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Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Giveaway

by on September 23, 2009
in Cameras and Photography, Giveaways, Camcorders, Photo / Video Sharing :: 605 comments

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Congratulations to Mike A. from Oklahoma on winning the giveaway!

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Oooh! Another cool giveaway!

Yes,we're giving away a Kodak Zi8 in the vibrant raspberry color you see in the picture! To enter, just add a comment below.

Want more chances to win? Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter during the giveaway will get an additional entry. And, if you forward the newsletter to a friend using the "Forward to a friend" button, you get another entry (maximum of one additional entry per week)

The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on October 6, 2009. Only one post per household.



Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera (list price $179.95)
This is a 1080p HD camcorder with electronic image stabilization that can also take 5 megapixel still images. It has an expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32 GB, allowing you to record up to 10 hours of HD video (SD card not included).

Kodak Zi8 interface and screenOn the back there is a 2.5 in. color LCD screen—you can even watch your movies in slo-mo. And just swing out the USB arm to upload, share, and charge. There is also an included HDMI cable for outputting video to your TV.

The bundled Kodak software let's you:

  • Edit and trim videos, add pictures and music to your videos
  • Grab still images from video frames
  • Upload to Facebook™ and YouTube™ right from the software

Kodak Zi8 remoteWe're also including the hard-to-find remote accessory ($9.95) that will allow you to record from a distance or control playback on your TV.

The camera is compatible with PC and MAC operating systems, but the software is PC only.

Official Rules

We will randomly select a winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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From Beth on September 30, 2009 :: 5:52 pm

As a teacher it would be fun to use with the kids. I’d love it! Elementary school students would enjoy seeing themselves in action.


From Eric Rollins on September 30, 2009 :: 5:55 pm

This is definitely on my wish list. Hope I win it!


From Melissa Evans on September 30, 2009 :: 6:20 pm

oooo!  this sounds so cool. I hope I get one.


From suzypj on September 30, 2009 :: 6:48 pm

This would be great to have…I have a 3 year old so I’m always shooting photos or video of her.


From John OBrien on September 30, 2009 :: 7:50 pm

Slick looking device - would love to capture our pets with it.


From sarah woods on September 30, 2009 :: 9:28 pm

Travels in Europe/Asia would be picture perfect with this Kodak Zi8.  Thanks SW


From Ruth Summers on September 30, 2009 :: 10:21 pm

I just love when stuff like this is given to someone and I hope it is ME!!


From Steve Shcohet on September 30, 2009 :: 10:42 pm

Please oh please let me win!


From Debbie Dodge on October 01, 2009 :: 12:25 am

Perfect size…perfect color…would look perfect on me


From Mike Dodge on October 01, 2009 :: 12:27 am

Keep the change you filthy animal!


From CJ on October 01, 2009 :: 1:06 am

Wow - it’s so compact yet takes great video.


From Debra on October 01, 2009 :: 6:42 am

I’ve never owned a video camera and would love to!


From Connie on October 01, 2009 :: 6:46 am

I haven’t had a video camera since our son was born 28 years ago and that one was massive and has cobwebs on it!  This one would be so handy!!


From James Henry Holleman on October 01, 2009 :: 12:04 pm

I would love a new camera


From Seni on October 01, 2009 :: 12:22 pm

I’ve never heard of this one before, looks great. smile


From Kristine Garcia on October 01, 2009 :: 1:01 pm

beautiful color these cameras have good reviews online.  thanks


From Thiago Garcia on October 01, 2009 :: 1:04 pm

I love these cameras it wouldbe great to win one


From anita on October 01, 2009 :: 1:47 pm

My son’s birthday is this month would love to take a video of his day.


From Scott on October 01, 2009 :: 2:46 pm

I wanna win! Please!


From Derek on October 01, 2009 :: 4:39 pm

Cameras = Cool


From angela kelly on October 01, 2009 :: 5:36 pm

Looks easy to use!


From Michael on October 01, 2009 :: 7:16 pm

I think that the man in the photograph needs to wear another color besides blue. It makes him look like a Smurf. I’m really sorry about that.


From Linda on October 01, 2009 :: 8:25 pm

If I won it would be like Chistmas coming early.  I always wanted a really nice video camera. Kodak is a really nice name brand.


From Rea Papakonstantopoul on October 01, 2009 :: 8:31 pm

Thanks for the great giveaway


From Kathy Agate on October 01, 2009 :: 9:15 pm

Wow!  What a camera, I could really use this in my classroom.  My kids would shine!


From Michelle Berry on October 01, 2009 :: 9:41 pm

Woohoo! What an awesome giveaway. Very, very cool indeed. I’ve never owned a pocket camera but I sure do want one, and the gorgeous vibrant raspberry color goes with my complexion a million for the chance.


From Clinton Shifflett on October 01, 2009 :: 11:23 pm

Sounds like a great product i hope i get to see for myself raspberry


From Carolyn G on October 01, 2009 :: 11:33 pm

I have heard good things about this camera. I would love to try it for myself!!


From Jorge Ayala on October 02, 2009 :: 2:09 am

Wow, this sounds like an incredible camera!


From cesar f nillaga on October 02, 2009 :: 2:30 am

This would be a great cam to have. I really would like to win it!


From mitchell on October 02, 2009 :: 2:48 am

cool, never used one of these b4.  would love to win, thanks!


From Tricia Jorke on October 02, 2009 :: 5:03 am

Oh,my goodness!  I would love to own this video camera.  Although I have 6 kids, I do not own anything close to this. We love Kodak,too.  Usually, we use those cameras in which after each picture,you have to advance the film, which makes that sound so everyone knows your out of date. This would be so awesome.  I love the color too.  It’s beautiful! Small. I would love to win it.  Thank you for the chance.


From Tonya Hartsuiker on October 02, 2009 :: 5:17 am

What a great video camera! The Raspberry color is great! Nice adding the accessory. I could really get in to all of these new technicalogical do-dads. Thanks.


From Janice Wright on October 02, 2009 :: 8:11 am

This looks like something I would love to own, unfortunatelately I can’t afford to win it right now.  Hopefully I will be the winner!


From William on October 02, 2009 :: 10:09 am

This appears to be wonderful video camers.  It’s compact, lightweight, current and probably works better than most out there. It would be great to have around the holidays!  Hope I win.


From Gary on October 02, 2009 :: 10:29 am

Nice prize ... I could use one of these!


From Jenny on October 02, 2009 :: 12:00 pm

Would love to win this camera.  It will come in very handy to video the new addition to our family.


From Rosey on October 02, 2009 :: 3:47 pm

I did not even know these had remotes; cool!


From Brittney on October 02, 2009 :: 4:47 pm

I hope I get lucky and win!!!


From shannon flora on October 02, 2009 :: 6:29 pm

my son is in high school and loves taking pics of school events,this would be great for him,i could never aford it!thanks,shannon


From Cristi on October 02, 2009 :: 6:43 pm

I don’t have a video camera and this would be great to record videos to send to my husband who is deployed overseas!


From Jessica on October 02, 2009 :: 6:49 pm

I love this camera! It would be perfect! wink


From JP on October 02, 2009 :: 8:08 pm

I can think of many uses for this camera, both for business and pleasure.  It’s truly amazing how far camcorders (video cameras) have come. 

Once upon a time for those of us from the dinosaur age (the 1980’s)—we were required to use cameras so big that they had to balance on ones shoulder just to lift and carry around.  No cd’s or dvd’s to burn the video onto—we had to use big clunky vhs tapes. 

Ahhh…the youtube age, it will be something to see what we use in the next 20 yrs!!!


From Nancy V on October 02, 2009 :: 8:38 pm

What a great prize. I would love to have this to take movies of my grand kids. Thanks


From Tina on October 02, 2009 :: 10:40 pm

The latest in modern electronic technology,
this new toy would be practical when I am
travelling to keep in my journal travel file,
and also to send to others who share a common interest.  I would like to win alright.


From Steven Cohen on October 03, 2009 :: 9:04 am

Choose me


From Pat on October 03, 2009 :: 9:10 am

I’d love to have it!


From Matthew on October 03, 2009 :: 9:47 am

This looks like a great gadget. I want one!


From Robin on October 03, 2009 :: 10:17 am

I would love to have this camera!


From Ms. C.J on October 03, 2009 :: 1:55 pm

Kodak the only way to go!!!!


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