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Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

by on January 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Travel & Entertainment, Blog :: 1270 comments

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Lenovo U300s UltrabookThink you have to pay a hefty premium to get a thin and powerful laptop with good battery life? Not if you’re getting an Ultrabook™.

Ultrabooks are a new class of ultraportable laptops that measure less than 21mm thick, get five or more hours of battery life, use a powerful Intel® Core i3™, i5 or i7 processor and wake almost instantly from a sleep state. All for around $1,000.

Ultrabooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go, easily slipping into a bag or briefcase and barely noticeable from a weight perspective - you’ll find yourself bringing your laptop more places than ever before. With their ultra-slim profile, they’re also a dramatic style statement.

The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s is a perfect example of everything an Ultrabook has to offer:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 128 GB solid state drive (much faster than a hard drive)
  • Just 0.59" thick and 2.91 pounds
  • 8 hours of battery life.

We're giving away a Lenovo U300s ($1049 MSRP) to one lucky Techlicious subscriber, courtesy of Intel! Enter through February 24th, 2012 for a chance to win.

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?" (the winner pick is random, but we want to hear your story!)

Want extra chances to win? Of course you do!

  1. Get your unique entry code and tell your friends about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll get an extra entry for each friend who signs up using your entry code.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on February 24th, 2012. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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ultra light

From Lisa on February 06, 2012 :: 11:17 am

I’d love to win the Lenovo Ultrabook because its light weight and long battery life would be perfect to travelling.


I have my husband's old

From Ravzie on February 06, 2012 :: 1:16 pm

I have my husband’s old 400 pound Dell - slower than molasses.  I’d like to come into this century!!  Thanks.


I need a new laptop

From Suzy Zawadzke on February 06, 2012 :: 1:57 pm

I need a new laptop for school!


I need this this ultrabook

From linda fahey on February 06, 2012 :: 2:28 pm

I need this this ultrabook because I do not own a laptop, and have a need for one.


Just really need it!!!

From Patricia Cothran on February 06, 2012 :: 9:05 pm

Just really need it!!!


Seeking Hardware Weapon in Discovering a New Field

From Tom Tam on February 07, 2012 :: 3:04 pm

I’m entering the world of IT and to learn intimidating software and hardware components, I’d naturally feel more confident when armed with a modern device to replace my ancient system.



From Erica on February 07, 2012 :: 4:10 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because I’ve never had a laptop and sitting at my desk is getting OLD wink


Lenovo = Freedom + Quality of Life

From Christy on February 07, 2012 :: 4:44 pm

I could really use a new laptop to help me start my own business so I can quit my stressful job and spend more quality time with my family while doing the work I love.  It is one of the last things I need and greatest startup expense!
Thank you,


Soooo Slow

From Tracey on February 08, 2012 :: 3:09 am

My current laptop moves in slow motion, it is old and virtually useless.


I want that fab. laptop.

From Angela Akinniyi on February 08, 2012 :: 7:56 am

I want that fab. laptop. We really need it!


drooling over the Lenovo Ultrabook

From Deborah Curran on February 08, 2012 :: 10:43 am

I have read such wonderful reviews about the Lenovo Ultrabook but it’s way out of my league to buy. I have a dell dimension 2330 desktop that is ancient and hinders my son when he needs to get online to do homework and research. I can only imagine all the things that he’s learn using the ultrabook. Thanks for the chance


Pick ME!!

From Wendy Hall on February 08, 2012 :: 11:31 am

I love random drawings!!  I have a laptop that works just fine, but like everyone else I would LOVE a new one!  Thank you for having contest like this!  I always look forward to your daily emails.  You always have great helpful information.


What is not to want!!!!!

From Patricia Cothran on February 08, 2012 :: 5:52 pm

What is not to want!!!!!


I can't remember the last

From Karen Nanke on February 08, 2012 :: 7:57 pm

I can’t remember the last time I worked in a windows environment… I’d be excited to see what’s changed since 2001.


I would love to win

From Didi M on February 08, 2012 :: 7:58 pm

I would love to win this Lenovo Ultrabook because my computer crashed and really need a new one. Thanx for the contest.


Need a replace for my Thinkpad T20

From William on February 08, 2012 :: 8:03 pm

I’ve had my old Thinkpad T20 for 10 years now and I would like to replace it to be able current programs.


I Need A New Intel Powered Lenovo Ultrabook!

From John Gulich on February 08, 2012 :: 8:10 pm

I need a new Intel Powered Lenovo Ultrabook, to have the cutting edge in business! Intel is the BEST processor out there, so to have a state of the art Lenovo Ultrabook powered by Intel, I’d also be the best and be fully equipped to be competitive in business!


Now that I have gotten

From Steve on February 08, 2012 :: 8:14 pm

Now that I have gotten my wife more computer literate, I’d like to reward her with her own laptop.


Why I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook

From Loren Brunsvold on February 08, 2012 :: 10:39 pm

‘Cause my AMD sucks the big one!


I really need this!

From Jessica St. James on February 09, 2012 :: 11:23 am

I’m to underpaid to be able to afford an ultrabook on my own.


I would love to have

From pat mickel on February 09, 2012 :: 1:23 pm

I would love to have a new laptop computer since my Pc no longer gets the internet =I am subscribed but it needs something fixed.
It looks like almost everyone needs it too. I would be so grateful if I were chosen.


Lenovo Lap Top

From Cindy on February 09, 2012 :: 3:12 pm

All we have is a small netbook for our family of 5, and the sharing causes a lot of bickering! Would love to have to share a bit less.



From Anthony parker on February 09, 2012 :: 4:14 pm

Hello i could use the lenovo ideapad because im in college.i have to have a laptop and i do alot of traveling from class to class.i am in school for information this would be a idea laptop for me and for my classes.thanks


Laptop for the road

From Susan P. on February 09, 2012 :: 11:42 pm

I need a laptop that I can take on a road trip and Lenovo makes a great computer. This would be perfect!


We've had 4 laptops die in the past year

From Mike on February 10, 2012 :: 5:13 am

We’re a laptop-heavy house in need of a new light one. I can’t keep buying new ones!


Why do you need a

From ellen on February 10, 2012 :: 11:40 pm

Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?”

Because it is sleek and sexy and I need to have more power to surf and tweet to you!


desperately seeking relief

From diane bassette on February 11, 2012 :: 12:27 pm

this would totally free me from my desk!!


Would love this

From Amy C on February 11, 2012 :: 1:11 pm

I would love to win because I’ve never owned a laptop computer and have always wanted one.


Lenovo Ultrabook Computer Giveaway by Intel

From Nancy on February 11, 2012 :: 5:48 pm

I am the genealogist for the family. I do a lot of traveliing around the country to visit relatives and take along my scanner and 6 yr old 17” laptop with all its various cords. I set up in dining rooms, dens or spare bedrooms for a few days. Imagine having a compact sharp little Lenovo with 1/4 of the paraphenalia to take along with me. A real dream.


For the Ultrabook

From Kylin on February 11, 2012 :: 6:52 pm

I want it because I’d like to be informed about the trend of the development and market strategy of PC…


Being Mobile

From patricia on February 11, 2012 :: 6:57 pm

I would love to win because we do not have a laptop and this would help me and my husband be more mobile.


My laptop is OLD!

From Aaron Bretveld on February 11, 2012 :: 8:49 pm

I need a Lenovo ultrabook because my current laptop is over 2 years old now and not as fast or as much RAM as I would like


Love one

From Bill on February 12, 2012 :: 2:35 am

Would love a new ultrabook!  Starting a new small biz and could use the hardware.


Lenovo Giveaway

From Nicole Pierskalla on February 12, 2012 :: 9:38 am

I have been working part time, but my husband has been unemployed for the last 4 months and has not been able to find a Permanent paid position. My computer is old and I am seeing signs of it dying. I work an at home business too and would love to be portable between my part time job and home. I would also like to use my old computer to teach my kids keyboarding.
Would love to win one!
Thanks so much!



From Alicia Ostrander on February 12, 2012 :: 10:00 am

I could use a laptop for completing my paperwork at school. As a special education teacher I do not have time during my teaching day to complete my paperwork. I have to do it at home and this would allow me more freedom while completing this extra work!


On Disability, 5yr.old Desktop, Need Laptop

From Lydia Rose Montana on February 12, 2012 :: 12:43 pm

I’m know on full Disability, with an aging 5yr old
Gateway tower. I can’t afford to even upgrade - let alone buy a new laptop. I really would love to win a new Lenovo Ultrabook - I could access the internet from anyplace with WiFi & not be “chained” to my desk!


Ultra Book for the Classroom

From Linda on February 12, 2012 :: 3:28 pm

I teach in a private school where the money is tight and I would love to have one to use in my classroom!


WOW! A new Lenovo Ultrabook!

From Julia on February 13, 2012 :: 11:58 am

When I took a new position in my non-profit K-12 school SIX years ago, the IT manager bought me an IBM ThinkPad. I have had no problems with this great lightweight laptop and when my family decided to purchase a new laptop a few years ago, we bought a Lenovo. It’s great and my family uses it more than the desktop, which gives us more problems than the Lenovo laptop. You can see that I am definitely sold on Lenovo!
  Technology has evolved in 6 years, and I could really use an updated laptop to keep up with the new instructional applications and tools. I work with the faculty to develop best teaching strategies to provide a quality academic experience for our students. Providing me with this new Ultrabook would help not only me, but also the faculty and students with which I work.


My laptop broke a while

From Matt Smith on February 13, 2012 :: 6:53 pm

My laptop broke a while back, and I would love to get my hands on one of these new laptops.


Why I need an Ultra Book

From Robert on February 13, 2012 :: 7:19 pm

I’m using this ancient HP 530 business grade laptop. The memory is junk and I get occasional bluescreens. I’m pretty sure the harddrive will fail anyday now and my battery only lasts for 5 minutes with the computer in sleep mode.. it sucks. Don’t got the $ to get a new pc so I’m making this work. An ultrabook would be ultrasexy. Wish me luck.


re: Lenovo Ultrabook

From Daphne Brown on February 13, 2012 :: 9:14 pm

I would LOVE a new laptop.  My current Dell is good, but it’s *sigh* old.  Would love a laptop that is lighter and more powerful.  Who wouldn’t?  Thank you!


New Laptop Needed

From KellyMiller on February 14, 2012 :: 12:04 pm

Would LOVE to win a new laptop for our family of 5.  Sharing one computer just isn’t cutting it around our house theses days!!!



From Maggi on February 14, 2012 :: 12:07 pm

My computer dies and then works for a while and then dies again.  I teach online and need a reliable computer.


Do I NEED one? Probably

From Kelly Commerford on February 14, 2012 :: 1:03 pm

Do I NEED one? Probably not. WANT one? Hellz yeah. I mean, it rocks lugging around an external cooling fan everyplace I take my laptop & all, but…


I need a new Intel-powered

From oasis789 on February 14, 2012 :: 9:45 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook for school since I do computationally intensive simulations with big data sets.


I'd use it to replace

From Derek on February 15, 2012 :: 1:06 am

I’d use it to replace my junkie laptop I’m currently using for general web browsing and watching videos


I need an Ultrabook...

From Bob Schifiliti on February 15, 2012 :: 9:01 am

Though not an official “road warrior”, I do travel quite bit for work – and pleasure.  I need an Intel powered Ultrabook for the battery life, speed and weight (or lack-thereof).  Smartphones and tablets are great, but some work still needs a “real” computer. 

I need light weight because I need to carry my work and computer in a backpack.  I have some loss of nerve function in my legs that makes me a bit unbalanced at times, so a backpack is better than a briefcase.  I’ve successfully moved most of my “paper life” to the computer.  And, much of that is not suitable for my smartphone.  So, I still need to bring a computer.

The Intel Core i5 processor will let me tweak fire and audio simulations while on the road. 

Finally, the extended battery life means I can day-trip or take a long flight without plugging in.  Being able to work on a plane is important for a consultant who bills by the tenth of a minute. 

Bob Schifiliti


I Need an Ultrabook!

From Marlene on February 15, 2012 :: 11:27 am

I would love to win this Lenovo because my current Lenovo IdeaPad is getting old!


Why I need a laptop.

From Derek on February 15, 2012 :: 4:02 pm

I need it because my current one likes to shut off randomly and likes to freeze at the slightest hiccup.


I can't carry the old one so easily anymore.

From da1Bear on February 15, 2012 :: 5:38 pm

Old age is NOT for sissies!


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