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Health & Ancestry Discovery Giveaway

by on July 29, 2013
in Health & Fitness, Giveaways, Health and Home, Blog :: 591 comments

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Genetic testing from 23andMe can help you learn more about your past and assess your predisposition to certain health conditions. Now here's a chance to win a genetic testing kit from 23andMe so you can find out who you REALLY are.

With your new genetic testing kit, you'll learn what percent of your DNA comes from each of 22 worldwide populations, ranging from East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. You can also discover if you share an ancestor with famous figures such as Marie Antoinette and Thomas Jefferson. 23andMe will even tell you what percent of your genome comes from Neanderthals!

And knowing what’s in your DNA can also help you understand genetic conditions so you and your doctor can tailor your health care and prioritize lifestyle changes. 23andme reports include:

  • An estimate of your genetic risks for more than 200 health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's disease;
  • 40+ reports on inherited conditions that can be passed on to children, including Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs;
  • and multiple reports about how your body might respond to certain drugs (including caffeine).

Want to learn more about yourself? Enter by August 9th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "What are you most interested to discover about your DNA?" (the winner pick is random)—be sure to provide a valid email address in the box provided so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 9th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. ARV $99. Click here for the full rules.

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More about my ancestry

From Chris on August 01, 2013 :: 3:56 pm

I’ve already tested with 23andMe and am very much interested in genetic genealogy, but it’s been difficult to determine which matches belong on which side of my family.  I want another kit so I can test one of my parents and assign matches to each side of my family.



From Ron McElhose on August 01, 2013 :: 3:57 pm

Being adopted as an infant I have no family history or knowledge of my heritage.. it would be most awesome to win your new genetic testing kit


Amazing Item

From Arlene E on August 01, 2013 :: 4:00 pm

This is an amazing test.  I would love to take it.  Since my parents were of the school that things were never discussed, I know very little about my family.  Especially now that one is passed and the other NEVER answers anything about the past.


I would like to know about my French ancestors

From Alex Rebuffe on August 01, 2013 :: 4:01 pm

I don’t know much about my French father’s side of the family and this could help me learn more plus I would like to be able to know more about the genetic condition known as Marfan Syndrome and if it runs in my family.



From keith on August 01, 2013 :: 4:02 pm

just curious


Cool to Know

From Lori Cunningham on August 01, 2013 :: 4:07 pm

I would like to know to see what could be in store for my children.


I am so interested to

From Melissa Vaught on August 01, 2013 :: 4:10 pm

I am so interested to find out “who” I really am. I have wondered what my heritage is since I was a child and don’t really know much about it. I do know that my great grandmother came thru Ellis Island from Poland, on my maternal side. I know absolutely nothing from my father’s side. 
I never knew there was testing that could help get that info. I would love to win this so I can know more about my ancestry and can help my kids learn more about it. I think it would be fun to discover all about our lives together. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!


Don't know anything about my

From Michael on August 01, 2013 :: 4:34 pm

Don’t know anything about my genetic makeup.


I have Factor V Leiden

From 10000daze on August 01, 2013 :: 4:34 pm

I have Factor V Leiden inherited blood clotting disorder. Less than 2% affected are African American. Want to know how and my I have this.


I'd love to know my

From Colleen Goldrick on August 01, 2013 :: 4:35 pm

I’d love to know my ancestry


Learn more

From Merle Weyant on August 01, 2013 :: 4:38 pm

My father and most of his side of the family have died, and i would like to learn what health conditions that I should watch out for from what my NA would tell me.  Also I would love to find out where my ancestors came from.


Finding my Maternal Grandfather

From Kay Bunton on August 01, 2013 :: 4:39 pm

I want to find my Maternal Grandfather and his ancestors.  My mother and I have been looking for him since 1909.



From diana on August 01, 2013 :: 4:39 pm

I come from a very racially diverse country and our family history is pretty ambiguous in terms of where my ancestors came from so I would like to find out more about that! Contact: dianasof (at) gmail (dot) com


My favorite giveaway!

From Nina on August 01, 2013 :: 4:44 pm

Do I have blue blood in me? I always wanted to think that I do.


Appreciation of my Ancestry

From JERILYN DEVEAU on August 01, 2013 :: 4:45 pm

Ancestry and health discoveries have always fascinated me. To have true DNA interpretation, would be a “Dream Come True”.
It would be like traveling back in time, in order to gather information to give more quality to our present and future days.


Ancestors - Where?

From muataa wefe on August 01, 2013 :: 4:48 pm

I always thought my family was very small…restricted to a small geographic area.  My parents were older and many of their elders had passed away.  I want 23andme to help me find more cousins and relatives.


DNA testing is where you can learn so much more about YOU

From Debbi B. on August 01, 2013 :: 4:49 pm

I would love to win this giveaway, as I think there are secrets our DNA can reveal about our families and what is lurking in our own bodies!  Health concerns are definitely at the top of my curiosity list and I would love to know more about my family history, especially my father’s side since his last name was changed when his father immigrated from overseas and the country of origin was obscured on the official records.  I would love to make some amazing family history discovery like what they do on Who Do You Think You Are!


Fascination with Ancestral Heritage

From JERILYN DEVEAU on August 01, 2013 :: 4:50 pm

Would love DNA interpretation to have a better present and future quality of life. Would love to share findings with other family members.


I would be very interested

From Sergiu Z on August 01, 2013 :: 4:54 pm

I would be very interested to learn about my ancestry.


DNA testing

From H Douglas on August 01, 2013 :: 4:55 pm

It would be interesting to see if the results match what I have been told.


I am concerned of future

From Tony Tannahill on August 01, 2013 :: 4:56 pm

I am concerned of future health problems !


who am i

From julie simonsen on August 01, 2013 :: 5:00 pm

I would love to know who i am. i know my father has some danish in him. not sure how much. when his mother (my grandmother) died. him and his siblings was taken from his father (my grandfather) and seperated. my father didnt talk about his family. as for my mother’s family. there is a big fight going on for years about who and what her side of the family is. hard to get information from anyone when no one is talking to one another. would love to be able to tell my children so they can know what thier mother’s side is. I am not able to afford on my own to do this testing. raising 3 kids on SSI on my own. Thank you so much.  Julie S.



From Donna Mueller on August 01, 2013 :: 5:12 pm

It is always interesting to find things out that your parents and grandparents have never told you.  Heck, maybe they didn’t even know!



From BONNIE KASHELLA on August 01, 2013 :: 5:13 pm

I would like to win this because I have been an orphan since I was sixteen. All my aunts and uncles are gone and all I have left are cousins. I would like to learn more of ancestry so I can pass it on to my nephew.


I'm most interested in an

From Vicki I. on August 01, 2013 :: 5:15 pm

I’m most interested in an estimate of my genetic risks. Thanks for the chance to win!



From Jonathon on August 01, 2013 :: 5:19 pm

I’ve always wondered how related I am, considering how hairy my legs and arms are.


Who Cares

From john on August 01, 2013 :: 5:21 pm

It would be a curiosity: it aint the blood its the heart that makes us who we are.


father's side a mystery

From Kelley on August 01, 2013 :: 5:27 pm

would love to know about my dad, who I never really knew


DNA test

From Maddie on August 01, 2013 :: 5:37 pm

Would like to confirm my background, plus as others indicated find out medical history if possible.



From Peggy on August 01, 2013 :: 5:54 pm

I have done some genealogy but it only goes so far back.  It was interesting learning things I did not know and it would be even more enlightening to learn what else there is to discover.  How many nationalities are really in there?  : )


To find the full story on my family!

From Carol Gibbens on August 01, 2013 :: 6:13 pm

Would like to find the origins of my family ‘across the pond’!!!!


DNA Wave of the future

From smfsprout on August 01, 2013 :: 6:16 pm

I’ve been told we have Native American Indian blood.  I would love confirmation.  Thanks.



From Bob Holland on August 01, 2013 :: 6:17 pm

I need to find out who my real paternal grandfather was, and also to confirm my Native American ancestry.


Who am I?

From richard tonge on August 01, 2013 :: 6:25 pm

i would like to know the true origins of my family name


I have a bachelor's degree in History!

From Alicia Mickes on August 01, 2013 :: 6:26 pm

I have always been fascinated with anything History related. I’ve worked with some family members to find more out about my Lithuanian roots…but unfortunately my family in the past was too poor to afford things such as family photography. Knowing my genetic history could help not just me, but help my whole family understand more about our ancestors.


Health and Family

From Carol Franks on August 01, 2013 :: 6:34 pm

I’ve gone as far as I can with my family research having my DNA researched might help with some blank spots in my genealogy.
Breast cancer has killed my mother and her mother, I’d like to know if I carry the gene.


I think I may be royalty

From Phys Ed on August 01, 2013 :: 6:39 pm

Will the test tell me if I come from royalty?


I was recently diagnosed with

From Allison on August 01, 2013 :: 6:42 pm

I was recently diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and joined an online support group so I could learn more about the condition. A few people have raved about 23andme and said they learned a lot of things about their genes that helped them get better treatment. Since EDS is a genetic condition, I’d be even more interested to find out which side of my family carries the gene. That way I could focus on getting a thorough family history from just one side of my family instead of having to do twice the amount of work.

Plus I have a few other medical mysteries and maybe genetic testing would shed some light on them.



From Amy on August 01, 2013 :: 6:46 pm

Before my parents passed, I begged them to tell me as much family history as they knew. Unfortunately, my mom got Alzheimer’s and couldn’t tell me anything and my dad had a difficult childhood so he just bought me a copy of some kind of ancestry software. Needless to say, I’m still in the dark…



From Gunn Challis on August 01, 2013 :: 6:47 pm

I want to know if I am at risk for Alzheimers disease



From Olivia on August 01, 2013 :: 6:51 pm

This sounds like so much fun.  I would love to see “who I am”.


Just Curious

From kim c. on August 01, 2013 :: 6:52 pm

I’m completely curious about what my DNA will reveal!


Genetic Makeup

From Marsha on August 01, 2013 :: 6:56 pm

I would be interested in finding out my genetic makeup.


Would love to find out

From Linda Tracy-Soma on August 01, 2013 :: 6:56 pm

Would love to find out if I am all Irish, or have other nationalities in me, would be nice to learn of any health issues too.


Where did I get these eyes?

From Paulette Cwik on August 01, 2013 :: 6:59 pm

Although I know I am almost 100% Polish, I have eyes that look almost Asian—almond shaped that almost disappear when I laugh or smile! Several family members share this same trait. Our family always joked about the “mongol horde” that stampeded through Poland, but it makes me wonder…..I would LOVE to finally put the mystery of where these eyes came from to rest!


I want to know my

From Denise S on August 01, 2013 :: 6:59 pm

I want to know my genetic health risks and what countries/areas my ancestors were from.


Where did I come from?

From AJ on August 01, 2013 :: 7:12 pm

There is a difference between names on a geneology chart and seeing what branch(es) of the human family tree contributed to who and what I am.



From George Sullivan on August 01, 2013 :: 7:24 pm

I would love to give our 23 year old adopted daughter this kit if I would by chance win.
She has no natural family history to fall back on
for possable medical inherited medical conditions.


The Past

From John on August 01, 2013 :: 7:28 pm

Would love to have th chance to identify with others in history



From Kate Higgins on August 01, 2013 :: 7:33 pm

this is truly an amazing opportunity!  My knowledge of either my ancestry ( supposedly I am related to Patrick Henry and Edgar Allen Poe) or genetic abnormalities that could tell me if I am going to get Alzheimer’s would be incredible.  Thanks for this contest!!


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