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LG E50 LED Monitor Back-to-school Giveaway!

by on July 29, 2010
in Cameras and Photography, Giveaways, Computers and Software, Computers & Accessories, Computer Monitors, Back to School, Organization :: 367 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by LG

Congratulations to John S. of Orlando, FL for winning the LG monitor!

We're sure your grandson will love it for playing games!

LG E2350V LCD monitorGetting ready for back-to-school? We are giving away a terrific LG E2350V 23" LED monitor (MSRP $329) that is perfect for the college dorm room or home office.

This 23-inch model features Full HD 1080p resolution, a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and LED backlighting, which provide deeper blacks, richer color and overall premium picture performance for students who use their computers for watching movies, playing video games and of course, working on the latest writing or graphics editing project.

LG E2350V LCD monitor side viewAside from stunning picture quality, the E50-line boasts a thin design so it fits easily on virtually any desktop and enhances the surroundings with its sleek silhouette.

Long hours editing are literally made less painful as the E50 incorporates the Auto Bright feature, which optimizes brightness to reproduce a crisp, clear image without causing eye strain. With the Dual Web feature, students can multitask easier when researching and writing papers as the monitor automatically calibrates the window size to divide the screen to view multiple Web pages and run Microsoft Office™ at the same time.

For the environmentally conscious students and moms and dads out there, 90 percent of the materials and parts used to make this ENERGY STAR® rated monitor can be reused or recycled at the end of the product’s useful life, reducing the amount of materials sent to landfills. And the LG E50-line uses up to 45 percent less power than previous LG standard LCD models.

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. Sign-up for our free Techlicious newsletterbe sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up (the same one used for your comment) so we can contact you if you win. Already a subscriber? Skip to step 2!
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below how you will use your new LG LED Monitor!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 11th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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I would use it to

From Bill on August 03, 2010 :: 4:56 am

I would use it to reduce the footprint on my desktop from my 20"CRT monster (not to mention eyestrain).


Already get the newsletter!I would

From Jen M on August 03, 2010 :: 12:28 pm

Already get the newsletter!

I would hook it up to my computer for photo editing.  What an awesome monitor!!


I would use this for

From Jeff on August 03, 2010 :: 2:52 pm

I would use this for my mom’s computer.


I will use it to

From Alex K. on August 03, 2010 :: 4:13 pm

I will use it to watch high quality movies.


I would use the monitor

From Lindsey T. on August 03, 2010 :: 5:47 pm

I would use the monitor to replace the one that went out on my husbands computer so that he can spend more time home with his family, and less time in the office.  He is having to work really long hours right now because he doesn’t have use of a computer at home to get stuff done for work because his monitor went out.


I would use the monitor

From d.e. manning on August 03, 2010 :: 6:44 pm

I would use the monitor for both work and play!


use to watch movies...sounds like

From addrienne mertens on August 03, 2010 :: 8:11 pm

use to watch movies…sounds like it wold be a fab viewing experience!


subscriber and i would use

From andrew b on August 03, 2010 :: 9:21 pm

subscriber and i would use it to replace my old compaq moniter


I'd use it to edit

From BaltGosling on August 03, 2010 :: 9:45 pm

I’d use it to edit photos


I would make sweet, sweet

From Christopher Haney on August 04, 2010 :: 12:14 am

I would make sweet, sweet love to it! It’s freaking cool! =D


Use dual monitors on the

From Carlos Garza on August 04, 2010 :: 11:22 am

Use dual monitors on the guest/gaming computer


Although I would love to

From Jamie on August 04, 2010 :: 11:48 am

Although I would love to have this monitor for my own use, I would give this to my husband for his computer. His eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and he has been lusting after a larger monitor for watching slide presentations,movies, and online reading in general.


I would use the LED

From Kim Miller on August 04, 2010 :: 11:53 am

I would use the LED tv for watching movies and using my exercise dvds.


In addition to games, I

From Teresa on August 04, 2010 :: 11:59 am

In addition to games, I watch online movies, so this would be great.


I would use the LED

From guylene on August 04, 2010 :: 12:03 pm

I would use the LED in my home office as I finish up my doctorate. It will help with eye strain.


Winning this tv would propel

From Frank Jung on August 04, 2010 :: 12:08 pm

Winning this tv would propel me into the 21st century, technology-wise, since I still only have an old-fashioned cathode ray tv.


I would give it to

From carol y l on August 04, 2010 :: 12:11 pm

I would give it to my son as a gift because he would put it to very good use and he could use a decent one.


I am subscribed to the

From Paul Conrow on August 04, 2010 :: 12:16 pm

I am subscribed to the newsletter, and would use the monitor daily, to replace my old 15” CRT monitor that is dying a slow death, just getting worse and worse for color and definition.  Pick me! Pick me, save an old man on a fixed income!


This monitor would help with

From Barbara L. Morey on August 04, 2010 :: 12:40 pm

This monitor would help with reading and the detail work I do in genealogy, as well as photo work.



From Daniel Reome on August 04, 2010 :: 1:07 pm



I'll use this to replace

From john on August 04, 2010 :: 2:08 pm

I’ll use this to replace my 17 inch monitor.


I would love to win

From Allison on August 04, 2010 :: 2:25 pm

I would love to win this monitor for the online classes I’m taking at UGA.  Thanks!


To do research and work

From Carolyn on August 04, 2010 :: 3:03 pm

To do research and work at home.


How wouldn't I use this?

From John Stewart on August 04, 2010 :: 3:53 pm

How wouldn’t I use this? It would be so nice to be able to see everything without scrolling!


I'll use it for multitasking.

From Andy Russell on August 04, 2010 :: 4:04 pm

I’ll use it for multitasking.  Programming, web, movies, homework.  All at the same time!


Already a subscirber. I

From Jeff Legg on August 04, 2010 :: 5:12 pm

Already a subscirber.  I would put this monitor with my main computer in the living room, where we use it for web browsing, video watching, watching tv, dvds, etc.  Would be awesome!


I would use it for

From Monique Rizzo on August 04, 2010 :: 5:56 pm

I would use it for Photo editing.
Thanks for the chance.


Replace my 19" Panasonic/VCR TV

From Derek on August 04, 2010 :: 6:09 pm

Replace my 19” Panasonic/VCR TV Combo


i would use the montior

From Lillian Ayuso on August 04, 2010 :: 6:18 pm

i would use the montior at home in my daughter’s computer. since we share hers and her monitor is a 15’ inch.


Bigger is better. A

From Lawrence Waters on August 04, 2010 :: 6:28 pm

Bigger is better.  A 23” monitor is VERY big.


Bigger is better..............

From Joe from Surprise on August 04, 2010 :: 7:42 pm

Bigger is better…...........


I am working on getting

From Thomas J Bremeier on August 04, 2010 :: 9:15 pm

I am working on getting a job from home and this would be ideal for multi-screen capability.  I also play games and work with photos and movies, this would be a great upgrade for me.


I'd probably replace my current

From Luv Jones on August 04, 2010 :: 10:18 pm

I’d probably replace my current monitor so that I don’t have to wear glasses to see what I’m working on (I hope) and with the money I save not having to get new computer glasses (my vision changed since the last pair), I’ll take my mom out to lunch or dinner!!!


I would use the monitor

From Derek Johnson on August 05, 2010 :: 9:07 am

I would use the monitor to have a full screen, as im operating on a lcd laptop now with a dead screen for bottom quarter of screen.


I would use it for

From Jenn S. on August 05, 2010 :: 10:53 am

I would use it for just about everything including streaming Netflix videos.


I would use it to

From Kathy on August 05, 2010 :: 12:10 pm

I would use it to replace my teeny tiny computer monitor…


I would use the monitor

From Patricia on August 05, 2010 :: 3:57 pm

I would use the monitor for everything from reading blogs to looking at eye-catching Pictures.


I'm a subscriber. I would

From Susan C on August 05, 2010 :: 3:58 pm

I’m a subscriber. I would use this for gaming, watching movies, and everyday computer usage.
smchester at gmail dot com


I'm already in the process

From Bruce on August 05, 2010 :: 7:08 pm

I’m already in the process of shopping for a new monitor for my primary computer, and this on meets all the specs I want, LED backlight, 23-24”, D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, great contrast and color.
I do everything for basic gaming to biz apps so the multiple modes would be perfect.


This looks like a great

From James Moore on August 05, 2010 :: 11:18 pm

This looks like a great moniter. I can use for my studio software.


I watch a lot of

From Jamie on August 06, 2010 :: 2:24 am

I watch a lot of movies on my computer, so this would be perfect.


I do a lot of

From Ryan on August 06, 2010 :: 2:50 am

I do a lot of video editing and having an HD monitor of this size would be perfect for my work. I have such a tiny screen right now that I often struggle with some of the complex edits I need to do for my footage.


I'm a subscriber. I'd

From Jennifer B. on August 06, 2010 :: 11:57 am

I’m a subscriber.  I’d use the monitor as an second monitor for my laptop.


I’ll use my new LG

From Nancy on August 06, 2010 :: 12:53 pm

I’ll use my new LG E2350V 23” LED monitor to enable my kindergarten students can see lessons come alive with videos, stories, websites, etc. and experience the world more up-close and personal instead of squinting at my ancient 15 inch monitor!


I would use this for

From Pat Ramey on August 06, 2010 :: 3:10 pm

I would use this for everyday usage.


I will probably use it

From Underscore_Hero on August 06, 2010 :: 6:28 pm

I will probably use it as my main desktop monitor, I have some dead pixels on my current 17”...


Talk about space saving!! As

From Chavon Riggins Smith on August 06, 2010 :: 9:08 pm

Talk about space saving!! As a jewelry and graphics designer this would be just great for me to use to help reduce the eye strain of graphic designing and clarity of editing jewelry photos! Love it!

Thanks for the grand opportunity!!



I would use this awesome

From Dot Sandman on August 06, 2010 :: 9:34 pm

I would use this awesome monitor for my family’s computer room.  Thank you for a chance to win!


I'd use it for my

From Theresa Bergeron on August 06, 2010 :: 11:17 pm

I’d use it for my everyday work and websurfing - and to watch movies and tv shows.


I am a subscriber. And

From David Ferrandino on August 06, 2010 :: 11:49 pm

I am a subscriber. And I would use my lg monitor to replace the 15” one my children do their homework on. Bigger is better especially because one of my son is seeing impaired.he has to use his glasses to see text and he is only eight. I hope I win! smile


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