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HP TouchSmart Mother's Day & Grads Giveaway!

by on April 23, 2010
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Family and Parenting, Organization :: 613 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by Hewlett Packard

Congratulations to our HP TouchSmart winner, Dot S. from Oakham, MA!

HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PCIf you're a Project Runway fan, you have seen the contestants using HP TouchSmart notebooks to design their fashion creations. The unique, convertible design offers a full-size keyboard and can also be used in slate mode as a sketchpad with a digital pen.

And even if you're not a fashion designer, the versatile HP TouchSmart offers many more uses than a standard laptop:

HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC

Display: 12.1-inch LED BrightView touchscreen
Processor: Intel Pentium with integrated graphics
Memory: 3GB DDR3 RAM
Hard drive: 320GB
Wi-Fi: Wireless N
Battery life: 9.75 hours
Software: Bumptop, DigiFish Dolphin, Corel Paint it!,
Microsoft Works 9.0 and Megatouch Games

  • Stay connected even as you cook up culinary delights in your kitchen. The touchscreen gives you quick access to recipes, demonstration videos and photos without the need for a keyboard or mouse.
  • Use your TouchSmart in the family room as a media server. Scroll through music, videos and photos with a flick of your finger, and then send them to your TV using the built-in HDMI port.
  • Turn the touchscreen into a canvas and bring out your artistic side with the included Corel Paint It! software.
  • Rotate the touchscreen and fold it flat to turn your TouchSmart into an eReader using eBooks from Kindle, Barnes & Noble and others.

With all these uses, the HP TouchSmart would make a great gift for Mother's Day or for a new graduate! So in honor of mothers and grads, HP is giving away a TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC (MSRP $899.99) to one lucky entrant!

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. First, subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter using the "Subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site—be sure to provide your name, city and state when subscribing and a valid email address (the same one used for your comment)
  2. Then, tell us in a comment below what you would do with the HP TouchSmart if you are picked as the winner!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on May 4th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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From susitravl on May 04, 2010 :: 1:47 pm

Subscribe to your newsletter.  I would work on my blog if I won this.  My laptop now is missing 3 keys, spacebar only works when it feels like it and it is sloooow.  The only time I can get a decent internet experience is on my lunch hour on my work computer (boss approved!) and that isn’t enough time to do anything.


From gina on May 04, 2010 :: 1:54 pm

if i won this it would replace my dead laptop.  starting a new small buisness ythis would be great.


From Justine Pierson on May 04, 2010 :: 2:12 pm

If I won this, my kids and I could do photoshop much better, I absolutely love this! It is really awesome, we are ready for a touch screen computer :D


From estella miller on May 04, 2010 :: 2:12 pm

Subscriber. I would use it for my fabric designing!


From Lisa G. on May 04, 2010 :: 2:25 pm

With 3 school aged children this would be a huge help in stopping the never ending battle over our computer.
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com


From Shalanda Holland on May 04, 2010 :: 2:27 pm

I would love to win this I could use to make digital paintings in Photoshop,Painter and Aviary.


From Pamela Haddad on May 04, 2010 :: 2:27 pm

I subscribe and if I win, I will give this to my sister for her anniversary (and so she won’t use my computer all the time;)


From Shalanda Holland on May 04, 2010 :: 2:31 pm

If I won I would like to use it for digital imaging


From Dianne Martinez on May 04, 2010 :: 2:56 pm

I would use this to get all my work done while out. This would make my life easier and it would be a great mother’s day gift. Thank you for the chance.


From Shaq Floyd on May 04, 2010 :: 2:59 pm

Im a single mother of 2 boys struggling with a spinal dissability called scoliosis. Im supposed to be undergoin my fourth surgery in a few months but I’ve never let that stop me from wanting to education. I’ve been havin a very hard time lately i havent been able to work and i really want to go back to school to earn some kind of degree so i can better me and my children’s lives. This computer would help me find the resources i need for my health and my education. This would mean so much to me and in my life


From nickie b on May 04, 2010 :: 3:19 pm

my husband and I are headed back to college. We could really use it for classes.


From Betty Curran on May 04, 2010 :: 3:41 pm

The HP TouchSmart would be such a great way to keep up with my rental properties. Income and expense entries need to be done right away and sometimes I miss one when I wait to enter it on my desktop.


From Jimmy on May 04, 2010 :: 4:16 pm

I would keep it because my current computer is getting old and slowing down.


From Elizabeth Starling on May 04, 2010 :: 4:29 pm

I would give it to my MOTHER since i cant by her anything for Mothers day.


From Judi Tafoya on May 04, 2010 :: 4:37 pm

I would be using this computer for everything! My computer is ancient (like me) and about to give out.
I am also a subscriber.


From kathy pease on May 04, 2010 :: 4:41 pm

email subscriber

i would use this for entering awesome contests like this one smile


From petef3 on May 04, 2010 :: 4:46 pm

I would use this tablet to start my new training as a 3D animator for feature films. i will give all credit to HP and this product, if i suceed to be the very best in special effects on a film project.


From Katie DeVito on May 04, 2010 :: 4:54 pm

I would give it to my husband so he and I could both bring our laptops to a coffee house and look for jobs. We only have one laptop so we can’t travel together and both search for jobs out having coffee. We’re both unemployed.


From Lynn S on May 04, 2010 :: 4:55 pm

I would use it in my kitchen for all the new recipes I would like to try.


From Kim on May 04, 2010 :: 5:01 pm

I would love to have this for traveling. The swivel screen would be perfect for watching videos on the plane!


From Pamela S on May 04, 2010 :: 5:07 pm

I’m subscribed to email.  I’d take it with me everywhere I go!  It would be very handy and even when I wasn’t using it, I’d look so cool just having one!!  Hey….have to look cool you know!  Thanks.


From Karen Gonyea on May 04, 2010 :: 5:07 pm

This would be great for reading during travel smile


From Sharon Nelson on May 04, 2010 :: 5:21 pm

I am a subscriber. I would use this computer everyday for a variety of things.


From Beth Randolph on May 04, 2010 :: 5:33 pm

ROck and roll all night and party every day!


From christina on May 04, 2010 :: 5:36 pm

I have all HP products and will use it for starting up my small buisness.


From Jason Crandall Poorman on May 04, 2010 :: 5:41 pm

If I were to, by some wondrous miracle, win this giveaway I would use the HP TouchSmart to fight crime and injustice, to thwart evil. With it I could finally pursue my dreams of bringing down the Roman arena style chimp fighting rings populating the darkest, deepest, and smelliest underbellies of my hometown. I could go in as a secret agent, pretend to be involved, gain the trust of the crime lords, maybe even buy a chimp to befriend. With one hand and my almost unnatural talent for drawing people on touchscreens, I would craft photo-realistic pictures of the faces of all the criminals involved in not only the fights, but also the criminals that craft the armor and weapons for the chimps to battle with. With my free hand I would use my unparalleled typing skills to simultaneously record every spoken word, and comment on the various funny things my friends post on Facebook. Then, using the HDMI port I could blow up my masterpiece caricatures of the criminals who’s trust I gained onto a large television for the police to easily identify… and for world to see. Having finally brought the chimp fighting ring crime kingdom to its knees, I would sip Oolong tea and read myself one of the many E-books available to me, browse Reddit, and sit on Facebook until the time would come again… When the world needs me, and my new HP TouchSmart, to save it from utter destruction.
Godbless you all.
And please don’t forget… Chimps are people too.


From polita on May 04, 2010 :: 5:57 pm

I would give it to my mom. She doesn’t have a computer. She does so much for me, it would be nice if I could do something for her.


From Peggy Sullins on May 04, 2010 :: 6:16 pm

my son is graduating this year and art is is passion.  This would be great.


From Mary Cottingham on May 04, 2010 :: 7:17 pm

Subscribed as mlc(dot)sweeps(at)gmail(dot)com

I would use the HP TouchSmart to win more contests, hopefully including college tuition for my niece and nephew.


From Donna C on May 04, 2010 :: 7:29 pm

This would be great to bring to my moms so she can use it. It would be awesome for me to use for my photography!


From Helen on May 04, 2010 :: 7:32 pm

I subscribed to your newsletter.  If I were lucky enough to get picked for this HP, I would be in heaven.  My computer is about 6 years old, it is very slow and keeps freezing up on me.  This HP TouchSmart would be used every day and would be very much appreciated.


From Colin on May 04, 2010 :: 7:46 pm

I’d mess around with it for a bit, and then i’d give it to my younger sister for her bday


From nicholaschaffin on May 04, 2010 :: 7:46 pm

i do watch project runway and like it alot actually, but i don’t plan on pursuing a career in fashion design. but i do however plan on a career in architecture, or interior design. and i do believe this would be a great tool for that.


From susan smoaks on May 04, 2010 :: 7:46 pm

if i win i will use the hp touchsmart to keep up with work when i’m on the go


From Maja Meza on May 04, 2010 :: 7:55 pm


I would give it to my mom. She needs one, she always has to borrow or share a computer. She would be ecstatic if I suprprised her with it. I would like to keep it for myself, but I already have a laptop and I know that she would be so grateful and happy if I gave it to her.


From Gina on May 04, 2010 :: 7:56 pm

If I won, I’d bring it with us when we travel this summer up to the East Coast, I have a netbook but I’d so love to have something that my girls could use as well, heck, I’d give them my netbook and I’d take the Touchsmart for myself, then everyone is happy!


From Charity S. on May 04, 2010 :: 8:05 pm

newsletter subscriber


From Charity S. on May 04, 2010 :: 8:06 pm

If I won, I could dump this ancient laptop I’m currently using. I could actually get my work done, and not have constant freezing.

I would no longer have the blue screen of death.



From Bridget Combs on May 04, 2010 :: 8:16 pm

subscriber and if i won I’d give this to my daughter who will be starting college in the fall


From Colin on May 04, 2010 :: 8:19 pm

Id mess around with it for a bit, then give it to my sister for her bday.


From Sharon from on May 04, 2010 :: 8:25 pm

I subscribed and supplied your requested information (name, city, state) during registration.

I plan to use the HP TouchSmart to help ink a graphic novel I am currently working on. It’s a story to help encourage others going through dark times, such as the loss of a loved one.

Communicating positive messages through graphic design and sequential arts are my passion and industry, and I was looking around for tools that would help alleviate some burden in my work flow. Thank you for the opportunity in offering this giveaway!


From Jessica on May 04, 2010 :: 8:39 pm

I travel a lot for work so this would be amazing to have with me out on the road


From jess8 on May 04, 2010 :: 8:44 pm

I would ditch my old fashioned 2004 Dell


From Joe on May 04, 2010 :: 8:50 pm

I’m a law student in Chicago, and I’d LOVE to have this computer to do some reading and work on the train!


From Kathy Markham on May 04, 2010 :: 8:51 pm

I am a subscriber! smile
I would give it to my dad. He just retired and has an ancient (heavy) laptop that is always causing problems (and creating subsequent calls to his favorite Geek Squad -me!).
It would be so great for him to sketch in for the many projects he is undertaking and portable for his new life that us not behind a desk smile
thanks for all the great info Techlicious!!


From Samir Lillaney on May 04, 2010 :: 9:12 pm

I’m a college student with a laptop that has a huge crack. It’s so hard to take notes, and a lot of my classes require special software, so a PC is necessary. I would love this computer for my class assignments. It would make life so much easier.


From Jennifer Jozwiak on May 04, 2010 :: 9:27 pm

i’d use it when I’m cooking or when i’m drawing things for my little girl.


From shel772 on May 04, 2010 :: 9:40 pm

I could easily take this on the plane with me—-read books on it all the time and any place.


From DEBORAH THOMAS on May 04, 2010 :: 9:50 pm

subscriber - I would give this to my wonderful husband to use.


From Tara Woods on May 04, 2010 :: 9:53 pm

I would definitely use it as a ebook reader.


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