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Enter Our Norton 360 Multi-Device Holiday Giveaway

by on December 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computer Safety & Support, Family and Parenting, Blog :: 654 comments

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Norton 360 MultideviceAs a regular Techlicious reader, you know how important it is to protect all your devices—your computer, your phone, your tablet—from malware. Norton 360 Multi-Device brings together powerful protection for all these products into a single, straightforward solution.

If someone in your family gets a new device, (say, for the holidays), Norton 360 Multi-Device lets you easily add and remove devices, move protection from one device to another, and effortlessly adjust your protection to meet your changing needs (up to five devices).

Also, Norton 360 Multi-Device works seamlessly with Norton Family, a free service that keeps your kids safe, providing content filtering, monitoring which websites they visit and the search terms they use, setting time limits and much more.

Want to ensure your devices are protected? We're giving away a one-year subscription to Norton 360 Multi-Device ($99.99 MSRP) to FIVE of our lucky readers. Already have a Norton product? You can use the product code to upgrade your current product now or add a year of additional coverage when your current subscription expires.

Enter through January 6th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "Which devices will you protect with Norton 360 Multi-Device?" (the winner picks are random, but we want to hear your story!)—be sure to provide a valid email address when you comment so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select five (5) winners from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on January 6th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Gotta protect the family Mac

From Gordon on December 26, 2012 :: 3:20 am

Gotta protect the family Mac and the laptops!


My phone, desktop, laptop, and

From Gabriel R on December 26, 2012 :: 3:36 am

My phone, desktop, laptop, and netbook.


What I would protect...

From John Ruzbarsky on December 26, 2012 :: 3:58 am

I would protect my desktop with Norton 360.


My new laptop needs to

From Stephanie Larison on December 26, 2012 :: 5:20 am

My new laptop needs to be protected badly!


3 laptops: mine, my husband's

From Kirsten on December 26, 2012 :: 5:38 am

3 laptops: mine, my husband’s and my daughter’s.


My home computer

From wanda on December 26, 2012 :: 9:02 am

My home computer


Please choose me

From LGT on December 26, 2012 :: 9:10 am

I already use Norton 350, and love it.  However, my subscription is about to expire.
If I win, it will cover a home desktop, three laptops, and two smart phones.
Thanks for the consideration!



From Crystal Mourad on December 26, 2012 :: 9:23 am

I’d love to see if its as good as they say it is


PC, Laptop, and a future

From Laurie H on December 26, 2012 :: 9:33 am

PC, Laptop, and a future birthday present ( I hope)


I would use Norton to

From Crissy Durst on December 26, 2012 :: 10:33 am

I would use Norton to protect my PC, and my android phone. I hope there is a laptop in my future that I would use Norton to protect too!


I will protect my laptop

From PatrickJ on December 26, 2012 :: 11:23 am

I will protect my laptop


I would use it to

From Bill on December 26, 2012 :: 11:26 am

I would use it to protect my son’s ASUS laptop that has been infected and is in the process of being cleaned up now.


The Norton 360 would protect

From Anne Flickinger on December 26, 2012 :: 11:27 am

The Norton 360 would protect 2 laptops and 1 Netbook. Thank you for the giveaway.


Norton Protection

From Grace Prince on December 26, 2012 :: 11:34 am

I would use it to protect my laptop and my grandchild’s tablet.


I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

From PATRICK CALDWELL on December 26, 2012 :: 11:35 am



Norton 360 giveaway

From sandy on December 26, 2012 :: 11:38 am

For a family of 5, what a perfect fit. Everyone has a safe year!


Safe studying

From Kate M on December 26, 2012 :: 11:49 am

The kids take their laptop & tablets to various places to study & do homework. Securing 3 devices with Norton 360 does the trick!


I will protect...

From Rita Hartman on December 26, 2012 :: 11:49 am

my home computer, iPad, and kindle fire


I would protect my work

From Sara Wilson on December 26, 2012 :: 11:52 am

I would protect my work computer, and phone if possible.


Need it!!

From Charlie G. on December 26, 2012 :: 11:53 am

I need this to protect my desktop & my son’s laptop!


It would protect both our

From Mary Calabrese on December 26, 2012 :: 11:58 am

It would protect both our laptop and my desktop computers.


Android Phone

From Dave Hart on December 26, 2012 :: 1:27 pm

I have been using Norton 360 for several years on my desktop and laptops.  We recently got Android phones and I would use it for protecting them.


I'd use it in my

From Debra S. on December 26, 2012 :: 1:42 pm

I’d use it in my laptop


kids laptops, family desktop -

From susan toler on December 26, 2012 :: 1:49 pm

kids laptops, family desktop - the only protection I trust is Norton, love the backup feature also!



From Matt M on December 26, 2012 :: 2:00 pm

All my laptops, of course smile


Two desktops, three laptops

From Larry on December 26, 2012 :: 2:18 pm

Finally, protection for all of our computers!


I would protect our laptop,

From Erika P. on December 26, 2012 :: 2:49 pm

I would protect our laptop, tablet, and smartphone


I will protect.....

From Amy Pullifrone on December 26, 2012 :: 2:51 pm

I will protect my laptop and ipad, my son’s laptop and ipod and my other son’s ipad.  That is 5 devices, perfect for our family.


This Norton needs Norton!

From K norton on December 26, 2012 :: 3:05 pm

We have 2 iPads, 2 laptops, and a blackberry! Current subscription on laptop is expiring soon!


Protect my computer

From Beth Ann on December 26, 2012 :: 3:16 pm

I would protect my computer.



From Ms. Genevieve on December 26, 2012 :: 3:39 pm

All the boys got laptops for Christmas!  Norton can keep my whole family safe!


ALL of our devices, but

From Leslie Glasper on December 26, 2012 :: 3:43 pm

ALL of our devices, but ESPECIALLY my daughter’s new laptop and my new tablet!  Thank you!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!


I'd protect my laptops!

From Greg Johnson on December 26, 2012 :: 3:50 pm

I’d protect my laptops!


It would be great to

From laura on December 26, 2012 :: 4:37 pm

It would be great to protect our computer!  Thanks techlicious.


new stuff

From Suzy Marcus on December 26, 2012 :: 5:13 pm

I will use it on my new desktop and laptop.


I have 3 laptops (old,

From RT on December 26, 2012 :: 5:23 pm

I have 3 laptops (old, older, oldest) I’d protect from viruses, spyware, et al.


I would protect the computer

From Liz Ruble on December 26, 2012 :: 5:47 pm

I would protect the computer I use for work and personal


I would gift it to

From Jeanne on December 26, 2012 :: 5:54 pm

I would gift it to my younger sister since she has a lot more devices to protect than me.



From kathy on December 26, 2012 :: 6:47 pm

It would be great to protect my iPad, Ipod and smartphone!


would be great to protect

From Sharon Kaminski on December 26, 2012 :: 7:57 pm

would be great to protect the two computers we have


All of then

From Leesa Johnson 487 on December 26, 2012 :: 8:00 pm

We have quite a few devices—laptops, desktops, tablets and phones.  I’d protect all I could.


tech protection

From Melissa Vaught on December 26, 2012 :: 8:15 pm

I need this so bad! I had never gave it much thought before, but have been recently. I use my iPhone, iPad, and laptop all together a lot of times, and worry now that they aren’t protected enough. Norton has always been my top choice, & I could really use this! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

savvylissa (at) gmail (d0t)com


New and old

From John Adams on December 26, 2012 :: 8:28 pm

Will beable to protect the new personal laptop and my computers and the business I own.


What to protect with Norton 360

From Kathy Erzinger on December 26, 2012 :: 8:49 pm

hubby notebook


Our laptop and tablets

From Lisa M on December 26, 2012 :: 9:11 pm

Our laptop and tablets



From nancy on December 26, 2012 :: 9:25 pm

I would use it to protect my laptop, 2 netbooks and a desktop computer.


What I'd protect is

From Theresa Elliott on December 26, 2012 :: 10:57 pm

My own desktop computer as I use it for everything and need better protection.


I'd protect my HP Touchsmart

From Geoff K on December 26, 2012 :: 11:12 pm

I’d protect my HP Touchsmart Desktop PC, my Sony Vaio laptop, and my iPad with Norton 360.  Thanks!


Norton 360 Multi-Device Holiday Giveaway

From JAY CHITWOOD on December 26, 2012 :: 11:22 pm



children's devices

From Sherri Jackson on December 26, 2012 :: 11:36 pm

I want to protect all the devices…but especially all my kid’s laptops.


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