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Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

by on January 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Travel & Entertainment, Blog :: 1270 comments

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Lenovo U300s UltrabookThink you have to pay a hefty premium to get a thin and powerful laptop with good battery life? Not if you’re getting an Ultrabook™.

Ultrabooks are a new class of ultraportable laptops that measure less than 21mm thick, get five or more hours of battery life, use a powerful Intel® Core i3™, i5 or i7 processor and wake almost instantly from a sleep state. All for around $1,000.

Ultrabooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go, easily slipping into a bag or briefcase and barely noticeable from a weight perspective - you’ll find yourself bringing your laptop more places than ever before. With their ultra-slim profile, they’re also a dramatic style statement.

The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s is a perfect example of everything an Ultrabook has to offer:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 128 GB solid state drive (much faster than a hard drive)
  • Just 0.59" thick and 2.91 pounds
  • 8 hours of battery life.

We're giving away a Lenovo U300s ($1049 MSRP) to one lucky Techlicious subscriber, courtesy of Intel! Enter through February 24th, 2012 for a chance to win.

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?" (the winner pick is random, but we want to hear your story!)

Want extra chances to win? Of course you do!

  1. Get your unique entry code and tell your friends about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll get an extra entry for each friend who signs up using your entry code.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on February 24th, 2012. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Thank you for UltraBook giveaway.

From Alex on January 24, 2012 :: 5:26 pm

I could use the ultrabook and put it to good use due to it being so light and easy to handle compared to older laptops along with the added speed.


I really need a new

From Margaret Smith on January 24, 2012 :: 5:28 pm

I really need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because I’m often away from home and have no way of checking my emails or doing my work without having a laptop.  Even at home, with my kids having to use the computer for their school work, seems like I have to wait until the evening before I can use our computer.
Thanks so much.

I’m a subscriber.


Honestly, mine has just stopped

From Diana Smith Hill on January 24, 2012 :: 5:32 pm

Honestly, mine has just stopped working! If it wasnt for my mobile i coulndt even enter this! Thanks for the giveaway!


I need a new computer-

From Jennifer McKay on January 24, 2012 :: 5:37 pm

I need a new computer- mine is over 5 years old


Perfect timing!

From Denise M. on January 24, 2012 :: 5:39 pm

We need an Ultranotebook by Lenovo because, just when it was my turn to get a laptop, our other two (my hubby’s and my daughter’s) have decided to fail. Thanks for a change to win!


i get the newsletter!i would

From addrienne mertens on January 24, 2012 :: 5:42 pm

i get the newsletter!

i would love to be mobile again with a laptop! mine had a wine accident and havent used it since. Ultra, you say? wow that would be very stylish and intel is what i prefer! I5 i can finally watch that movie i have that only plays on faster processor too! sweet


I could really use a

From Robin on January 24, 2012 :: 5:43 pm

I could really use a new laptop because I gave my son mine because the one I bought him 2 years ago died and he needs one for college.  With college expenses and helping to pay for my upcoming daughter’s wedding, a new laptop is not in the budget for quite some time, especially with being a single Mom.



From lfrench on January 24, 2012 :: 5:48 pm

I’ve never had a notebook, don’t know anything about Lenovas or their functionality vs. PCs or other laptops. Don’t have the money and am illiterate when it comes to new products.  I don’t even have a smart phone. I’d love to be able to surf the web or check my e-mails from work while I sit in the doctor’s office waiting for my parents to finish their appointments, which seem to take forever.


Keeping up When Camping

From Carol on January 24, 2012 :: 5:51 pm

I’d love a Lenvovo to take on the road when camping to keep up with email and the news and such.  Hope I’m a lucky winner!


Need to organize

From Gwen on January 24, 2012 :: 5:51 pm

It would be great to organize all my loose recipes among many other uses! Thanks for the opportunity!


I need a new Intel-powered

From Debbie C on January 24, 2012 :: 5:55 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because it is so light. My current laptop, which I have to lug to and from work, is about five pounds when you include the power supply.  Five pounds is a lot when you carry other things as well.  A lighter laptop would be a big help.

I am already a subscriber.


Would so Love to replace

From Terri on January 24, 2012 :: 5:57 pm

Would so Love to replace my 10+ yr old desktop!


I newly got promoted at

From Michelle Fosnaugh on January 24, 2012 :: 5:58 pm

I newly got promoted at work! YAY ME! And I could totall use this Ultrabook to help me out and keep me organized


A new Lenovo would be great because..........

From Sharon Cox on January 24, 2012 :: 5:58 pm

we adopted a 14 year old last year and she could certainly use it for school.  She has managed to learn English and keep up with her Chinese.  This would make a wonderful gift for her to help with her studies.


Replace my noisy netbook

From John Darrow on January 24, 2012 :: 5:59 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook to take minutes for the nonprofit Boards I serve on. I currently use an old slow netbook with a noisy fan.


tablet giveaway

From ChrisP on January 24, 2012 :: 5:59 pm

Right now I have a big heavy 17” laptop and would use this one much more on the go.


College Student

From Godwin Gabriel on January 24, 2012 :: 6:00 pm

Ahhhhh, I so need one for school, this would be PERFECT! Pretty please! smile


My desktop is so old

From Pat on January 24, 2012 :: 6:03 pm

My desktop is so old and I waste alot of time just waiting to get on line.  Wold love to replace it with a laptop.


Why I need a new Lenovo

From Maureen Stein on January 24, 2012 :: 6:06 pm

I have never owned a laptop but would love to have one for the portability.


Thanks for contest -- my

From rose r on January 24, 2012 :: 6:08 pm

Thanks for contest—my laptop is 7 years old—it needs to be retired!


Lenovo tablet great for mass transit rider

From tom walters on January 24, 2012 :: 6:10 pm

I usually walk or take mass transit to work, and
it would be great to have a small, lightweight
notebook to check my upcomming work events, schedules, and documentation.


Every Writer Needs a Laptop

From Laurel Marshfield on January 24, 2012 :: 6:10 pm

I’m a professional writer and my older Dell laptop finally passed away several months ago. I depend upon computers to run my freelance business and, while I do have a desktop, a laptop lets me to work outside my office with a degree of flexibility that is otherwise lacking. So a new Lenovo would be extremely helpful in conducting my writing and coaching business.


great giveaway!

From Jennifer Jenkins on January 24, 2012 :: 6:11 pm

I need this because I need power, power, power!!



From Sumar Shahin on January 24, 2012 :: 6:13 pm

I would love to win this Lenovo


The Tablet Giveway

From A on January 24, 2012 :: 6:14 pm

I work at home - this would be great! Could use a new laptop for the new year! smile



From karen on January 24, 2012 :: 6:15 pm

I’ve thrown my back out so many times lugging my ancient laptop around… this would be a dream to have a lightweight, functioning computer for all my business trips!


Why I'd like to win

From Debbie Darrow on January 24, 2012 :: 6:18 pm

My laptop is 6 or 7 years old. The battery doesn’t hold a charge, so I have to keep it plugged in. I’m constantly getting messages about how I have no space left to do anything, even though my computer has few extra programs or files on it. I use my laptop both for work and personal use, and my son uses my laptop as well. I would love to have something new that will work well for many years in the future!


I have a home based

From Sonya Allstun on January 24, 2012 :: 6:24 pm

I have a home based biz and I would use it to keep my inventory and billing info



I only have a netbook,

From Mel on January 24, 2012 :: 6:27 pm

I only have a netbook, which is limited to only doing certain things.


WoE is Me

From Patricia on January 24, 2012 :: 6:29 pm

I need a new laptop so bad, yeah, everybody’s stars off this way. I have a 2006 Toshiba that arbitrarily clicks open pages, skips up to a different line when I am typing and even though I have removed every unnecessary thing from the computer, is slower than molasses!


Dying Apple

From Marissa Krashefski on January 24, 2012 :: 6:33 pm

I need a new laptop so I can give it to my boyfriend because his Mac is starting to die.


Because of a disability, I

From Dahbou on January 24, 2012 :: 6:36 pm

Because of a disability, I spend a lot of time in bed and use a laptop. Mine is several years old now and I’d love to win a new one. I’ve never had a Lenovo, either, and I’d love to try it out. Thanks for the giveaway!


Why I deserve to win

From Cool dude on January 24, 2012 :: 6:36 pm

My screen is shot. The bottom half is dead.
Makes it very hard to use the computer.


I need the 13" Lenovo®

From Lynn on January 24, 2012 :: 6:38 pm

I need the 13” Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300 Intel-powered Ultrabook to power my life!


Why I need a new Lenovo

From Ralph Haines on January 24, 2012 :: 6:40 pm

Old one is getting ready to bite the dust.


I could definitely use a

From Gary on January 24, 2012 :: 6:41 pm

I could definitely use a new, powerful ultrabook since my 8.5 year old laptop is getting too many gray hairs.


Why I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook

From Anita A. on January 24, 2012 :: 6:41 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because my hp laptop DIED!  The hard disk drive works, but something else (apparently serious) doesn’t - so I need a computer to which I can transfer all my work from the poor, orphan HP disk drive.  Thanks for listening.  grin



From Kathleen Milek on January 24, 2012 :: 6:41 pm

Mine is so slow, you would think it was as old as I am!!


My laptop is dying

From Julie Higgins on January 24, 2012 :: 6:41 pm

My laptop is dying a slow and painful death. I fiddle and tweak but there is just no more space.  I’ve already added an external drive for more space but it heaves and it ho’s when I try to access it. I want to participate in an online fitness program. I am disabled and it’s very difficult to get out every day to a program. A new laptop is just the ticket to better health.


I really need a laptop.

From LaVon Layton Baker on January 24, 2012 :: 6:42 pm

I really need a laptop. I don’t have one and many times in meetings I missed everything until I’m back in my home/office this would be a blessing.


New Business Needs!

From Bill on January 24, 2012 :: 6:42 pm

I am starting my own business and I need the latest technology to help me manage it.  I would love to win the Ultrabook!


I need a new Intel-powered

From Art on January 24, 2012 :: 6:44 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because as a college student, it would truly make my life much more easier. With no computer I have come to rely on others for the technological help…


Catch 22

From Nancy Taglione on January 24, 2012 :: 6:45 pm

Have been trying to save up for a laptop to improve customer presentations in my new job; which should help me make the extra money I need to buy things, such as a laptop, to make better presentations…and therefore make a little extra money.


why I need an ultrabook

From cheryl toth on January 24, 2012 :: 6:46 pm

I’d love a portable…I only have a desktop.


My wife should have her own computer

From David H on January 24, 2012 :: 6:46 pm

My wife and I share the desktop in the house and frequently have to use it at the same time. It would be great to give her the shiny new Ultrabook that she could take and use anywhere!



From LindaD on January 24, 2012 :: 6:49 pm

I need a laptop for my daughter, she needs one for college and this looks like it would be a great one for her.


I need a laptop, please!

From Greg Hickman on January 24, 2012 :: 6:51 pm

I realy need a laptop as I begin a new career at 60 years of age. I am not too old to make my way in this techie world! My new job will have me using my laptop to input routes, maintenance logs, etc. I need help in obtaining one as I’ve been out of work. Thank you = )


Special Needs Organization..for papers that is.

From Inez Arakaki on January 24, 2012 :: 6:52 pm

I could use this to organize my son’s important IEP school papers neat and organized. Right now they are all in a pile. I would be so nice to keep them all in one place nice and tidy. :D thanks for the chance.



From Rene Leer on January 24, 2012 :: 6:54 pm

I need a larger screen while accessing the interent while I am away from the office and the Lenovo would be perfect.


Love Lenovo

From JOAN on January 24, 2012 :: 6:54 pm

I work from home and need a workhorse!! My computer is older and slow, so I need one that can keep up with me!


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