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Health & Ancestry Discovery Giveaway

by on July 29, 2013
in Health & Fitness, Giveaways, Health and Home, Blog :: 591 comments

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Genetic testing from 23andMe can help you learn more about your past and assess your predisposition to certain health conditions. Now here's a chance to win a genetic testing kit from 23andMe so you can find out who you REALLY are.

With your new genetic testing kit, you'll learn what percent of your DNA comes from each of 22 worldwide populations, ranging from East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. You can also discover if you share an ancestor with famous figures such as Marie Antoinette and Thomas Jefferson. 23andMe will even tell you what percent of your genome comes from Neanderthals!

And knowing what’s in your DNA can also help you understand genetic conditions so you and your doctor can tailor your health care and prioritize lifestyle changes. 23andme reports include:

  • An estimate of your genetic risks for more than 200 health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's disease;
  • 40+ reports on inherited conditions that can be passed on to children, including Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs;
  • and multiple reports about how your body might respond to certain drugs (including caffeine).

Want to learn more about yourself? Enter by August 9th, 2013 for your chance to win!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

Tell us in a comment below "What are you most interested to discover about your DNA?" (the winner pick is random)—be sure to provide a valid email address in the box provided so we can contact you if you win.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 9th, 2013. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. ARV $99. Click here for the full rules.

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I would love to win

From Emily Gisler on August 02, 2013 :: 12:29 pm

I would love to win this and get to participate in amazing technology. Also, I would love to find out if I am linked to any famous historical figures.


Who am I

From billy thompson on August 02, 2013 :: 12:29 pm

I have some information about my ancestry   I have been told we have American Indian ancestary and I would really like to know if there is Native American blood in our family tree,it’s all a mystery. I would love to know with certainty what my lineage is, and what health conditions my genes predispose me to.


I have been considering doing

From Darlene on August 02, 2013 :: 1:06 pm

I have been considering doing this for some time now.  I know some of my parents background but further knowledge would be so helpful and interesting….


I come from a very generous family

From Julia Wicker on August 02, 2013 :: 1:23 pm

Am excited to learn what else they shared with us kids


What are you most interested to discover about your DNA?

From Hillary on August 02, 2013 :: 1:37 pm

I am interested in finding if I have a high risk for Type 2 Diabetes because it runs in my family and I heard that my 2nd great grandfather was European so I want to know if it’s true.



From Rene Rodriguez on August 02, 2013 :: 1:48 pm

See how much Neanderthal DNA I actually


Great Opporunity

From jal on August 02, 2013 :: 1:54 pm

Thanks for this chance to find out some interesting things about ourselves.


I want to know beyond

From Linda Lansford on August 02, 2013 :: 2:07 pm

I want to know beyond grandparents


Disease risk

From Heather on August 02, 2013 :: 3:12 pm

I just had my first child and would like to know ,y disease risk for his benefit


It's all about me!

From Aren on August 02, 2013 :: 3:14 pm

I would love to learn where in Africa my ancestors come from, especially if they can nail it down to a certain tribe or very specific area.


What's in my roots?

From Paul Zukowski on August 02, 2013 :: 3:55 pm

I expect there’s a little of everything, and with everyone older than me gone, it’s time to gather some facts about past generations for future generations.


Would Like To Know Risks

From Randall Mosley on August 02, 2013 :: 4:37 pm

Since I already have some medical problems, would like to know risks of developing others& potential drug interactions.


Love Genealogy

From Michele Geier on August 02, 2013 :: 4:57 pm

This is a fantastic sweepstakes. It could truly be a God send to many people to know their history through genetics.


how much should I worry about

From Alex Walker 866 on August 02, 2013 :: 5:12 pm

Both my parents died of kidney cancer. I would like to know if it present in my genes or an environmental factor.



From Andrew on August 02, 2013 :: 5:24 pm

I want to know more about my genetics because of my concerns with various medications I cannot metabolize properly.  I’m hoping it can help me identify which medications I need to avoid so I don’t have adverse events.


23 and more

From Cathy Haynes on August 02, 2013 :: 5:43 pm

I am the family historian and would love to compare and complete our known history with the unknown that could be revealed. Many persons in the extended family would appreciate the results of what our ancestors have passed down.


To better plan for my future children

From Fred W on August 02, 2013 :: 6:02 pm

My fiance and I have interesting genetic histories to which we seem the exception for some reason.

It would be nice to know if this is just an anomaly or something that is recessive which may be triggered in our first child.

Of course they will be loved all the same, but it would be nice to know.


To prevent Genetic Health Issues

From Virginia Craven on August 02, 2013 :: 6:03 pm

Our last granddaughter was born with a Fatty Oxidation Disorder called MCAD.  We know it is passed through families, but would love to learn where it originated to help with future risks.


I would to learn more about my heritage

From Ruby Daniels on August 02, 2013 :: 6:24 pm

I would love to learn more about my family,  people in the family have traced are family tree.  and nobody can find the name or anything about my great great great grandmother we havehusband name maybe this will trace some of roots back to where we would never have thought to look.


Learn about predispositions so I

From Joan Lieuw on August 02, 2013 :: 6:31 pm

Learn about predispositions so I can start to take preventative measures.


Like to share this info

From Howard Steeley on August 02, 2013 :: 8:31 pm

Like to share this info with my son and grandson.


Biological past - I'm adopted!

From Chad on August 02, 2013 :: 9:46 pm

I want to know where I really came from and my exact lineage and relatives.  My twin sister and I were both adopted on Christmas Day of 1969 and we are both very curious.


I would like to find

From James Davidson on August 02, 2013 :: 10:20 pm

I would like to find out where, my adopted ancestors came from.


Who Wouldn't Want to Know More?

From Danny Pang on August 02, 2013 :: 10:20 pm

I didn’t ask my parents enough when I was young & now it’s too late.  So, this would be an exciting opportunity!


Hines 57

From Jesse on August 02, 2013 :: 11:02 pm

Parts of my family cannot trace its ancestry further back than three generation.  It would be great to know more about my heritage.


I would love to find

From Tracy Miller on August 02, 2013 :: 11:04 pm

I would love to find out more about my dad’s side of the family!!


Would like to know family history

From hazonku on August 02, 2013 :: 11:08 pm

A clear family ancestry would be nice. I would also like to be aware of any sort of genetic issues I may have a predisposition to. Also, it’d be nice to have that information on hand in the even of Singularity actually happening within my life time.


I'm racially mixed, so I'd

From Allison on August 03, 2013 :: 2:18 am

I’m racially mixed, so I’d like to know a little more about my ancestry.


I'd like to know more

From Stephanie Larison on August 03, 2013 :: 3:30 am

I’d like to know more about my risks genetically, I don’t know much about my dads side.


I am the family historian

From diana smith hill on August 03, 2013 :: 4:33 am

I am the family historian and unfortunately the records were burned for past family members. I have no idea and would love to be able to trace our roots. Thank you! Fabulous giveaway!


Curious about ancestry

From Cynthia Roberson Armistead on August 03, 2013 :: 4:47 am

Like so many Southerners, my family (on both sides) claims Cherokee descent - but we have no documentation of that, and certainly no culture was passed down! I’m curious as to whether there really is any Native American ancestry, and if so how much there is. My own research says we’re largely Scots-Irish, but it would be lovely to know more!


On my Cherokee heritage trail

From Veronica Karas on August 03, 2013 :: 9:32 am

I have been researching my Cherokee heritage. I am descended through my mother’s family, but she is presently the oldest and only living direct descendent from this line. I am heartbroken to report how I’m learning that many of my relatives died young, of health conditions such as diabetes and alcoholism. My mother does not have these conditions, but has other health concerns, and she, as I am, is concerned what other potential health issues there may be in the family. I would love a kit on her behalf.


Sister's Cancer

From Julie Wright on August 03, 2013 :: 9:45 am

My sister has ovarian cancer so I would like to find out what the chances are that myself might have it so that i can warn my daughter and granddaughter


don’t know family medical history

From edgar espinoza on August 03, 2013 :: 10:19 am

don’t know family medical history



From Jon T on August 03, 2013 :: 10:36 am

with very limited family background information available, I’d like to get an idea of where my family came from, from different places all over the world


great test

From jenni on August 03, 2013 :: 12:38 pm

to see genetic disease risks, so i can start taking precautions!


I would love to know

From Diana B on August 03, 2013 :: 12:58 pm

I would love to know if there are any inherited diseases. My mother has Alzheimers and has had cancer and my father has heart disease and cancer.


My Ancestry

From Nick Sablinsky on August 03, 2013 :: 1:14 pm

I would love to find out asll about my ancestry.


My Genealogy

From Janet Sablinsky on August 03, 2013 :: 1:16 pm

I am so curious about my genealogy.


Would love to know where

From Chris Bailey on August 03, 2013 :: 2:56 pm

Would love to know where I came from it would help my research


I would love to know

From Carol S. on August 03, 2013 :: 3:35 pm

I would love to know my risks for illness - it could help me modify my lifestyle and research potential issues.  I would love to do all I can to live a long, healthy life.


I don't know much about

From pamela on August 03, 2013 :: 3:39 pm

I don’t know much about my family.


genetic disease

From mary pirmorac on August 03, 2013 :: 3:49 pm

always good to know medical health problems in your ancestors.


Always a mystery

From Kay Jones on August 03, 2013 :: 4:47 pm

Growing up I never paid attention to our family history. Plus our family was not close so there was not much of an opportunity to share that information.  Sad to say everyone is now gone and I have no idea even where to start.  I would love to win this package.


Concerned for my children

From Melinda Bandow on August 03, 2013 :: 4:51 pm

I have several auto-immune diseases as do two of my children. We want to learn more about our DNA for health reasons as well as what we may have passed on to their children.


Unknown History

From Karla Greenawalt on August 03, 2013 :: 4:56 pm

My Family on my mother’s side had had several generations of deafness so it’s harder to track the origins of her family.


I have a serious auto immune disease

From Cathi on August 03, 2013 :: 4:59 pm

I would like to know more about my family and what I may be passing on to my sons. I have Lupus.


Want to find out more about my DNA

From Jen on August 03, 2013 :: 5:03 pm

I have Sjogrens disease and my sister has Lupus. I would like to get as much info as possible about our DNA so we can better inform our children. I would like to know if there is a possibility that my daughters will have problems or if there is something we can do in the way of prevention.


The unknown...

From melikegarfield on August 03, 2013 :: 5:03 pm

I have a good sense of my mom’s family line but my father left shortly after I was born and we don’t have much information on that part of the family. I would be very interested to learn something about our origins.


Who Knows/

From jen on August 03, 2013 :: 5:12 pm

the one thing I would like to know is: how do you know if the test is accurate?


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