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Health & Ancestry Discovery Giveaway

by on July 29, 2013
in Health & Fitness, Giveaways, Health and Home, Blog :: 591 comments

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Genetic testing from 23andMe can help you learn more about your past and assess your predisposition to certain health conditions. Now here's a chance to win a genetic testing kit from 23andMe so you can find out who you REALLY are.

With your new genetic testing kit, you'll learn what percent of your DNA comes from each of 22 worldwide populations, ranging from East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. You can also discover if you share an ancestor with famous figures such as Marie Antoinette and Thomas Jefferson. 23andMe will even tell you what percent of your genome comes from Neanderthals!

And knowing what’s in your DNA can also help you understand genetic conditions so you and your doctor can tailor your health care and prioritize lifestyle changes. 23andme reports include:

  • An estimate of your genetic risks for more than 200 health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's disease;
  • 40+ reports on inherited conditions that can be passed on to children, including Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs;
  • and multiple reports about how your body might respond to certain drugs (including caffeine).

Want to learn more about yourself? Enter by August 9th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "What are you most interested to discover about your DNA?" (the winner pick is random)—be sure to provide a valid email address in the box provided so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 9th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. ARV $99. Click here for the full rules.

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why I would like this

From jeff summers on August 03, 2013 :: 5:17 pm

I do not have a real clue as to my ancestry and have always felt something was missing. This would be a great tool to discover who I am.



From Marcia Moan on August 03, 2013 :: 8:00 pm

I would like to know more about my background



From Cheryl on August 03, 2013 :: 10:10 pm

I’m adopted and have no medical info about my biological parents.


DNA Analysis

From Susan P. on August 03, 2013 :: 10:28 pm

I’d love to find out if there are any genetic markers for disease or inherited problems. I know some of my family medical history but only back to my grandparents.


I'd like to see where

From Emily on August 03, 2013 :: 10:32 pm

I’d like to see where my DNA says I’m from.


Wow, this is unusual but interesting!

From Mary Withrow on August 03, 2013 :: 11:44 pm

Both my Mother and Father were ophrans.  They were left in Childrens homes in WV.  This would be really interesting for me.  I have managed to do some Ancestry by them knowing names.  On my mothers side I can not however because she is unable to remember alot. I would do it!


Settle Dispute

From Alexander Motta on August 04, 2013 :: 12:32 am

Family members have different opinions on family lineage.



From Karen Hunter on August 04, 2013 :: 12:36 am

It would be great to know the different races in my family. My family is mixed with a little bit of this and a little bit of that



From Kelley Schrimpf Otto on August 04, 2013 :: 1:58 am

I am adopted and have only have a vague idea about my ancestry and no medical info at all.


Pretty Neat :)

From Bernice Diaz on August 04, 2013 :: 2:40 am

I’ve always been somewhat of a hypochondriac. Gaining more knowledge about my health will (hopefully) reduce some of my anxieties! Plus, it would be super cool to learn about my ancestry!


I know there's American Indian

From Gela on August 04, 2013 :: 3:28 am

I know there’s American Indian on my mother’s side (my great-grandmother) and I’m probably the only one in my family willing to do this type of testing. It’s always good to know where you come from!


Love to Win!

From Pamela Williams on August 04, 2013 :: 7:13 am

Have been told I have American Indian on my father’s side.  His mother died of brain cancer when he was only 1yr. old.  Many various cancers in his father’s side.  My mother’s father was adopted so don’t know much about that line either.  Would be very interesting to learn more and very helpful health wise.


Family history confusion

From Kathleen on August 04, 2013 :: 7:47 am

Seems like every time someone tells me some family history it is a different story. I would love to know the truth or at least a bit more accurate truth.


Science Solves Mysteries

From Becca Lakko on August 04, 2013 :: 10:24 am

I just love how science and technology comes together to improve our lives!  I would be delighted to learn more.
Excellent giveaway ~ Thanks for keeping us aware and informed.


Coincidence or Genetics?

From Suz on August 04, 2013 :: 11:46 am

Just want to know possible historical links to current maladies!


Father was adopted

From Judy on August 04, 2013 :: 12:02 pm

I am a breast cancer survivor and would have welcomed any forewarning by genetic information. Since my father was adopted in the 20’s with very little information on his birth mother and no info about his father, I have no genetic information about my fraternal grandparents. This would be invaluable to me and my kids and grandkids. Would love to win this!


Uncovering the truth

From Denise Bradley on August 04, 2013 :: 2:16 pm

Like others would love to know more about my history.  It stops with my mother who has never been “well.” Thanks for the chance to win. Yippee!


I am definitely interested to

From Mary W on August 04, 2013 :: 2:44 pm

I am definitely interested to learn about our family history and lineage. We have been told stories, fables and tales. With this testing, we could discover the genetic truth.


I'd liek to find out

From Serge B on August 04, 2013 :: 6:11 pm

I’d liek to find out some risks for my kids



From Judy on August 04, 2013 :: 7:26 pm

would like to know heritage and mother’s family all died young, before 50, from cancer.


my ethnic background

From Other Guy on August 04, 2013 :: 7:58 pm

I would be interested to learn if I had any ethnicity unknown to the family.


Hienz 57

From ReneeG on August 04, 2013 :: 10:24 pm

With all the adoptions, divorce, step-parenting and “hush hush” in my ancestry, navigating it has been a real short journey - and no one seems to be interested in figuring it out but me!  I would love to know more about the generations prior to my grandparents.


This would be super cool.

From Melissa Booth on August 04, 2013 :: 10:32 pm

This would be super cool. My dad was adopted .


Is the family legend true?

From Auriette on August 04, 2013 :: 11:00 pm

Supposedly, my great-grandmother was 1/4 or 1/2 Cree, specifically not Creek, but we don’t have any proof of that, and the Creek are from Canada, which we can’t find any connection to, either. It would be cool to find out if there is any molecule of Native American in me.


Oops, messed up

From Auriette on August 04, 2013 :: 11:02 pm

The Cree tribe is from Canada. We have Creek Indians all around where my great-grandmother lived in Florida.


To see the past and the future

From Virginia DAntonio on August 05, 2013 :: 1:36 am

I’m very interested in learning my lineage…I know something about my paternal side but very little on the maternal side.


I'd love to know whaqt

From Julie L on August 05, 2013 :: 2:00 am

I’d love to know whaqt my heritage is. My father was adopted, so I have no idea! thanks for the chance to win & finally find out!


don’t know family medical history

From Cyndi Namys on August 05, 2013 :: 3:27 am

don’t know family medical history


Would love to win!

From Michelle Chester on August 05, 2013 :: 9:47 am

Always been curious about what parts of Europe my ancestors were from - would love to plan a trip to visit those specific parts of the world smile


I would like to know

From Jennifer Phillips on August 05, 2013 :: 10:45 am

I would like to know about my ancestors. I know my Grandparents names but that is it, and I have no knowledge of family history that I can pass on to my children.  I find that very sad and wonder why my families past was never discussed or shared with me or any of my cousins either.  We need to find out sometime where we come from, it helps give you a sense of belonging.


My families history of cancer.

From Danielle Donohue on August 05, 2013 :: 11:31 am

My families history of cancer.


Great Give-Away!!

From Kelly White on August 05, 2013 :: 11:51 am

I would like to find out more about my heritage and what potential health issues I may have, so that I can avoid these or be prepared to handle them.


Interested in the tech

From Stephen on August 05, 2013 :: 12:39 pm

I would love to see how far the technology has come and what I can do with the information provided.  It is also interesting to note where my ancestry may be from since I do not know.


I am curious about both

From Susan S on August 05, 2013 :: 3:21 pm

I am curious about both my ancestors and the allergies that might have been inherited or passed down


I would love to learn

From Michelle Harreld on August 05, 2013 :: 5:17 pm

Family medical history to be proactive with my own health


I'm adopted!

From Tracey Powers-DiCapua on August 05, 2013 :: 5:32 pm

I would love to know my heritage and health issues. I am brown hair, green eyes and left handed. Everyone in my family is blonde hair blue eyes and right handed. Then there is health issues, should I be wary or hopeful?


Family medical history

From Carol Laird on August 05, 2013 :: 5:44 pm

There is a lot of celiac disease in my family and I’d like more information.


Bridging gaps in family history

From Michael on August 05, 2013 :: 5:57 pm

It might help solve a few broken links between family lines that we think are connected but can’t trace otherwise.


which side of the family

From Albert L Peruzzo on August 05, 2013 :: 6:52 pm

which side of the family I take after most.


I would love to find

From Carol S. on August 05, 2013 :: 6:59 pm

I would love to find out more about my husband’s history as he is adopted and doesn’t know much about his birth parents.


I would love to know

From Kelly Greenwood on August 05, 2013 :: 7:06 pm

I would love to know which countries my family originated from, I think that would be really interesting to know. The health information would be wonderful to have on hand.


Who Am I?

From Shawn Shepherd on August 05, 2013 :: 8:33 pm

I’ve always wanted to know where I REALLY come from.  I have heard stories from grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles…but no one could ever definitively tell me where my true roots started.


Undiagnosed Illness

From E.G. on August 05, 2013 :: 8:57 pm

I have had many tests and still no answer for much pain, etc. This might be helpful for me. Since I didn’t know my dad, I might learn a lot about my past.


I'd like to know for

From Darlene Wright on August 05, 2013 :: 10:22 pm

I’d like to know for health reasons.


I think it'd be great

From Richard Morris on August 05, 2013 :: 10:45 pm

I think it’d be great to know this information. As the G.I. Joe show said…the more you know!


Native American ancestry?

From John Darrow on August 06, 2013 :: 12:20 am

Family folklore says part of our ancestry is Native American. If that could be documented, my grandchildren could receive some student financial aid in Oklahoma.


Health and Ancestry Discovery

From Jim Martin on August 06, 2013 :: 6:15 am

I am interested to discover about my DNA:
- what percent of my DNA comes from each of 22 worldwide populations
- if I share an ancestor with famous figures
- what percent of your genome comes from Neanderthals
- understand genetic conditions so I and my doctor can tailor my health care and prioritize lifestyle changes
- my genetic risks for more than 200 health conditions
- my inherited conditions that can be passed on to children
- how my body might respond to certain drugs…


To Know the Unknown

From Todd Erickson on August 06, 2013 :: 10:55 am

My wife did the 23andme testing a few months back, and she’s already been in contact with some previously unknown relatives. It was exciting when we checked to see if there were matches to her testing and if any of the matches got back in touch with her.

She also discovered a couple unknown medical conditions that her doctors are now addressing that will hopefully help her change her quality of life.

I would like to have the same opportunity to discover family links no one knew about, and address medical conditions that only DNA testing could uncover.


I would love to learn

From Chris on August 06, 2013 :: 12:35 pm

I’d like to find out more on my my ancestry.


What are my roots?

From Lolita Bouyer on August 06, 2013 :: 1:18 pm

My family has been slowly researching our ancestry, and know we are mostly of French descent on one side of the family.  But, we have no idea of our ancestry on our father’s side.  I would love to win this gift and get some substantive answers.


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