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Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

by on January 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Travel & Entertainment, Blog :: 1270 comments

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Lenovo U300s UltrabookThink you have to pay a hefty premium to get a thin and powerful laptop with good battery life? Not if you’re getting an Ultrabook™.

Ultrabooks are a new class of ultraportable laptops that measure less than 21mm thick, get five or more hours of battery life, use a powerful Intel® Core i3™, i5 or i7 processor and wake almost instantly from a sleep state. All for around $1,000.

Ultrabooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go, easily slipping into a bag or briefcase and barely noticeable from a weight perspective - you’ll find yourself bringing your laptop more places than ever before. With their ultra-slim profile, they’re also a dramatic style statement.

The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s is a perfect example of everything an Ultrabook has to offer:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 128 GB solid state drive (much faster than a hard drive)
  • Just 0.59" thick and 2.91 pounds
  • 8 hours of battery life.

We're giving away a Lenovo U300s ($1049 MSRP) to one lucky Techlicious subscriber, courtesy of Intel! Enter through February 24th, 2012 for a chance to win.

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?" (the winner pick is random, but we want to hear your story!)

Want extra chances to win? Of course you do!

  1. Get your unique entry code and tell your friends about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll get an extra entry for each friend who signs up using your entry code.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on February 24th, 2012. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Ultrabook Giveaway

From Grandmaof3 on January 27, 2012 :: 1:58 pm

I don’t NEED anything, I am truly blessed, just think this would be nice.


Could Really Use a Lenovo Ultrabook

From Mini on January 27, 2012 :: 1:59 pm

I retired at age 55 as my illness was interfering more and more with my work (I have Lupus). I now bring home about half of what I use to earn. I have a desktop computer but not a laptap. My sons & their families live a distance away so sometimes I visit and stay for a week or more. I would love to have a laptop to take w/me but cannot afford one. Lupus causes much pain in my body and especially my hands so this light version would be much better for me then the heavier ones. I know it is not a necessity but it sure would make my life a little easier.



From Mini on January 27, 2012 :: 3:11 pm

I already sent in my comment but when I received a follow-up comment I clicked on the wrong link and it removed me from receiving comments from this post so I am trying to get back on. Not sure if this is the correct way of doing this. Please advise.


Kids need home PC

From Kids need home PC on January 27, 2012 :: 2:11 pm

I need the Lenovo because my kids always need the home PC for homework.  We need backup now!


Why I need a Lenovo..

From Ellie on January 27, 2012 :: 2:56 pm

Im 1 yrs old and I use a desktop at the apartment building next door to me. I live in low income elderly/disabled housing and can not afford to buy a laptop. Having a laptop would mean that I could communicate with family and friends from the comfort of my own apt when I am too sick to go out.


Pleeeease I need a laptop!

From Danielle Davies on January 27, 2012 :: 4:37 pm

I do not own a desktop or laptop yet.  I would love one to start my career in Interior Design! Please and thank you!



From Marianne on January 27, 2012 :: 5:21 pm

Well, I need something good to happen, and this is definitely something good.


Need a Lenovo Ultrabook!

From Dona Burke on January 27, 2012 :: 7:51 pm

I need a Lenovo Ultrabook so I can skype with my granddaughter when I travel, can keep up with the bookkeeping spreadsheets without having to sit at my desktop, and read Techilicious in the kitchen while enjoying my morning cup of tea!


I want to outdo my husband

From Cindy Moritz on January 27, 2012 :: 9:13 pm

My husband is the real techy in the family and has a smokin’ laptop; I want to show him up!


For my husband

From Julie on January 27, 2012 :: 9:53 pm

My husband could definitely use a netbook for his classes so he doesn’t have to carry his Alienware around (it is quite heavy) unless he needs to use one of the software programs required by his courses. Also, his Alienware has been giving him problems, crashing on him often and the keyboard is messed up. With a netbook that he can use for his assignments, I’m sure he wouldn’t have to go through losing his progress yet again!


Why I need a Lenovo

From Vince Aiello on January 27, 2012 :: 10:09 pm

Because sadly our home was broken into and my netbook was stolen. :-(


Need laptop for business

From Ariana on January 27, 2012 :: 10:14 pm

I’m running a business on a small laptop that has limited capabilities. The graphics I do require a bigger machine, in screen size and capacity.
Hope to win the Lenovo.
Thank you.


I subscribed. My laptop has

From Kirsten on January 27, 2012 :: 10:36 pm

I subscribed. My laptop has started shutting down and overheating. It’s getting slower by the day. It’s get a new computer or throw mine across the room..yeah, I have a temper. wink


what we have here is a failure to communicate

From Ann M on January 28, 2012 :: 1:00 am

I only have a work PC, and my husband does not let me use his laptop often enough.  I need to be empowered.  Please pick me!


Why I should win a new laptop..

From Angelica weber on January 28, 2012 :: 1:53 am

My computers monitor just died, and my netbook, which I was trying to use in it’s place is not responding when you press the keys. I just spent my savings on a new phone because my old one gave me the white screen of death. The original harddrive on my computer is smaller than most new phones. I would love a new laptop to replace my well used dinosaurs.


would LOVE to win this...

From yu-tien wu on January 28, 2012 :: 6:07 am

so that I can continue to read TECHLICIOUS newsletters on a laptop of my own, instead of borrowing other people’s computers (my daughter recently broke mine)...



From parker bennett on January 28, 2012 :: 6:10 am

For my wife so that she can stop “borrowing” my computer to surf the internet when I have important work to do!


My computer is so OLD

From Lisa Foster on January 28, 2012 :: 8:32 am

My computer is so OLD and SLOW I desperately need a new one


I had to buy my

From Tammy Tam on January 28, 2012 :: 8:34 am

I had to buy my laptop used because I could not aford a new one and it has never worked very well—would love to have a new one!!


A teacher needs a little help

From Margie O on January 28, 2012 :: 10:24 am

I need a new laptop to try and keep my students and classroom as up to date as possible.  The new technology would greatly help the students I teach in the South Bronx.


Lenovo Laptop

From Dawn on January 28, 2012 :: 1:46 pm

I need a new laptop for my two teenage daughters. They would have to share, but currently we all use the same desktop, so it would be a step up.


Never tried a Lenova

From AB on January 28, 2012 :: 2:41 pm

I have always been interested in the Lenova’s but could not justify the cost. To win one could win me over!


Need a laptop at home

From George on January 28, 2012 :: 3:20 pm

Need a laptop at home to replace dinosaur.


Why I should win Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel

From David Klawitter on January 28, 2012 :: 3:38 pm

I could really use a new laptop for my job in the Fire department so I could do more work on the go instead of being tied to the desk.


lite lite baby

From bmeek on January 28, 2012 :: 4:49 pm

Because who doesn’t want a new,  lighter laptop!


technology is great

From Bradley on January 28, 2012 :: 6:13 pm

It would be the ultimate travel buddy for both short and long trips.



From Patricia Cothran on January 28, 2012 :: 6:32 pm

It would be awesome to win something!!!


I don't think I'd be

From Desiree on January 28, 2012 :: 7:48 pm

I don’t think I’d be first on the list of world’s most in need of a laptop… But it sure would be nice to have something for my kids to use.


1 computer isn't enough

From Rose on January 28, 2012 :: 8:34 pm

I have a 12 year old daughter & now she is online alot doing her homework & reports for school. Having only 1 pc is very difficult & it’s not a laptop.



From emily dayon on January 28, 2012 :: 10:24 pm

i really could use this in college smile



From Margaret Gibson on January 28, 2012 :: 10:51 pm

I sometimes have to take my computer to work with me, and it would be so nice to have an Ultrabook to take!


I don't own a laptop

From Richard T. on January 29, 2012 :: 1:39 pm

I don’t own a laptop (just a desktop) and would like one for my work.


Starting over at 64

From Elaine on January 29, 2012 :: 2:14 pm

As many of the people above I am also starting over have being laid off.  I will soon be selling Medicare Supplemental Insurance and will need a lap top to call on clients.  Winning a lenovo-ultrabook will be the answer to at least one of my prayers.


Alienware overrated

From Mack on January 29, 2012 :: 3:29 pm

I sure could use a new laptop. My alienware M15x is overrated and under powered. It is so slow and I formatted the hard drive. No longer is their any useless programs except for bare essentials. The hinges for the laptop started to crack and the screen was ready to fall off. Never again will I over pay for their stuff. Was once a great a great company but now that DELL owns it…. it is all just pricey junk.


New Laptop

From Yolanda Smith on January 29, 2012 :: 5:03 pm

My 12 year old needs a new laptop.  She’s currently making due with my old one that runs Win 98 and extremely slow.


Developer in need of tools

From Jacob Wilson on January 29, 2012 :: 6:42 pm

I need a new laptop for HTML5 and CSS3 development. The past 4 years in college have been hard on my current laptop, I am definitely in need of a refresh. The ultrabook design will be nice to take between classes and incorporate with my senior project


why i should win

From sherrie burkhart on January 29, 2012 :: 7:47 pm

I am a single parent who always took care of my child first and i came sometime later. well my later is now.I am enrolled in school at 40. Yeah me well i need this computer for school and all my new projects for school.i am so ready for this lol


Why I Need to Win

From Kristie on January 29, 2012 :: 8:34 pm

I am in school and this would be so helpful to my education



From Blima S on January 29, 2012 :: 8:55 pm

I travel a lot and I like the feature on the Levono Ultrabook that it’s lightweight. My biggest pain while traveling is lugging around my laptop case, and it almost always runs out of battery while I’m using it in the airport. Please let me win! Thanks.


My computer just died and

From Austin Baroudi on January 29, 2012 :: 10:01 pm

My computer just died and I don’t have the money to fix it or get a new one and it would just be great to win this laptop. Thankd for the opportunity!


I need an Intel-powered Ultrabook

From Vera S on January 29, 2012 :: 10:12 pm

I need an Intel-powered Ultrabook because I currently have an old desk top and desperately need an upgrade to keep up. smile


Why do I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook

From Nadine E Larsen on January 29, 2012 :: 10:46 pm

To get rid of this old relic of a desktop that I can’t even upgrade anymore

I subscribe (


Why I should win the Lenovo Ultrabook

From Cindy on January 29, 2012 :: 11:22 pm

We need a new computer and don’t have the money for it. This would be such a blessing!


Because I deserve it!!!!

From Desiree on January 30, 2012 :: 2:58 pm

Because I deserve it!!!!


I need a new Ultrabook

From Andrew on January 30, 2012 :: 3:57 pm

I need a new Ultrabook because I need something that’s both faster and more portable than my current laptop, which is a few years old.


Need to replace my current machine!

From Eric Wilborn on January 30, 2012 :: 5:54 pm

My current laptop has a zero second battery life. As soon as I unplug it, it’s a goner. That’s not the only portability issue, though. If I move the screen at all, my blacks turn green, reds turn purple, and the screen also develops a flicker. It sure would be nice to have a laptop that’s portable again.


lenovo giveaway

From kelly on January 30, 2012 :: 6:34 pm

i’m tired of waiting on my old netbook to glacially respond to my commands


Pick Me

From Melissa on January 30, 2012 :: 7:00 pm

I totes need a new laptop because mine is 6 years old, doesn’t always hold a charge, and is basically on the brink of death. Sadly, I cannot afford a new one.


Why I need an ultrabook!

From Loren Brunsvold on January 30, 2012 :: 7:29 pm

I really wouldn’t need an ultrabook but I have to have a computer with an I5 processor, at least 128GB drive, less than 3 lbs and at least 8 hours on the battery.  Got anything like that?


Great PC for My Son

From Dan on January 30, 2012 :: 7:46 pm

My son is almost 15 and he would make great use of this Ultrabook through high school and into college. Thanks for having this giveaway!


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