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Enter Our Norton 360 Multi-Device Holiday Giveaway

by on December 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computer Safety & Support, Family and Parenting, Blog :: 654 comments

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Norton 360 MultideviceAs a regular Techlicious reader, you know how important it is to protect all your devices—your computer, your phone, your tablet—from malware. Norton 360 Multi-Device brings together powerful protection for all these products into a single, straightforward solution.

If someone in your family gets a new device, (say, for the holidays), Norton 360 Multi-Device lets you easily add and remove devices, move protection from one device to another, and effortlessly adjust your protection to meet your changing needs (up to five devices).

Also, Norton 360 Multi-Device works seamlessly with Norton Family, a free service that keeps your kids safe, providing content filtering, monitoring which websites they visit and the search terms they use, setting time limits and much more.

Want to ensure your devices are protected? We're giving away a one-year subscription to Norton 360 Multi-Device ($99.99 MSRP) to FIVE of our lucky readers. Already have a Norton product? You can use the product code to upgrade your current product now or add a year of additional coverage when your current subscription expires.

Enter through January 6th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "Which devices will you protect with Norton 360 Multi-Device?" (the winner picks are random, but we want to hear your story!)—be sure to provide a valid email address when you comment so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select five (5) winners from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on January 6th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Protect my computer

From gisela b on December 24, 2012 :: 12:34 pm

It’d be my laptop.


I would protect my three

From Arlene on December 24, 2012 :: 12:34 pm

I would protect my three laptops, my android phone, and my ipad!


I will protect my laptop.

From Jean Hansen on December 24, 2012 :: 12:35 pm

I will protect my laptop.  There are so many nasty viruses and malware out there.  Great promotion.  Keep up the excellent work!


Norton 360

From Limari on December 24, 2012 :: 12:36 pm

I would use it to protect our home desktop computer and my husband’s and my i phones and tablets.


my desk top and my sons laptop,

From James Springer on December 24, 2012 :: 12:37 pm

I win send it to me!



From Jennifer Cleary on December 24, 2012 :: 12:37 pm

I will protect all my devices and if I can, my kids!  Thanks for the opportunity and     MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



From Mary Hunt on December 24, 2012 :: 12:37 pm

I will protect my old desktop. I’d like to protect a new laptop (finders crossed).


phone & laptop

From Sherry Russell on December 24, 2012 :: 12:39 pm

phone & laptop


Muliple Protection!

From Nick Dobransky on December 24, 2012 :: 12:39 pm

I have Norton protecting 2 desktops and 2 laptops in my home !


My pc and laptop

From John Kraichely on December 24, 2012 :: 12:40 pm

My pc and laptop


Norton 360

From Barbara A on December 24, 2012 :: 12:41 pm

I protect all my coputers and laptops with Norton 360


I trust Norton

From Barbara Muller on December 24, 2012 :: 12:41 pm

I would use Norton 360 on my computer and my laptop.  I have used Norton for 3+ years now and fully trust it to keep my info safe.


My desktop and laptop.

From Gianna on December 24, 2012 :: 12:42 pm

My desktop and laptop.


Norton 360

From Ed on December 24, 2012 :: 12:43 pm

My laptop, my daughter’s laptop and out desk computer.



From Judith Smith on December 24, 2012 :: 12:44 pm

I would protect my laptop and tablet.


The whole family

From Lori Smith on December 24, 2012 :: 12:48 pm

We are giving our kids their first cell phones for Christmas this year.  So, if I won, we would protect all of our phones, our computers, and our tablets.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.


would love to protect my

From Paul Muldown on December 24, 2012 :: 12:50 pm

would love to protect my laptop with this awesome software


Merry Christmas

From Katrina on December 24, 2012 :: 12:50 pm

I would like to protect my home computer because i do everything on there, personal, and school and i would like to protect my mobile smartphone if possible.


I would use it to

From Linda on December 24, 2012 :: 12:52 pm

I would use it to protect my notebook, my husband’s and my tablets.


Norton 360

From Donna on December 24, 2012 :: 12:53 pm

I will use to protect 3 computers, 1 laptop and my phone


I would use Norton 360

From Lantana on December 24, 2012 :: 12:54 pm

I would use Norton 360 to protect my desktops and my Kindle Fire if I can.


I need this for my

From Jeri Dickinson on December 24, 2012 :: 12:56 pm

I need this for my husband, son, and my laptops and cell phones, and anything else they may get or buy.


Norton 360 Multi-Device

From Mark on December 24, 2012 :: 12:57 pm

laptop, phones, desktop.


Norton Multi Device

From Maureen Stein on December 24, 2012 :: 12:57 pm

I will protect my personal computer, my Ipad and my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.


my desktop..its so slow and

From kim minton on December 24, 2012 :: 12:57 pm

my desktop..its so slow and freezes


Protect All

From michael mcclenthen on December 24, 2012 :: 12:58 pm

Protect all of the famiies computers


Norton would protect

From Momof3 on December 24, 2012 :: 12:58 pm

Our laptops & smartphones. I would hate to lose our precious pictures.



From Wei on December 24, 2012 :: 1:00 pm

My laptop and iPad.


Save me from a Two year old!

From Becky Moreno on December 24, 2012 :: 1:01 pm

I would use it on my desktop and tablet to protect them from my nosey two year old!


I use norton at home

From Gary Tice on December 24, 2012 :: 1:02 pm

I use norton at home and I will install it on my Dell tablet.


All the gizmos

From Arne Salkin on December 24, 2012 :: 1:03 pm

2 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 Android telephone and 1 BlackBerry.



From debra on December 24, 2012 :: 1:04 pm

I need it for everybody, my whole family is on my PC, my grandkids,sister, brother I need protection.


Computer protection

From Tracy Wright on December 24, 2012 :: 1:06 pm

Would protect my work desk top, my laptop! Without these i make no money!



From stuart fish on December 24, 2012 :: 1:06 pm

I will protect the two laptops in my home including the new one that I am buying the day after Xmas


I will use it for

From darrell mcdonald on December 24, 2012 :: 1:07 pm

I will use it for my computer.


if I win a Norton subscription

From lex on December 24, 2012 :: 1:08 pm

I would protect my neighbor’s laptop.  She is a new computer user and right now only does but wants to lern to do email.  I worry about her computer when she starts brancing out more into cyberspace.


Which devices will you protect

From Phankeo on December 24, 2012 :: 1:09 pm

Which devices will you protect with Norton 360 Multi-Device?  iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones…


everyone needs protection

From Arthur Drott on December 24, 2012 :: 1:12 pm

I will protect 2 laptops and 2 desktop computers


Norton 360 Contest

From Susan Marleua on December 24, 2012 :: 1:12 pm

We are a multi-device family with a 4-year old who knows how to use Netflix and YouTube. I would use Norton to protect our 2 tablets, 2 phones, and 2 laptops.


Saving my LIFE

From Micahel Sarkkinen on December 24, 2012 :: 1:16 pm

As an unpublished author all my ‘LIFETIME of Writings’ are being stored on my computer and laptop. Stories that someday will inspire thousands of readers and and their children.  Security, so I don’t lose these or have them stolen and put out by someone else,  is of utmost importance to me.


Our three laptops ,smartphone and

From laurie damrose on December 24, 2012 :: 1:19 pm

Our three laptops ,smartphone and my Kindle fire would benefit from Norton protection.


Norton is fine by me.

From Woodtz on December 24, 2012 :: 1:22 pm

I already use Norton 360. It does a wonderful job of protecting my equipment. If I win, I will extend my subscription for a PC and two laptops.


Norton does it!

From Jeff on December 24, 2012 :: 1:24 pm

I would protect my PC,laptop and phones as Norton does a great job!


As a Norton 360 enthusiast,

From Yuri Melnik on December 24, 2012 :: 1:24 pm

As a Norton 360 enthusiast, you’d install Norton 360 for myself and Norton 360 for my less tech-savvy friends and relatives.


Protect as much as possible

From AE Perkins on December 24, 2012 :: 1:25 pm

I’d protect my HP desktop, my Samsung smartphone, my Kindle Fire (I hope), and my mom’s new Kindle Fire HD. And if possible, my MacBook Pro. But most important is the HP because my daughter is a game downloading queen, but not observant of the difference between good and bad links.


What would I protect?

From Angela on December 24, 2012 :: 1:26 pm



Kareless Kids

From Kathi Taylor on December 24, 2012 :: 1:26 pm

I would use it to protect my kids, who are way too trusting and take too many risks on the internet


Already receiving you Techlicious e-mail on a daily basis so I don't want to duplicate.

From Cynthia on December 24, 2012 :: 1:27 pm

I would use the Norton 360 to protect all of the devices in my home!! I have been a subscriber to Techlicious for e-mail for quite some time now and would not want to duplicate and clog your system or mine!! Thanks for all your interesting information that you share!!


Norton 360

From Lisa Lind on December 24, 2012 :: 1:27 pm

Laptops and Smart Phone!



From sara hauser on December 24, 2012 :: 1:28 pm



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