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Enter Our Norton 360 Multi-Device Holiday Giveaway

by on December 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computer Safety & Support, Family and Parenting, Blog :: 654 comments

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Norton 360 MultideviceAs a regular Techlicious reader, you know how important it is to protect all your devices—your computer, your phone, your tablet—from malware. Norton 360 Multi-Device brings together powerful protection for all these products into a single, straightforward solution.

If someone in your family gets a new device, (say, for the holidays), Norton 360 Multi-Device lets you easily add and remove devices, move protection from one device to another, and effortlessly adjust your protection to meet your changing needs (up to five devices).

Also, Norton 360 Multi-Device works seamlessly with Norton Family, a free service that keeps your kids safe, providing content filtering, monitoring which websites they visit and the search terms they use, setting time limits and much more.

Want to ensure your devices are protected? We're giving away a one-year subscription to Norton 360 Multi-Device ($99.99 MSRP) to FIVE of our lucky readers. Already have a Norton product? You can use the product code to upgrade your current product now or add a year of additional coverage when your current subscription expires.

Enter through January 6th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "Which devices will you protect with Norton 360 Multi-Device?" (the winner picks are random, but we want to hear your story!)—be sure to provide a valid email address when you comment so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select five (5) winners from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on January 6th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Someone to watch over me

From Sandra Patrick on December 26, 2012 :: 11:40 pm

This would allow me peace of mind in my use of a desktop, ipad and iphone.  It would give this old broad some sense of security.


My son's new laptop -

From Marianna on December 27, 2012 :: 12:20 am

My son’s new laptop - he just got it for Christmas


tablet, desktop, laptop, everything!!!!!

From Sherrie Lineberry on December 27, 2012 :: 2:50 am

I would love to know both macs and pcs were protected and would keep working smoothly.


Mine and my daughter's laptop

From Daisy Soto on December 27, 2012 :: 3:29 am

Mine and my daughter’s laptop


Many, Lol

From Mary Withrow on December 27, 2012 :: 4:23 am

Norton is a proven Anti-Virus and I would use it on my laptop, netbook and house computer and Ipad! Woot Woot!


Love Norton

From Gloria Monroe on December 27, 2012 :: 9:11 am

I would use it to extend my yearly protection on my personal computer


I'll use Norton 360 Multi-Device

From Missy Murrell on December 27, 2012 :: 9:55 am

I will use this to protect my son’s laptop, our desktop, tablet and phones. I especially, like the parental controls management and backup and restore for PC.


Norton 360 Giveaway

From John Gulich on December 27, 2012 :: 10:42 am

I’d use the Norton 360 software on all of the great holiday gadgets my family and I got for Christmas! From my daughter’s new Nook HD, my son’s new ipad mini, and my wife’s new VAIO laptop. All are in need of great protection so we can safely go online. Plus all of last year’s gadgets deserve top of the line protection too. Thanks for the chance Techlicious!


What will I protect?

From Angi M on December 27, 2012 :: 11:09 am

I will protect my family’s desktop and also my new Asus notebook computer. smile


What a great idea, I'd

From Lena on December 27, 2012 :: 11:36 am

What a great idea, I’d use the Norton security to protect my laptop and my Android phone and tablet.  The content filtering capapbility would really be great for my tablet since I allow my young niece to use it and always feel that I have to monitor her usage to ensure she doesn’t end up on an inappropraite website.


My son's laptop!

From Selinda McCumbers on December 27, 2012 :: 11:55 am

My son’s laptop!


I have used Norton for years

From Rayane M on December 27, 2012 :: 12:53 pm

and will continue to use it to protect my desktop computer, my new android tablet and my new laptop (to be purchased soon)


I would protect my laptop

From Yvonne Simental on December 27, 2012 :: 1:15 pm

I would protect my laptop and my son’s as well and our phones.


Choose me, please!

From Susan on December 27, 2012 :: 3:35 pm

I will protect the Nab2 tablet I bought for my grandson, as well as our other laptops that are currently protected by another product (that I don’t like!)


We have2 laptops, a netbook,

From Karen Yott on December 27, 2012 :: 5:57 pm

We have2 laptops, a netbook, an ipad and a desktop that could use a security update…Hoping for a win…


I would like to win

From Gene Hamel on December 27, 2012 :: 6:29 pm

I would like to win so I could protect my laptop,and my new tablet,and I plan on getting a smartphone this


I will protect my pc

From danielle donohue on December 27, 2012 :: 7:09 pm

I will protect my pc at home.


What will I protect with Norton

From ElsieMay Kinney on December 27, 2012 :: 7:41 pm

I will protect my computer from viruses and Norton
will provide me with peace of mind that my computer isn’t going to crash because of nasty


My laptop, PC and my

From Racheal on December 27, 2012 :: 9:49 pm

My laptop, PC and my boyfriend’s laptop.


Norton will protect all my family's computer

From Karen on December 27, 2012 :: 9:50 pm

I have 2 kids in college and 1 in high school and they all have laptops that need protecting. There is also my home office desktop. I am always careful about what I download, but still did get caught offguard and infected by a virus when I received what looked like a delivery notification from Fedex.


I would protect my tabletand netbook

From Diana Smith Hill on December 27, 2012 :: 11:20 pm

I would protect my tabletand netbook!thanks for the gobeaway! I have been thinking I need to protect it!


Me, me, pick me!!!11!!eleventybbq

From Jeffrey Deutsch on December 27, 2012 :: 11:58 pm

My wife and I have our Toshiba laptops and Droid DNAs, and we’d love the chance to protect them all with the same Norton solution.

Jeff Deutsch


I would protect my new

From Wendy Wallach on December 28, 2012 :: 3:03 am

I would protect my new laptop since my old laptop dies due to a nasty virus!



From karen hunter on December 28, 2012 :: 4:15 am

my new laptop


A Must!!!

From Brenda Peachey on December 28, 2012 :: 5:58 am

I am disabled and I was blessed to get a computer to do surveys and keep in touch with my family. I had Norton on it before,but it ran out. I have no money to buy it so I hope to win this to keep my computer safe.


my desktop, laptop & kindlethank

From Patricia Smith on December 28, 2012 :: 6:58 am

my desktop, laptop & kindle
thank you


My main PC

From Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly on December 28, 2012 :: 7:09 am

I will protect my desktop!


phones, computers, laptops

From bonnie on December 28, 2012 :: 11:06 am

phones, computers, laptops


Norton Safety

From Sarah on December 28, 2012 :: 11:27 am

I would use Norton to protect my daughters new laptop and our desktop.


I would use it to

From Oanh on December 28, 2012 :: 1:47 pm

I would use it to protect my laptop and tablet.


What else?

From Jill on December 28, 2012 :: 8:38 pm

My laptop!



From carrie obrien on December 28, 2012 :: 10:40 pm

I have a desktop PC


need to enter contest

From Eva Mack on December 29, 2012 :: 12:27 am

need to enter contest


Love Norton!

From Loretta on December 29, 2012 :: 12:31 am

I will protect my desktop, laptop and son’s laptop with Norton’s great product!


I will use it on

From linda brooks on December 29, 2012 :: 6:50 am

I will use it on my computers


Thanks for the opportunity

From Rita on December 29, 2012 :: 9:19 am

to protect the computers of my four children as well as my laptop and my husband’s desktop. Additionally, I’d protect our teen’s phones.


Love Norton

From Beverly on December 29, 2012 :: 11:47 am

I’d use it on my computer, hand built for me by my son-in-law (bet you don’t hear that one again)!


What would I protect with Norton 360?

From Roxie Green on December 29, 2012 :: 12:33 pm

I have a desktop, 2 laptops, iphones, and tablet….literally every device that access the internet. There are so many hackers out there, and I want protection that I can depend on!!


Norton Protection

From Mathew Breinlinger on December 29, 2012 :: 2:12 pm

I will protect our new family MacIntosh that we just received for Christmas!!!


I want to protect my

From Patricia on December 29, 2012 :: 4:21 pm

I want to protect my new tablet, my laptop, desktop and phone.  I am 70 years old and want tokeep up with my kids and grandchild.


truck driver

From Rick Miller on December 29, 2012 :: 4:27 pm

I would be protecting my desktop and my router and other, Thank you Norton for having this giveaway..



From Rick Miller on December 29, 2012 :: 4:35 pm

You would be protecting my network and have a really solid firewall to stop the junk mail and protecting my pc from the bugs and trojans,Thank you Norton for having this giveaway..



From Brenda on December 29, 2012 :: 11:02 pm

I would protect my laptop and my husband’s desktop computers.


What I want to protect with Norton 360

From Janis Brett Elspas on December 30, 2012 :: 12:09 am

I need to get Norton 360 protection on all my devices: iPad and Mac Mini since all of my Mom blogging is done from those for my blog MommyBlogExpert


identity theft.....

From Danny Pang on December 30, 2012 :: 1:16 am

I would like to prevent identity theft if possible…....


I'd protect my laptop and

From John B. on December 30, 2012 :: 1:18 am

I’d protect my laptop and desktop.


Norton 360

From Michele on December 30, 2012 :: 1:58 am

I hope to win so that I can use the software to protect my laptap, as my current Norton expires.


norton protect my computer

From Donna Richie on December 30, 2012 :: 2:25 am

Norton 360 will protect my desktop & laptop And It would be so nice if i would win this to protect all my computer


I would use this product

From Shaunda Eppes on December 30, 2012 :: 3:31 pm

I would use this product on my smartphone and tablet.


My desktop and childrens laptop

From Katherine on December 30, 2012 :: 7:06 pm

My desktop and childrens laptop


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