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Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

by on January 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Travel & Entertainment, Blog :: 1270 comments

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Lenovo U300s UltrabookThink you have to pay a hefty premium to get a thin and powerful laptop with good battery life? Not if you’re getting an Ultrabook™.

Ultrabooks are a new class of ultraportable laptops that measure less than 21mm thick, get five or more hours of battery life, use a powerful Intel® Core i3™, i5 or i7 processor and wake almost instantly from a sleep state. All for around $1,000.

Ultrabooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go, easily slipping into a bag or briefcase and barely noticeable from a weight perspective - you’ll find yourself bringing your laptop more places than ever before. With their ultra-slim profile, they’re also a dramatic style statement.

The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s is a perfect example of everything an Ultrabook has to offer:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 128 GB solid state drive (much faster than a hard drive)
  • Just 0.59" thick and 2.91 pounds
  • 8 hours of battery life.

We're giving away a Lenovo U300s ($1049 MSRP) to one lucky Techlicious subscriber, courtesy of Intel! Enter through February 24th, 2012 for a chance to win.

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?" (the winner pick is random, but we want to hear your story!)

Want extra chances to win? Of course you do!

  1. Get your unique entry code and tell your friends about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll get an extra entry for each friend who signs up using your entry code.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on February 24th, 2012. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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I need a new Lenovo

From Sue on January 24, 2012 :: 11:22 pm

Wow, someone has the same story as I do.  Please see above story from “Please, i’m tired”!  Exactly my story and I could add - no battery life left.  Only works while plugged in.  Do you have two Lenovo Ultrabook’s to give away??


laptop giveaway

From jen on January 24, 2012 :: 11:23 pm

I would like to replace my old desktop!



From Bunnie Kelly on January 24, 2012 :: 11:26 pm

This sounds like a great computer and I won’t have to use my husbands.


My laptop has been to hell...

From Randy R on January 24, 2012 :: 11:27 pm

and back.  Cracked bezel, scratched up lid.  I’d love to have a new one so the cool kids will stop laughing at me.


This ultrabook would come in

From Ali Jameel on January 24, 2012 :: 11:29 pm

This ultrabook would come in handy for my music mixing and surfing/sweepstakes entering, haha. Thanks for the giveaway!


Laptop giveaway

From Kara N on January 24, 2012 :: 11:32 pm

My son is finishing high school this year. He is going to need a new computer for the digital arts college classes he will start in the fall. It would be really nice to have one that can keep up with his needs for his schooling.


I need this to better my life :(

From John Kalcanides on January 24, 2012 :: 11:38 pm

I’ve had the worst life up to this day and I could really use this to get a fast and efficient way to search and find better opportunities to secure my future before time fades away.


Got a new baby on

From Jenn on January 24, 2012 :: 11:43 pm

Got a new baby on the way, and I’d love to give a new laptop to my mom so she could actually watch baby videos on it.  Her old decrepit desktop is hardly functional!


I want a new laptop

From debbie cryblskey on January 24, 2012 :: 11:45 pm

I want a new laptop. The netbook I have is so slow. It won’t quit freezing also. And I actually have high speed internet.


great timing for me

From Linda Hastings on January 24, 2012 :: 11:48 pm

My husband’s laptop just went out!  We spent what extra money we had getting one for my nephew for Christmas, not knowing we would need one a month later!


Why I need this Lenovo

From Scarlett Rose Reed on January 24, 2012 :: 11:55 pm

Oh I need this.  My old Dell is on her last legs and to quote Dr. Seuss “Oh the places you’ll go!
You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers,
Who soar at high heights.
You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have the speed.
You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead.
Wherever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.”  Oh the places I could go!


not so old...........

From ljchezmiou on January 24, 2012 :: 11:56 pm

but crashing!!


"Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?"

From James M on January 24, 2012 :: 11:56 pm

I need this because my netbook is small, the keys are falling off, and to get it to bootup I need to repeatedly press the enter key. (Gotta love ACER)


tablet giveaway

From jdf on January 25, 2012 :: 12:00 am

my desktop is getting too heavy to be carrying around…seriously, been thinking about a laptop for some time…this one sounds “kool”


The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s

From Patricia Lodato on January 25, 2012 :: 12:04 am

My husband and I travel a great deal and the Lenovo Ultrabook would really suit our needs.  At present my husband has a very old laptop computer that is heavy and has a very short battery life.  I’d love to win this for him.


I have a Dell desktop

From Theresa Jenkins on January 25, 2012 :: 12:06 am

I have a Dell desktop and it’s always crashing!!!besides having to wait in line ,behind my 3 daughters,son-in-laws,5 grandkids,even my 83 yr old DAD and none of them live here! would be nice to able to still get some compter work done and be out in the back yard with the grandkids this summers.


The little computer that could

From John Woodman on January 25, 2012 :: 12:07 am

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived an old man without a laptop until one day.. Oh, stop the crap. Just give me the darn computer already ! (lol)


For the school teacher

From Jo Kibbe on January 25, 2012 :: 12:16 am

I’d love a laptop to work on at home. I’d also use it as a demo in my classroom. The admin would like it so much that they would run out and buy one for each of my students. Productivity would spike, students could collaborate easily, and grades would go up. I’d get a bonus for all the A’s. Parents would give me great gifts, and give me enough money to put down a down payment on a house….. It would all start with one laptop. So, pick me. grin



From Martha on January 25, 2012 :: 12:18 am

I really need the Lenovo because I’ve never had a new, just-for-me computer, and my kids burnt up (overheated) the laptop we used to have.


New Laptop needed

From Dayna L on January 25, 2012 :: 12:20 am

I need a new one to replace the old one I use at school.  It is literally “dying” on me piece by piece!



From Kathy Robinson on January 25, 2012 :: 12:22 am

Would love to get a laptop for my granddaughter..


My Husband

From Nancy Busick on January 25, 2012 :: 12:27 am

I never get to use our computer.  My husband always has it.


Need something for travel

From Sylvia Chambers on January 25, 2012 :: 12:32 am

I would like to win this because when I am on the road I miss my computer.  Have a cell phone with a data plan, but the screen is blinding me because it is so tiny.


bed rest

From simone on January 25, 2012 :: 12:34 am

We are expecting our 2nd child and while I am not anticipating bed rest, it would be nice to be prepared with a nice laptop. Maybe it would even drown out my 3 yr old if I have to deal with bed rest!


I am back in college

From samyra bell on January 25, 2012 :: 12:38 am

I am back in college full time



From Terrence on January 25, 2012 :: 12:39 am

I loaned my laptop to my girlfriend because her Apple crashed and Tech hasn’t helped!


I am 51 and dont

From Debra Miller-Morales on January 25, 2012 :: 12:44 am

I am 51 and dont own a notebook I have internet on my phone. I need to buy one for school its hard to afford because I live on my disability and also have custody of my 4yr old grandson.This would be the present I have ever gotten!!!!  Please pick me.. Thank you.


I worded my paragraph wrong.

From Debra Miller-Morales on January 25, 2012 :: 1:01 am

I worded my paragraph wrong. I dont own a laptop. I have never won anything and this laptop would greatly be appreciated and would be the greatest gift I have ever received. I have 4yrs. of school ahead of me, I want to eventually start my own business and get off of disability.


Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

From Erika Ellis on January 25, 2012 :: 12:48 am

I need the Lenovo because my current laptop is old and outdated. I also can’t afford any type of tablet. Economy not so nice to this PR professional.


Better Battery

From Nicole Rubertelli on January 25, 2012 :: 12:54 am

I have had a laptop for a while now, but the battery life is very short. If I could win this new Ultrabook, it would give me the freedom to use my laptop more while on the go. therefor, I could really get the maximum usage out of the product. 8 hour battery life is impressive!


Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

From Lori Juhnke on January 25, 2012 :: 12:55 am

My wired home computer is so old!!!! 
But my husband & I still fight over using it. 
It is 8 years old and can barely support anything I do…it crashes all of the time.  But, it works fine for my husband to look at car parts on eBay.  I need a computer of my own to ‘see’ my friends and play games….having a little more harmony in our marriage would be a wonderful bonus!


My mom is using an

From Wehaf on January 25, 2012 :: 1:04 am

My mom is using an ancient desktop PC with a dying power supply.  So she needs an upgrade!


I only pray to be so Lucky

From Susan Anderson on January 25, 2012 :: 1:08 am

I need(want) to be able to take my computer to my work where I need to use it. A laptop would be very wonderful!


Best ULTRAbook EVER!!!

From Em Witt on January 25, 2012 :: 1:16 am

I have a Thinkpad from 2005 and it still runs like a dream. I would love to be the privileged individual to experience the BEST piece of technology in existence today! (Love you, Techlicious! :D )


Mini laptop

From Maddie on January 25, 2012 :: 1:19 am

My current laptop.netbook is acting weird, sometimes just goes black and needs a reboot. Winning a new one would be so much nicer than having to buy a new one. IMHO.



Lenovo on my mind

From David on January 25, 2012 :: 1:26 am

You are always on my mind, you are always on my mind.


Another computer, of course!

From John Clark on January 25, 2012 :: 1:29 am

I manage a small, but very busy library. we never have enough available computers. There are times when I let patrons use mine when they’re in a hurry, especially if they need to print something. Having a nice portable machine like this would allow me to keep working anywhere in the library and that would be huge.


daring to dream

From Anita on January 25, 2012 :: 1:29 am

In all honesty I don’t really “need” a new laptop. But the poor deprived little techie deep inside of me is screaming at the top of her lungs “me, me, I want it!!!!” and threatening to hold her breathe until she turns blue if I don’t at least enter for a chance to win.  The things we do to silence our inner voices….


I'd love it!!

From Kym on January 25, 2012 :: 1:33 am

I never win anything but I keep trying!! Someday I’ll win something!! wink


Lenovo giveaway

From Bette O on January 25, 2012 :: 1:42 am

I go to my daughters house everyday to watch my 4 grandchildren so she can work.  But being away from my home and only computer (desktop) has a negative effect on my own DSA venture and income.  If I had a laptop to take with me, I could not only care for the children but also generate business for my own income.  Thank you for the opportunity.


Need a new laptop

From Dayna on January 25, 2012 :: 1:49 am

Mine crashed and died, and I can’t afford a new one since I’m laid off and not getting unemployment, so I can only job search at the library where I have to wait in line and there’s an hour limit, really makes it difficult to get much done.


Pick me! Pick me!

From Krystal on January 25, 2012 :: 1:59 am

I don’t currently have a laptop.  I have an old desktop and it sure is heavy to carry around.  My back is killing me!!


My Chiropractor Will Thank You!

From livadia on January 25, 2012 :: 2:04 am

I’m on the road every day so I need a lightweight laptop instead of the nearly eight-pound behemoth that I’ve been lugging around, which like me, is on its last legs.  wink


Single dad

From Steven on January 25, 2012 :: 2:04 am

I need a sweet laptop for the kids to use, to surf the internet for children’s activities, to, um,....  OK, I just want it for me, me, me….


My husband could really use

From nickie on January 25, 2012 :: 2:06 am

My husband could really use this, he is going back to college.


Laptop - Wow!

From Mary Lou Bissaillon on January 25, 2012 :: 2:41 am

I have an old Dell Desktop that I share with the kids and have been wishing for a laptop.  Portable, powerful, MINE.  What more could I ask for?


Lenovo will be used for Disaster Response

From Frank Haas on January 25, 2012 :: 2:58 am

As a Red Cross Disaster Action Team member I am called out to assist families burned out of their homes with temporary shelter, food and clothing. Time is of the essence because some families barely escape with any clothing much less that needed to deal properly with winter conditions.

Having good reliable tools helps us help others more quickly. All the paperwork required can be completed more quickly and possible food and shelter options arranged faster if we had better tools. A Lenovo Ultrabook is the ideal choice for this totally free volunteer service. Those in need would be better served if we had such a good tool available.


Why I need a new Ultrabook.

From Shelene Miller on January 25, 2012 :: 3:42 am

With 6 kids at home and both my husband and I on disability, we’ve got no extra money to buy one.  We homeschool, because there’s no reason to have someone else watch our kids.  Therefore it would help us tremendously with research for different school projects.  Having a pc that we can use reliably and not worry that it’s gonna break down soon, because of it being a cheap old one.


Pick me!!!

From TA on January 25, 2012 :: 4:03 am

I havent been able to afford a new laptop and my current one is about 5 years old—help!!  smile


I already get your newsletter,

From Joyce on January 25, 2012 :: 4:09 am

I already get your newsletter, thanks!  I need a new laptop because my current laptop is so worn it is missing 4 keys on its keyboard and I’ve had to add a cordless mouse just to use it.


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