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Lenovo Ultrabook Giveaway from Intel!

by on January 24, 2012
in Computers and Software, Giveaways, Computers & Accessories, Travel & Entertainment, Blog :: 1270 comments

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Lenovo U300s UltrabookThink you have to pay a hefty premium to get a thin and powerful laptop with good battery life? Not if you’re getting an Ultrabook™.

Ultrabooks are a new class of ultraportable laptops that measure less than 21mm thick, get five or more hours of battery life, use a powerful Intel® Core i3™, i5 or i7 processor and wake almost instantly from a sleep state. All for around $1,000.

Ultrabooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go, easily slipping into a bag or briefcase and barely noticeable from a weight perspective - you’ll find yourself bringing your laptop more places than ever before. With their ultra-slim profile, they’re also a dramatic style statement.

The 13" Lenovo® IdeaPad® U300s is a perfect example of everything an Ultrabook has to offer:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 128 GB solid state drive (much faster than a hard drive)
  • Just 0.59" thick and 2.91 pounds
  • 8 hours of battery life.

We're giving away a Lenovo U300s ($1049 MSRP) to one lucky Techlicious subscriber, courtesy of Intel! Enter through February 24th, 2012 for a chance to win.

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "Why do you need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook?" (the winner pick is random, but we want to hear your story!)

Want extra chances to win? Of course you do!

  1. Get your unique entry code and tell your friends about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll get an extra entry for each friend who signs up using your entry code.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on February 24th, 2012. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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Reasons for a new Intel-Powered Ultrabook

From Victoria on January 24, 2012 :: 1:13 pm

As a Flight Attendant, by the time my out-dated netbook powers up and gets online, it’s time for “another city!”  As someone who sees many users of netbooks, tablets and full sized laptops…the Intel-powered Ultrabook is the future. Quick, powerful and efficient, what’s NOT to like?!


My aching back

From Alyssa on January 24, 2012 :: 1:13 pm

Although my laptop is portable, it is not convenient. Teachers expect me to carry all my text books and my old, outdated, heavy laptop. Something sleek and light would be so much nicer.


To Spoil My Future Niece/Nephew!!!

From Brandi0252 on January 24, 2012 :: 1:13 pm

I JUST found out that I’m going to be an Aunt for the first time!!!!  I need the Lenovo Ultrabook for online shopping so that I can spoil my future niece/nephew rotten!  Because my brother is in the Army and always on the go, it will also allow me to Skype with them so I can see the little peanut more often!!!


smaller is better!

From Keith on January 24, 2012 :: 1:13 pm

I have a boat anchor and need something lighter and smaller for a vacation trip!


Who wouldn't want a Lenovo Ultrabook???

From John C on January 24, 2012 :: 1:13 pm

What a great giveaway!  Thanks, Techlicious, for sponsoring this.  I, like so many others, have an old machine that needs to be replaced.  Please consider me!


It would be wonderful to win!!

From Marjorie on January 24, 2012 :: 1:14 pm

I hardly ever win anything but winning this would be great!!  There are four of us in the family and only one computer.  It would be wonderful to have a second one and a laptop would be perfect!!  Our straight A, Honor Roll student could put it to good use!!!


Would love 5 hours of battery life

From Joanne on January 24, 2012 :: 1:14 pm

I work from home and I’m tethered to the wall with a laptop that needs to be plugged in after about an hour of “unplugged time”. Imagine the places I could go with this Ultrabook!


Deathly Old

From Conan The Librarian on January 24, 2012 :: 1:15 pm

I NEEEED a new Lenovo because my desktop computer is 8-years old and my “laptop” is an underpowered 1st-Gen Samsung Q-1 that can barely weaze its way through the simplest webpages.


laptop give away

From michelle on January 24, 2012 :: 1:15 pm

I need a Levono Ultra book because I don’t have a laptop but my kids do :(


Why I want to win

From Barbara Sargent on January 24, 2012 :: 1:15 pm

I am entering because this was my first read today smile  Your Daily Horoscope
Electronic devices, cell phones, and computers will seem to have a life of their own today. They may do a lot of things, behave strangely, or break down unexpectedly. You may need to spend some money to bring your technology up to date.


Win a Lenovo

From Heidi S on January 24, 2012 :: 1:16 pm

I work with students in postsecondary education who have disabilities. At our university, I am the person students meet with to discuss their technology needs, wishes, and wants. Thus, I do lots of demonstrations related to hardware and software. I’ve been using a Lenovo laptop for a number of years in this capacity. But it’s running ‘behind the times’ at it would be nice to upgrade to a newer model!


A faster computer would mean

From Scott Martin on January 24, 2012 :: 1:16 pm

A faster computer would mean that my kids could play their preschool math games without getting the “low memory” error.  It is hard being a single dad but a new computer is what happiness is made of.  It would be great.  God Bless.

Scott Martin
spmartin122 at gmail dot com


Perfect way to relieve my back problems!

From Cheryl on January 24, 2012 :: 1:17 pm

I have a back problem which could lead to a herniated disk and was told by my doctor not to carry heavy things.  So this would be perfect for my daily use at the university where I go up and down the stairs.  Also, it would be excellent for the month I travel to Portland with exchange students as I would have access to trip planning and activities in the computer for 8 hours without having to worry about the battery.


Lenovo Rocks

From Lucy on January 24, 2012 :: 1:17 pm

I need a new computer…and a thin one would be super!


Why I really need this laptop

From MArk Rodriguez on January 24, 2012 :: 1:18 pm

If you look at my URL, you will see why I need this laptop.It is the main reason I am able to win my fantasy football league.Keeping up on the go is a must.And setting your lineup or picking up players cannot be done on a phone!(as I found out when Victor Cruz was available and I was too late getting to a comp.)SECONDS MATTER in this thing!!!
This is my third Championship in 6 years.DON’T LET THE DYNASTY die!!If I win the Lenovo Ultrabook from INTEL, I will rename my team…..“TECHLICIOUS”.So come on, help me RULE THE FANTASY FOOTBALL WORLD!!


I need a new Intel-powered

From Debra G on January 24, 2012 :: 1:19 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because I don’t have a laptop


why I may need an Ultrabook

From Alice on January 24, 2012 :: 1:19 pm

I am a Great GramMa….GramMa…Aunt…Great Aunt…and now a Great Great Aunt….Keeping up with this growing family is not an easy thing!  I would love the opportunity to win this Ultrabook to have a bit more speed and flexability with the chore.


Lenovo U300s Ultrabook

From Julie S on January 24, 2012 :: 1:19 pm

Would love to win a Lenovo U300s Ultrabook since I currently am using a very old desktop which is very very slow. It is hindering me from getting a job because it takes for ever to submit an application etc. 
Would love to upgrade to a Lenovo Ultrabook and the flexibilty that comes with it.


Love it!

From JoAnne Matzke on January 24, 2012 :: 1:20 pm

A new laptop would be an awesome gift for my husband, who gives so much to all!


my lenovo is so old

From Richard Psomas on January 24, 2012 :: 1:21 pm

my lenovo is so old its an IBM and I cant access web wirelessly and cant find a battery for it.


Lap Top

From Paula Condol on January 24, 2012 :: 1:21 pm

This would be awesome, my laptop is so huge and heavy.


Ultra Cool

From Rob Tucker on January 24, 2012 :: 1:23 pm

Perfect portability with everything at my fingertips!  8 hours battery life would totally rock my boat!


Perfect Travel Companion

From Brigitte Walsh on January 24, 2012 :: 1:24 pm

The Lenovo Ultrabook would be the perfect travel companion for my husband and myself while we’re doing one of our favorite things, road trips! Lightweight, thin, and an 8-hour battery would make it so perfect for our travels, and we wouldn’t be sacrificing power or functionality!



From Peggy on January 24, 2012 :: 1:26 pm

It would be fantastic to win this notebook because I’ve never had one and I’ve never won anything either!!  There are so many people out there that no doubt need one more than me and if I don’t win, I hope one of those people does.  Thanks for the opportunity to try for it!!!!!


The Lenovo is awesome!

From Andrea Lettman on January 24, 2012 :: 1:26 pm

I saw your write up about it at the electronics show and would love to upgrade to it.  I travel a lot and it would make life so much easier!


I would love to win

From dawn taylor on January 24, 2012 :: 1:28 pm

I would love to win this wonderful laptop!  I have an old desktop ( that needs to be replaced) at home that I use for my business and it would be great to have a laptop for my kids to use for their homework, etc.  Thanks so much for the chance to win!


I've never owned a laptop,

From maureen on January 24, 2012 :: 1:28 pm

I’ve never owned a laptop, or even a smartphone, only my big desktop, so a laptop would be an excellent upgrade!


Lenovo Ultrabook Rocks!

From Tania on January 24, 2012 :: 1:29 pm

I work in online events… and also manage remote folks.  The lightweight, yet powerful processor and the ability to “wake instantly”... can I say finally! smile  Would love this laptop!


Perfect for Genealogy Recording When Traveling

From Jeanne Clegg on January 24, 2012 :: 1:29 pm

I do the genealogy for my family and am planning a trip to collect data and photos.  I do not have a means to instantly record the data, etc., as I search for clues.  This would be the perfect solution!


Intel-powered Ultrabook

From Fabiano Yamada on January 24, 2012 :: 1:29 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because finally I found a successor for my Desktop PC that worth the change.


Laptop giveaway

From Sue p on January 24, 2012 :: 1:29 pm

Our family laptop is outdated, so we could sure use a new one.  Love the long battery life too.  You are right we would definitely take on our family road trips.


Turn of the Century

From Richard Yamamoto on January 24, 2012 :: 1:30 pm

My current computer is literally a turn of the century computer.  It was manufactured in 1999.  A replacement is sorely needed.


Need laptop to help local VA Hosp

From Rosemarie Graham on January 24, 2012 :: 1:30 pm

I’m working with a local VA hospital to help returning veterans with resumes, interviewing skills, and tutoring. My current computer at home is out of date and shared with my husband. It would be great to have an up to date computer to devote to this work.



From David Duelm on January 24, 2012 :: 1:31 pm

This would be perfect for when I start my new job which will cause me to spend a few nights away from home every month.  With this I could keep in touch with home, keep up with e-mails and of course techlicious.  I could also use it to look up routes and destinations I may be unfamiliar with while on the job.  After 2 1/2+ years out of work, I’m looking forward to a great start in this new year.



I need a new laptop

From PATTY YOUNG on January 24, 2012 :: 1:31 pm

We’re taking a trip this summer, and I need a new laptop so that I can monitor my husband’s small business.  I’m getting old, and need a lightweight laptop.


I need a new Intel-powered

From Joyce on January 24, 2012 :: 1:32 pm

I need a new Intel-powered Ultrabook because my old Lenovo laptop is making funny noises, crawls at a snails pace, and I can’t afford to replace it right now!


Need to upgrade

From amie on January 24, 2012 :: 1:32 pm

I need to replace my old Lenovo Ideapad (which I really love) with a a newer, more sophisticated Lenovo laptop.



From Diane on January 24, 2012 :: 1:33 pm

I am disabled due to 3 health problems.I only leave the house for DR. appts.My only source of entertainment is my computer on which I play games. My desk top is very old and I can not sit in a chair very long. A laptop would allow me to use it in bed or on the couch.



From Rich G. on January 24, 2012 :: 1:34 pm

My old laptop is starting to overheat, and this new ultrabook sounds like just the ticket!  Cool and light, and more powerful than my old one.  Thanks for offering this great prize.


Would Love To Win

From LaShaunda Hoffman on January 24, 2012 :: 1:36 pm

It is so time to stop sharing a laptop with four other people.  It would be nice to be able to work on a computer without having a time limit.



From Leslie on January 24, 2012 :: 1:36 pm

My desktop is 7 years old and I use it for business. I do have a small laptop for backup email and browsing, but it does not have the documents, etc on it and I need to replace the desktop with all info intact for regular use.


my current laptop is falling

From pamela j on January 24, 2012 :: 1:37 pm

my current laptop is falling apart!  the keys get stuck, and there are lines going down the screen.


From Angelina Rose on January 24, 2012 :: 1:37 pm

I am in serious need of a portable computer to use for my online business. Something that can handle all the things I need to do myself like the graphic design programs, video editing, and memory for all my files. Lenovo has been on my list for years and during this time of extreme poverty in my life its now just a dream to own such a great piece of electronics.


Working with photos on the go

From Sunshyn V on January 24, 2012 :: 1:37 pm

I could really use a portable computer to work with photos on so I’d be able to do some editing while away.


Missing letters

From cyn bloemer on January 24, 2012 :: 1:37 pm

My laptop is so old that it actually is missing letters as they’ve popped off and can’t be replaced.  Help out this disabled Senior, please! smile


For My Daughter

From March McCrory on January 24, 2012 :: 1:38 pm

We lost our satellite (HughesNet) and computer during the 4-27-11 tornado. My daughter, 18,  just started Shelton State and could really use a computer for school. Some of her books costs $200 each, and it would be so much easier and so much more economical if she could download her text books on a computer.


I am a freshman in

From Jeremiah on January 24, 2012 :: 1:38 pm

I am a freshman in college. Being an electrical/mechanical engineering student I’m required to use computer resource intensive programs such as Auto CAD and Auto CAD Inventor. The Lenovo Ultrabook has the resources to support such programs. Being a college student I try to be very frugal with my money and spend it wisely. I make due with what I’m given. I would appreciate the Lenovo Ultrabook not only because of its ability to do resource intensive task, but also because I can’t spend the money required for it because of the high priority tasks and commitments that come with being a college student.


Old Fogey Husband

From Grammy B on January 24, 2012 :: 1:38 pm

I want to get my husband into the 20th century (at least). A new laptop that’s not a “luggable” will help to get him there and this would nake a great birthday gift!


Lenovo for our start-up

From Elizabeth on January 24, 2012 :: 1:39 pm

I love Lenovo—had a T40 in my days in field sales and it was bulletproof! Miss that reliability. I’m starting an internet retail business with a friend of mine and will need to keep tabs on our business and marketing. I could only dream of using an Ultrabook to do this! Thanks for the opportunity Lenovo & Techlicious!


Constant Problems

From Kathy Rose on January 24, 2012 :: 1:39 pm

I owne an Acer Laptop, and it is only 3 years old.
The Acer Laptop has been sent back the the Acer repair Center 3 times already, I have had constant promblems with this Acer Laptop. I am in need of a Lenovo Ultrabook!


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