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Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server Giveaway

by on November 13, 2009
in Music and Video, Giveaways, Home Audio, Multi-room Audio Systems :: 265 comments

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Congratulations to Mya Brooks on winning the Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server! You said your stereo needs help, well, you're getting some!

Are you tired of the hassle and clutter of CDs, but aren't willing to give up true CD-quality sound?

Sponsored by Olive

Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music ServerThis holiday season, Olive is sponsoring a great giveaway for you, the Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server. Valued at $1,499, the Opus 4 provides the ultimate in sound quality (compared to MP3 players and iPods), storage capacity, design and user friendliness.

Olive has incorporated all the functionality you need into its music server, and eliminated the need for a PC. Allowing you to store your music, manage your collection and even burn CDs all on one device.

Olive Opus 4 screenSetting up your Opus is as simple as connecting a standard CD Player. To transfer your music, just insert your CD, tap import on the touchscreen and a few minutes later your music is appropriately tagged and neatly categorized in your Opus library.

Unlike MP3s and iTunes, which compress songs to fit on portable players by eliminating musical information, the Opus 4 uses "lossless" FLAC encoding for CD transfer, preserving the artist's work in full CD-quality, with all its subtleties and nuances—ideal for playing on your home audio stereo system.

Some of the features of Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server include:

  • Holds up to 1,500 CDs in original quality on its 500GB storage drive
  • A 4.3" high-resolution wide-screen color display with touch-screen functionality. Enjoy the artwork from your albums in brilliant colors, and easily find your music with the color-coded navigation
  • Multi-room music streaming and the ability to import music from a computer (wired or wireless) allow easy access to all your digital music sources in every room of your home
  • Fine-grade aluminum and distinctive graphics provide an elegant design, available in silver or black (your choice for the giveaway)

For more information on the Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server, visit

How to Enter

Enter a comment below letting us know why YOU deserve to be the lucky winner of an Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server. You can enter once per day.

Want more chances to win? If you subscribe to our newsletter during the contest period using the "subscribe" box on this page or any other page on the site, you will receive an additional entry.

The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on November 24, 2009.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

Discussion loading

From Terry Basham on November 13, 2009 :: 5:25 pm

Ready to win


From Andrew Gordon on November 13, 2009 :: 5:30 pm

I deserve to win because i never do or go anywhere without music and all my equipment is older than my kids.


From Jerold A. Sauer on November 13, 2009 :: 5:36 pm

Really Nice prize could sure use it


From Michael Smith on November 13, 2009 :: 6:04 pm

I have enjoyed music for over 50 years from 45s to 8-track to cassette to CD to the present. Always looking for the best performance


From Joe on November 13, 2009 :: 6:04 pm

My equipment is older than I am.  I deserve something better than a stick and a log for an audio system.


From Marilyn Wons on November 13, 2009 :: 6:15 pm

I deserve to be the winner of the Olive Opus Hi-Fi Music Server because my life revolves around music.  I started listening to music when I was three on my litte record player with the yellow plastic records.  That was in the early 1950’s.  In the 1960’s I had a transistor radio that I had on under my pillow at night.  In the late sixties and early 1970’s I fell in love with Hard Rock and attended so many live functions where those wonderful bands played.  Through the remaining decades I continued to enjoy the current music.  This Music Server would just make all my music that much better.  thank you


From chris on November 13, 2009 :: 6:25 pm

i need it for my cool carrots


From John Rasmussen on November 13, 2009 :: 6:58 pm

because I could really use this


From Jennifer Pellicone on November 13, 2009 :: 7:07 pm

I deserve to win an Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server because I want to give this to my deserving husband for Christmas.  He will LOVE this!!!!  He’s a high tech kind of guy and to have this top notch music lossless digital quality, high resolution, easy to operate and wireless to boot.  This would make his day!


From Joseph Pellicone on November 13, 2009 :: 7:19 pm

This would make a wonderful addition to my music equipment.  If I win I promise to make good use of it!


From Katherine Frazier on November 13, 2009 :: 8:36 pm

I deserve this because as far as you and Santa know I’ve been very good this year!


From allan on November 13, 2009 :: 9:01 pm

just because i have never won crap


From Valerie on November 13, 2009 :: 9:38 pm

I’m a music fanatic…this is one amazing giveaway! I’m a subscriber too. Thanks!


From Gary McLaughlin on November 13, 2009 :: 9:44 pm

I deserve to win because I’m special!


From Ray on November 13, 2009 :: 9:48 pm

I deserve it to preserve the wealth of multimedia I have amassed for posterity


From Kevin Elliott on November 13, 2009 :: 10:55 pm

I’d love to win this because, simply put, I love music! I have a ton of cd’s, and my single disc old cd player isn’t cutting it. Having this media server to facilitate that would be fantastic!


From courtney on November 13, 2009 :: 11:10 pm

i would give this to the hubby for christmas! he would love it!


From Joseph Compton on November 13, 2009 :: 11:17 pm

Because I’m old and I’ve never won s—-!


From Regina on November 14, 2009 :: 12:12 am

This would be a godsend at Christmas.  All members of my family.  My husband likes classical, and new age, while I like rock jazz,oldies, and big band.  Our son has a deep love of music, and thinks they should bring back big band,  Something like this would make our Christmas Merry after a difficult year.


From Michelle Draveski on November 14, 2009 :: 12:32 am

everyone in this house has something to listen to their music on except me
my son has his stereo and Ipod
daughter has a boom box ( is that still a hip term?) and an Ipod
My husband has all his band equipment and some loud amps that I HATE
every the baby has a music thing in her crib
None of them will let me listen
I so deserve this


From Xavier Bork on November 14, 2009 :: 12:48 am

why not me is the better question grin i would use this as much as i use my bathroom, lol.


From Miranda Allen on November 14, 2009 :: 2:55 am

i have so many cds I need to get on one place


From Jannet Tseng on November 14, 2009 :: 4:25 am

I like to listen the music in high quality.


From Bill on November 14, 2009 :: 6:37 am

I deserve to win because I need an upgrade from my 8-track (even though it is quadrophonic).


From Scott Bergman on November 14, 2009 :: 6:54 am

I deserve this because I have had a really terrible year and could use a little joy.  Plus I wouldn’t have to dig through boxes to find the music I want.


From Tari L on November 14, 2009 :: 8:44 am

Right now the only musical equipment we have for the home is our TV or computer…lol.  I would love to win this for my husband to give him for Christmas.  He does so much for me and is so hard to surprise.  He would never guess I would give him one of these as a gift smile


From Ron Miller on November 14, 2009 :: 9:21 am

because I never win anything


From Anson Young on November 14, 2009 :: 10:28 am

mp3 quality is not good enough for me. My sound system deserves better, and so do I.


From Rick J Bryant on November 14, 2009 :: 12:05 pm

Lots of other people deserve this, clearly. But I will add my desire to the list. I am an artist. I am constantly having to interrupt my work flow by having to get up and pick and load new CD’s to listen to while I work. So tired of doing that.


From Kelly on November 14, 2009 :: 12:08 pm

Ill take it and love it!


From Deci Worland-MacKinnon on November 14, 2009 :: 12:37 pm

I deserve this because I met Jim Morrison of the Doors in 1969..I am music.


From Mike Weisberg on November 14, 2009 :: 1:01 pm

i would like to win this


From Matt C. on November 14, 2009 :: 1:02 pm

Great giveaway!!


From Deborah Stinson on November 14, 2009 :: 1:19 pm

Well, I think I deserve to win because if I did, I would give the prize to my son for Christmas.  He loves to download music and burn CDs and would love to have a place to store it all without using the computer.


From Katherine D. on November 14, 2009 :: 1:42 pm

Reading all these comments, a lot of folks would benefit from this.  In terms of why I deserve this gorgeous Opus hi fi server…I came across this looking for a solution in my home, which right now has a turntable, radio, cassette player, 90 cassettes, 2 iphones, 1 ipod and a Zune.  I am seriously floundering.  I’d like to get rid of all these things (well, not the phones!) and replace them with the Opus.


From Carol on November 14, 2009 :: 2:45 pm

I deserve to win for several reasons:  #1, I play the organ/ piano professionally and would put this to great use in my career and with my students, and #2, my daughter is a Jazz Vocal Performance major and I think she would totally flip for this!


From carol on November 14, 2009 :: 2:50 pm

I am already a happy subscriber


From janeh on November 14, 2009 :: 3:21 pm

I deserve to win because every day of my life is filled with music…..


From Kayte CookWatts on November 14, 2009 :: 3:25 pm

I don’t know if I deserve to win but I would be really happy. My man and I keep messing up itunes somehow and we keep losing songs we downloaded. So we need something very simple,lol. Thanks for the chance!


From Mike C on November 14, 2009 :: 4:43 pm

I think I should win because love music and I have so many CDs that it’s becoming hard to keep track. Plus, I would just love to win.


From William Cole on November 14, 2009 :: 5:05 pm

Enter me to win


From scarlette on November 14, 2009 :: 5:38 pm

I would love to win this for my husband for xmas!


From Peggy Doty on November 14, 2009 :: 6:40 pm

I deserve to win because I am a real tecky.


From Donald MacNeill on November 14, 2009 :: 6:58 pm

I’m a tech junky working in the computer field. I’ve not seen anything like this and I want to be the first techy dweeb on the block to have one.


From Kathy Scott on November 14, 2009 :: 7:04 pm

We are the house that all the kids hang out at.  They would love this.


From Ed on November 14, 2009 :: 7:39 pm

I would love to give this to my lovely wife for Christmas.  This would be a wonderful addition to the family room and would be enjoyed by all on family nights.


From John Stetson on November 14, 2009 :: 8:14 pm

I need some way to get all my cd’s in one place so that I can play them without having to wander from room to room in order to do so.


From Colleen S on November 14, 2009 :: 11:34 pm

I deserve this fab toy because I would play Santa and leave it under the tree for my hubby. He would LOVE this!.


From Jeffrey Beckett on November 15, 2009 :: 12:55 am

I deserve to be the winner because I have been good this year and worked hard.


From Erin Scheffer on November 15, 2009 :: 1:03 am

i would love this for my husband.  he is a techie and loves his music so much!


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