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Health & Ancestry Discovery Giveaway

by on July 29, 2013
in Health & Fitness, Giveaways, Health and Home, Blog :: 591 comments

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Genetic testing from 23andMe can help you learn more about your past and assess your predisposition to certain health conditions. Now here's a chance to win a genetic testing kit from 23andMe so you can find out who you REALLY are.

With your new genetic testing kit, you'll learn what percent of your DNA comes from each of 22 worldwide populations, ranging from East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. You can also discover if you share an ancestor with famous figures such as Marie Antoinette and Thomas Jefferson. 23andMe will even tell you what percent of your genome comes from Neanderthals!

And knowing what’s in your DNA can also help you understand genetic conditions so you and your doctor can tailor your health care and prioritize lifestyle changes. 23andme reports include:

  • An estimate of your genetic risks for more than 200 health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's disease;
  • 40+ reports on inherited conditions that can be passed on to children, including Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs;
  • and multiple reports about how your body might respond to certain drugs (including caffeine).

Want to learn more about yourself? Enter by August 9th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "What are you most interested to discover about your DNA?" (the winner pick is random)—be sure to provide a valid email address in the box provided so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 9th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. ARV $99. Click here for the full rules.

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From Darlene Cunningham on August 01, 2013 :: 10:53 am

I am just curious how accurate the test is. I know tons of info about my family and history that goes back centuries. However I would like to see the health aspect of the test. This seems interesting.



From PG Ben on August 01, 2013 :: 10:53 am

I find it really interesting to learn more of my ancestory, where did I come from?  Also interested in leaning any genetic conditions.  THanks



From joanne wisniewski on August 01, 2013 :: 10:53 am

Any info would be great.



From carla on August 01, 2013 :: 10:54 am

I’m pretty sure both of my parents have mixed ancestry. I would love to know more about the European and Native American pieces. African Americans often have little knowledge as to where along the slave trade that mixed ancestry begins.

Both history and genealogy fascinate me!


What Native American Indian Tribe(s)

From Connie McGowan on August 01, 2013 :: 10:55 am

By word only, my mother was told her father was 1/2 Cherokee.  My father was told his family has some Blackfoot.  There is also Irish, but it traces back to Normandy France to 1300’s.  So I am interested to know by word of mouth vs scientific proof through DNA.


Not For Me!

From Anita on August 01, 2013 :: 10:58 am

For my fiancé, who has only a sketchy knowledge of his family history and wants to know more. He never knew any of his grandparents and his parents are gone, so this is just about the only way for him to find out.


i would love to win!

From Regina Ginsberg Koch-Mart on August 01, 2013 :: 10:58 am

I was blindsighted in 2010 with a breast cancer diagnosis.  I need to know my other health risks.


Any medical information would be

From jon wisniewski on August 01, 2013 :: 10:58 am

Any medical information would be great, but really, any info would help.


Why I need to know about my DNA.

From Donald Mundo on August 01, 2013 :: 10:58 am

I live a very healthy life style, trying to avoid the diseases of modern society. The problem is, I don’t know anything about my birth fathers health and my mother and her side of the family have had several different cancers and diabetes. I would like to know about my health history so I have a better idea of what to look out for. I also have an interest in human evolution so I would like to know my lineage.


A lot I don't know

From Kay on August 01, 2013 :: 11:01 am

My parents split before I was a year old and my mother provided no information before her death.  I have medical problems and doctors keep asking about family history.


very interesting concept

From Jackie on August 01, 2013 :: 11:02 am

I would love to find out the results and share with my family.  We’ve done some geneological research already, but this would help complete the picture; as well as asses certain risk factors for future generations.  Very interesting concept.


DNA Testing

From Betty Lou Siematkowski on August 01, 2013 :: 11:03 am

I’m not sure I wold pay to know, but if I win I would take the test.


Get a lead on my paternal side

From Debbie Hills on August 01, 2013 :: 11:05 am

Mom died without telling me the whole story.  She gave me a name, but no such person is found.  So I figure she didn’t know.  Maybe this would give me a lead on where my father came from.  I have a wonderful background from my mom’s side, thanks to my grandfather and his cousin.


Bohemian records were destroyed

From DeAnna Lumpe on August 01, 2013 :: 11:06 am

My family was at some point in what is now the Czech Republic. The Ethnic German people were forced out. I don’t know where my people originate from. I know we went through our own Holocaust. Houses and land were taken away. Some were put in concentration camps. I desperately need to find my roots. Please help me!


Want to enjoy life....longer.

From Christel K. Hall on August 01, 2013 :: 11:07 am

Would love to learn about genetic risks or potential likelihoods of diseases so I can learn as much as possible about them ahead of time.  It might not help me live longer, but it might help me better enjoy the time I have left!


Unknown Medical History

From Amy Jaynes on August 01, 2013 :: 11:08 am

My father was adopted as a baby and I have always wondered what kind of medical history was on his side of the family.  I suffer from chronic hives and have always wondered if it was something passed down to me from that side since no one else in my family history suffers from the same thing.



From James Samsel on August 01, 2013 :: 11:08 am

Where did I come from?


I would like to know

From Dorothy Davidson on August 01, 2013 :: 11:09 am

I would like to know what part of Europe my ancestors came from.


Family Scattered and Unknown

From K. on August 01, 2013 :: 11:10 am

I only know as far back as my grandparents on one side of my family. It would be fascinating to know more about my family and even more important, to find out health information for my children and grandchildren.  Thank you.


Ancestry Discovery

From Dorothy Mathis Vance on August 01, 2013 :: 11:10 am

I’m interested in the Ancestry Discovery portion of the report. I would love to see it all, but the ancestry portion is what I’m most interested in. I would love to have access to the information that you can’t get from interviewing your family members that are left!


it would be awesome to

From Cindy Hickman on August 01, 2013 :: 11:10 am

it would be awesome to learn more about my Ancestory!


past is present

From John on August 01, 2013 :: 11:12 am

I have always been told that Im “mostly” greek and italian but I would love to know what else is in my mix just to be able to better understand where I came from.



From James Doyle on August 01, 2013 :: 11:13 am

If there is any family linkage to any possible diseases?


Family history

From William Chang on August 01, 2013 :: 11:13 am

I wonder if I have some European ancestry?


Where did I come from?

From Keith Ellsworth on August 01, 2013 :: 11:16 am

It’d be fun to know my ancestry.  It’s also be helpful to find out what I might do to live a healthier life.


Y Knot untangle the genetic background?

From Deena Shorkey on August 01, 2013 :: 11:17 am

I actually do know something of my family’s history, but not a lot about their genetic information, except for a predisposition for Lieber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, which apparently is passed along from the women in the family but mainly causes blindness in the males in the family. But I know there is an exceptionally high rate of both cancer and heart diseases in both sides of my family, and I’d like to know more for the sake of my kids and (9) grandkids!


who are my people?

From Sarah Jones on August 01, 2013 :: 11:18 am

My dad was adopted and I’m curious to know something about his background,where he came from, what medical info might be helpful for me and my children.


I really don't know anything

From Julie S on August 01, 2013 :: 11:19 am

I really don’t know anything about my heritage on my father’s side. I have been told we have American Indian ancestry (my grandmother always denied it) and I would really like to know if that is true.  Thank You.


I'd love to learn as

From Terri on August 01, 2013 :: 11:19 am

I’d love to learn as many health details as possible but would also love to know more information about my ancestors in general.


Native American

From Mary Hoffman on August 01, 2013 :: 11:19 am

I’d like to track down my American Indian Ancestry if it exists. I’ve been told for yrs. that we have Cherokee in us. We are from Tennessee, but I can’t find the kink to it.


Knowing What might be anticipated

From Robert Weidmann on August 01, 2013 :: 11:20 am

I consider myself relatively healthy for 70+ years and both parents made it to 90+ but I know anomalies happen and if I can prep my grand daughters for what might be I’d be happy.  If this test can answer my questions, I’d be grateful.



From Al Chou on August 01, 2013 :: 11:20 am

My brother has autism; it would be nice to know whether we’re genetically predisposed to it.



From Jerry Maass on August 01, 2013 :: 11:21 am

I think that this would help in knowing about your health.


All I have been told...

From Stephanie Evans on August 01, 2013 :: 11:21 am

Is I am “Heinz 57”, whenever I asked about my background.

It would be nice to know a little bit about my background to give to my Children and Grandchildren.

Rumor is it I am related to Amelia Earhart, but I can’t find a connection.

I also know I have some French and German in me.

With the coloring of my skin and hair, I suspect there is some Irish in me too.

It would be nice to know, where I come from.


Would love to know...

From Leon on August 01, 2013 :: 11:22 am

I would love to decipher what health conditions are locked in my DNA - whether being predisposed to any diseases and traits or if they are result of poor eating habits.



From BILLIE CAIN on August 01, 2013 :: 11:27 am

Would love to pass information to my kids and grandkids


Worth a million $ to me....

From Karen K on August 01, 2013 :: 11:27 am

Between all the merged families over time, I know of many medical problems because I have many of them myself. I am most interested in the origin psychological problems and issues.


I would like to know

From Carol Moore on August 01, 2013 :: 11:28 am

I would like to know my report on my inherited conditions.


Looking for answers

From Brian Serna on August 01, 2013 :: 11:28 am

I am only able to trace my family tree on one side, and only four generations into the past. I have so many questions and would love to get some direction on where I should look for more information.


My dad passed away from

From Becky Moreno on August 01, 2013 :: 11:31 am

My dad passed away from a genetic illness and I would love to know if I carry the gene for it and if I passed it on to my kids.  Thank you for such a great opportunity.


Medical worries

From Kathy Jent on August 01, 2013 :: 11:35 am

I have lost my maternal aunt to breast cancer, father to prostrate cancer, a cousin to uterine cancer and had 2 other cousins who survived leukemia and cervical cancer. There is also diabetes on both sides of my family as well as cases if Alzheimer’s.  One of my children has wide spectrum autism, one has Aspergers, another ADHD. I would live to know how much of these genetics I have passed on to my children and what possible risks they may have in the future.


A big mystery

From Jennifer on August 01, 2013 :: 11:39 am

I’m adopted so I’ve never had any medical history to share on those forms for the doctor.  It would be good to know if there are any specific things I need to be particularly vigilant about!



From Sarah V. on August 01, 2013 :: 11:42 am

This would enable me to learn more about my father’s family. The research I’ve done thus far has yielded little and this test could help unravel the mystery.



From Sophia R. on August 01, 2013 :: 11:42 am

A kit like this provides answers to many questions, including who am I and what could possibly be wrong with me?



From Saundra Bowers on August 01, 2013 :: 11:43 am

I`d like to find out just what nationality my ancestors are from.


This could be interesting!

From Jean on August 01, 2013 :: 11:43 am

My daughter has always believed she is descended from Amazon royalty - perhaps she’s right!


what I'd want to know from my DNA

From Don Brake 479 on August 01, 2013 :: 11:45 am

Well, my mother contracted Stage IV cancer of an unknown origin, and that would be a priority for me. Other than that, what is my likelihood for heart disease or attacks, and even Diabetes.


family secrets

From Wendy on August 01, 2013 :: 11:49 am

Am curious from both a sociological as well as medical perspective. Most of my grandparents arrived in the US at the first part of the 20th century. They refused to discuss much about their background, family history, etc. Two generations later, my siblings are falling sick with a variety of immune-deficiency diseases, some seemingly undiagnosable.


Out of Curiosity!! :-)

From M. Lanier on August 01, 2013 :: 11:50 am

I’m truly fortunate to be in pretty good health. I’d like to maintain this level of health and understanding my cultural background and DNA is a helpful step. Knowing the health risks and illnesses of my culture will help me be proactive in ensuring that I maintain my health. I can also pay this forward by educating friends and family.


One of many . . . . .

From Alicia Mills on August 01, 2013 :: 11:51 am

Apparently my father believed in spreading his seeds and we are slowly finding the child he sired in his early adult life.  I’m not sure how many siblings I have so it would be interesting to find out if I’m related to other people who are looking for kin folks they never knew. 
My father passed in 2002 and we actually found a woman who gave up a child who is looking for her child online. She said he was fathered by my father in the area we lived in. 
So sad. 
That is the reason I’m curious about my DNA.


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