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KeepVault 40GB Annual Online Backup Subscription Giveaway!

by on April 05, 2010
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computer Safety & Support, Organization :: 95 comments

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KeepVault 40GB Online Backup Account Giveaway!

Sponsored giveaway

Each week through April 30th, 2010, we will be giving away five (5) annual subscriptions for a 40GB online backup account from KeepVault ($48 MSRP)!

How many irreplaceable digital photos, music, and financial files are at risk on your computer?

Unfortunately, your computer is vulnerable; hard drive failure, theft, natural disasters etc. occur all the time. Roughly 1 in 10 hard drives fail each year. Lost data is gone forever.

Backing up KeepVault is like 'Insurance for your data'; protecting your files the moment they change, to both a local backup drive and their secure online backup servers!

Local Backup + Online Backup
KeepVault features real-time backup to safe and secure RAID6 online servers AND also, on Windows systems, simultaneous backup to a local USB drive. KeepVault combines the speed & convenience of local protection with the disaster-proof protection and accessibility of online backup! 

Real-time Protection
Many other online backup services have a serious flaw; their software only backs up when it feels like it. Ask yourself this, do you know when you're going to lose data? KeepVault protects files as soon as they change, reducing the chance of data loss to a minimum.

Your Data is Secure
KeepVault online backup encrypts data files on your computer BEFORE transmission to secure online backup servers (located in geographically safe Michigan USA). With KeepVault backup you choose the encryption key for maximum security.

Grows with You 
Your KeepVault online backup account can be used to backup ALL of your devices. KeepVault online backup is perfect for families, friends, and businesses.


How to Enter

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Simply subscribe to the Techlicious newsletter using the "Subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site—be sure to provide your name, city and state when subscribing
  2. Then, post a comment below indicating your interest in entering the giveaway. Please use the same email address you subscribed with when commenting.

Maximum of one entry per person per week. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on April 30th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select five (5) winners each week from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

♦ Barbara from Canfield, OH
♦ Debra from Niskayuna, NY
♦ James from Goose Creek, SC
♦ Richard from Winston Salem, NC
♦ Thomas from San Diego, CA 
Week 2
♦ Andrea from Toms River, NJ
♦ Edin from Tacoma, WA
♦ Lisa from New York, NY
♦ Susan from Belfast, ME
♦ Viginia from New York, NY
Week 3
Cynthia from Fort Myers, FL
Jennifer from Las Vegas, NV
McDuffy who didn't provide his/her details! (tsk, tsk)
Mike from Columbia, MS
Paul from Albuquerque, NM
Week 4
Ed from Rockwall, TX
Gina from Greensburg, PA
John from Humble, TX 
Marie from Portland, OR
Veetech1 who didn't provide his/her details!


Discussion loading

From susan varney on April 05, 2010 :: 6:48 pm

love to win this great prize and i now get the newsletter


From Katie DeVito on April 05, 2010 :: 8:07 pm

Would love to win! Crossing my fingers.


From Marilyn Wons on April 06, 2010 :: 7:35 am

I think storing stuff in the cloud is the future


From Paul Conrow on April 06, 2010 :: 10:03 am

already subscribed, would like to win this.


From Debra F on April 06, 2010 :: 10:50 am

I subscribe and I’d love to win


From R Hicks on April 06, 2010 :: 10:53 am

This would be great to have to have duplicates elsewhere for safety

ardy22 at earthlink dot net


From CCP on April 06, 2010 :: 12:03 pm

back me up, Scotty!


From dmann on April 06, 2010 :: 6:21 pm

nice service and giveaway!


From BM on April 06, 2010 :: 11:30 pm

It would be great to win and have a backup.


From Howard Steeley on April 07, 2010 :: 12:21 am

Subscriber and I need a backup.


From Karen Gonyea on April 07, 2010 :: 7:11 am

I’d love this for family pics smile


From Francie on April 07, 2010 :: 10:45 am

Several hard drive crashes caused by using external power-consuming backup devices make me eager to win this safety and sanity-saving prize.


From Marie Noguerole on April 07, 2010 :: 10:49 am

I’m already a subscriber.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the KeepVault 40GB Annual Online Backup Subscription…everyone needs a backup these days with so many would-be hackers and identity thieves on the net.


From Bruce Fontaine on April 07, 2010 :: 10:55 am

Backing up our files is more important than sliced bread!


From ed schwaneke on April 07, 2010 :: 11:02 am

I need that back up protection!


From S Soesbe on April 07, 2010 :: 11:16 am

Please enter me for KeepVault.

Love the concept of KeepVault and would be very encouraged to use.


From M. Mangiaruca on April 07, 2010 :: 11:59 am

subscriber already, an online backup would be a great accessory especially while traveling.


From Barbara L. Morey on April 07, 2010 :: 12:09 pm

I’m a subscriber. Found need for good backup this past month when my desktop had continuing problems.


From Jim on April 07, 2010 :: 1:10 pm

Just love the thought of real-time protection, so I guess it’s about time for me to win.


From Linda Kish on April 07, 2010 :: 1:51 pm

I am a subscriber and I would love to win this great giveaway.


From Mark/CharmCity on April 07, 2010 :: 1:58 pm

40Gs? Wish the B was Buck$ {G} but Bytes have their utility, too: entry, please. Current subscriber.


From Thomas I. on April 07, 2010 :: 3:56 pm

Enter me in this giveaway!!!!!


From CHARLES KASSING on April 07, 2010 :: 4:59 pm

thanks, who


From Faye on April 07, 2010 :: 6:06 pm

I could certainly use some backup-At my previous job everything was backed up daily on our server, but now, working at home, I don’t have that anymore.


From Edin Ahmedagic on April 07, 2010 :: 9:14 pm

Thanks for the sweeps.


From Christina on April 07, 2010 :: 9:28 pm

I am a subscriber and of course I’d love to win something that would keep my family records safe!


From joe on April 07, 2010 :: 10:20 pm

Great way to introduce people to having the luxury and conveince of backing up critical files, that you don’t realize how important and timely
opportunity exists by having a central location to offload the data too.


From sarah woods on April 07, 2010 :: 10:37 pm

Critical access backup is priceless; not well thought out; however the necessity is a top priority


From Ron Miller on April 09, 2010 :: 4:20 pm

that’s bigger then my hard drive


From Virginia Hoagland on April 09, 2010 :: 9:11 pm

I’m already a newsletter subscriber. I have so much data, both work and personal, that I would be lost if I lost it!


From Kathleen G on April 09, 2010 :: 10:18 pm

KeepVault is the answer to my frustrations and anxiety with potential data loss. I like the concept of Real-time protection.


From Geoff K on April 10, 2010 :: 8:13 am

I’m an email subscriber.  I definitely have a lot of concern about data storage and back-up—I have an external drive but worry about its longevity and stability, so it would give me a lot of peace of mind to have an online storage space.  Thanks!


From Andrea on April 10, 2010 :: 3:23 pm

I’m a subscriber and I’d love to win as well!!


From Cynthia S. on April 11, 2010 :: 10:10 am

Already subscribe.

40 gigs of back up is great.  Need all the space I can get for redundant filingf.


From susan varney on April 11, 2010 :: 11:05 am

i’m already subscribed and i’m very interested in the prize


From Paul Conrow on April 13, 2010 :: 11:26 am

I am still a subscriber, and would like to win.


From Kathy Scott on April 14, 2010 :: 7:48 am

Subscriber - I could really use this for my small bookkeeping business.


From Lisa on April 15, 2010 :: 2:18 pm

Please enter me in the sweepstakes!


From Keith on April 15, 2010 :: 8:48 pm

I’m a fan, and would love to win.


From McDuffy on April 16, 2010 :: 12:05 am

Could really use this, losing everything would bite.


From Mary on April 17, 2010 :: 2:20 pm

I would love to be a winner this week!


From Lisa Davis on April 17, 2010 :: 5:11 pm

I already subscribe and would love to win this giveaway


From Andrea Vantrees on April 17, 2010 :: 10:01 pm

Just subscribed and would love to win the KeepVault giveaway. Would be awesome to have an additional source to back-up images & contracts.


From susan varney on April 18, 2010 :: 8:30 am

i subscribe and i’d love to win


From Carol on April 18, 2010 :: 7:41 pm

This is a great thing


From Ruth on April 19, 2010 :: 5:09 pm

I am already a Techlicious subscriber and would like to be entered in the KeepVault giveaway.
Thank you


From Kathy Scott on April 20, 2010 :: 11:24 am

I am a subscriber.  Thanks for the chance.


From Paul Conrow on April 21, 2010 :: 6:36 am

Still a subscriber, and would love to win this prize.


From Annette Doggett on April 21, 2010 :: 9:35 am

I am a subscriber and I would love to win!


From fxs111 on April 21, 2010 :: 9:54 am

I think that this is a great idea and I would like to try it.


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