% of the final purchase price when you use the promotional code SELLFORME. But don’t delay: This offer expires April 30. After that date, you get 60% of the final selling price for items under $50, 70% of the final selling price for items between $50 and $200, and 80% of the final selling price for items over $200.

You can learn more about eBay Valet by visiting the program’s landing page at For more on using the auction site, check out these 10 tips for being a great eBay seller and these tips for getting the most money out of your eBay auctions.

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When eBay starts to push

From Philip Cohen on April 23, 2015 :: 7:47 pm

When eBay starts to push it’s, what, third iteration of “valet/consignment” service, you know that things are getting desperate at eBay ...


ebay valet is garbage

From Rob Harnden on August 18, 2015 :: 3:10 am

ebay valet is garbage they don’t do any research what so ever…I sent in 5 items,,, 2 items were returned… they required a little research, 2 items sold the first day.  1) the items price ranged from 199-245.00 only 2 sold in ebay history.  Its a rare item.  Ebay valet posted it for $59.00.  The second item had a range of 235.00-499.00 another rare item with 4 in sold history.  ebay valet listed mine for 146.00 sold the first day.  One item left they listed it at 59.95 the range on this item is 145.00-225.00 these so called “experts” cant even research ebay for comparables.  Its the biggest joke in the world.  Please sell your stuff yourself



From John on December 14, 2015 :: 11:17 pm

I think ebay should back off and let sellers do what we do better then even them. Simply put they dont know or understand the market like we do. We have been doing this even before ebay even came out. Ebay is just a different selling platform that offers a high volume of customer traffic and that is all ebay will ever be nothing more nothing less.


terrible process terrible service

From ripped off on February 12, 2016 :: 8:54 pm

eBay valet is terrible they didn’t follow any of their process thats outlined in the description. They sold a product valued at $395 of mine for $45 in the course of a few hours in the middle of the night. They posted my stuff after 5 weeks which differs from their “items post within 2 days of receipt” promise. I even contacted them to inquire how much they would post the item since i began to have doubts. The customer service rep just told me to wait until they posted it. They posted the item in the middle of the night and when i woke up i had two emails. It was posted and that it was already sold. There were so many things they did wrong in our business transaction its too long to list. They didn’t follow any of their procedures and had no explanation for me. BEWARE!!!


@terrible process terrible service.The valet

From Philip Cohen on February 13, 2016 :: 2:33 am

@terrible process terrible service.

The valet service probably set it up so that they themselves could buy your item on the cheap, and then relist it at a higher price for themselves; keep an eye out for them selling the same item again afterwards ...


Toy Collector Cars

From Hunter on March 18, 2017 :: 6:21 pm

Where to sell old hot wheels, couple of NASCAR SUPER TRUCK series by craftsman limited edition, and one 50th anniversary 1948-1998 NASCAR. Trying to sell old toy cars I bought, hoping to get a lot of money for them.


Sell my collectibles

From Gail Vetrone on January 01, 2020 :: 9:58 am

Sell my Star Wars sports memorabilia wrestling figures matchbox cars


Thank you!

From Kimberly Parsley Wells on February 17, 2020 :: 10:19 am

thanks for the warning!


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