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Pandigital Novel: A Color eBook Reader that Runs Android Apps

by on May 24, 2010
in Phones and Mobile, News, Computers and Software, Tablets & eReaders :: 322 comments

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pandigital novel homepandigital novel photo appFirst and foremost the Pandigital Novel is a color ebook reader. Its 7-inch color resistive display (meaning you have to exert some pressure) provides a very appealing view of the Barnes & Noble online bookstore and a nice showcase for your library. You can even create bookshelves to categorize your titles. The model I saw was a pre-production unit, so everything wasn't working. That said, reading is similar to using the ebook reader apps found on the iPad, though swiping to turn a page is more cumbersome with the resistive screen.

What sets the Pandigital Novel apart from other ereaders, though, is its operating system–Android. When the Novel ships next month ($199), it will come loaded with a web browser, an alarm clock, calendar, a few games, a photo and movie viewer and music player (yes you can read and listen to music). But in a few months, Pandigital will release a firmware update that will let the Novel support the thousands of apps developed for Android, making it an entry-level iPad competitor in the tablet computer market.

The Novel has built-in Wi-Fi, a 4-hour battery (or 6 with Wi-Fi off) and 1GB of internal memory, which is expandable via its SD card slot. It also comes with a stand so you can use the device as a picture frame while charging.

Below you'll see video I shot of the Novel last week in its optional case, which also comes in red and black. The initial device will be white, with a 2GB black model to follow.

UPDATE: June 10. 2009 - There was so many great questions brought up in the discussion below that we asked forum that we asked Jason Topel, Pandigital's VP of Marketing and Product Development, to help clarify.  Here's what he had to say:

Hi Everyone – Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the forum Suzanne and for the excitement/support from everyone. I’ll look to answer as many comments and questions as possible.

It runs Android 2.0 but Pandigital couldn’t confirm whether it would run the Kindle app….. Also, returning to my quest to learn more about Android, I read somewhere that Google only makes Android apps available for phones—does that mean that despite this Android OS on the Novel, buyers won’t be able to download new apps until Google decides otherwise?
The initial release of the device will not run external apps. We are engaged and pursuing on multiple fronts the goal of including support of the Android Marketplace and the loading of apps in a future firmware (FW) update.

What about PDF’s, mobi & txt files?... Also, any plans to make it work with PDB eReader files?...
In addition to the PDF and EPUB file types, we are working to broaden the native file format support.

I assume then that you could also run Google chrome browser on this device too or is that the browser it comes pre-loaded with?
The Pandigital Novel uses an Android browser –not officially Chrome.

The features of 2.2 are outstanding, and if this $200 device can support Android 2.2, you’re in for a real treat!.... ? I don’t recall the hardware specs, but curious if a 2.2 update will be made available (or can we install our own manual update of it)….
Agreed – we’re working on it….

if multi-touch isn’t supported (not sure?)
Sorry –not at this time.

I’m not sure what Firmware upgrade this is for the Novel, but I’m curious if anybody else has seen this page or knows further details.
The FW updates are being released regularly to further improve the device performance –with future updates planned for adding further functionality.

Sorry….Need to skip-ahead some posts here. I’ll look to come back and catch those questions I’ve missed soon.
From George Malley on June 06, 2010 :: 7:38 pm
2. the white DOES NOT support landscape orientation, but the black will.
We encountered an issue which arose over time/circumstances. Both the white and the black builds support landscape orientation and this will be activated again in a future firmware update.

3. The black 2gb model will be avail in “late July”
Please look for our press release on this product in a few weeks.

4. The black 2gb model is not merely a different color and with an extra gig. I had asked “since a 4 GB SD card could usually be purchased for around $10, how much more could a 2GB model be over a 1gb. The black one is thinner, lighter, has a smaller (or no) lip/raised edge (thus thinner) and is more advanced tech than the white. For example, it will support landscape reading and more.
The black model will provide an option to users who may prefer the matt-finish screen instead of the edge-to-edge glass styling. Feature-wise they will be comparable.

5. Neither the white nor black will have the physical hardware capable of supporting a cell connection in the future (ie edge or 3g)
Our current plans do not include a cellular model in this size.

6. Neither has a browser that supports flash or java
Correct – We are working toward an Android 2.2 update which will incorporate HTML5 as our avenue for a richer web browsing experience.

7. Neither will have access to the android app store or the ability to run apps beyond those loaded originally. Of course, this could change, but at present, the white is launched and on the market and the black is in it’s final tweaking and testing and neither support android apps nor are they actively planning it.
As noted above - The initial release of the device will not run external apps. We are engaged and pursuing on multiple fronts the goal of including support of the Android Marketplace and the loading of apps in a future firmware (FW) update.

Discussion loading

Ericksson , should you buy

From John on July 23, 2010 :: 2:20 pm

Ericksson , should you buy it???

If you have a netbook already and it does what its require to do for you ie - video, music, typing papers, email, internet . . . then buy a Nook, Kindle, or one the other ereaders specifically made for ereading.

If you have the money to invest in another hitech gadget that does some of things (and not as well) that your netbook, MP3 player, desktop CPU, smartphone, HDTV, and Blueray player does, by all means buy the Novel.

My wife got me the Nook for my B-day and she even asked that she’d take the Nook back to B&N if I still wanted to “wait” for the Novel.  I gave it some thought, looked around my house at all the hitech hardware I already had, and thought to myself. . .all I want to do is read ebooks, although if I didn’t have a kick butt Asus N10 Netbook, then I might of waited ever so patiently for the Novel.

As walterbyrd states it’s your decision . . . I for one think the Novel is going in the right direction and it CAN only get better.

Manga on the Nook Rocks !!! Chow


Black one doesn't seem to

From Ron on July 23, 2010 :: 3:30 pm

Black one doesn’t seem to be worth waiting for.  First off it’s a minute away from being vaporware.  LOL
Second, the white can be opened and the Micor SD inside swapped out for a larger one w/ relative ease.  Turning your 1GB white Novel into a 4, 8, 16, or possibly even a 32 GB version.  And that’s without even utilizing the built in external expansion slot! You could leave that open for importing cam cards, etc. or add another standard SD card in there for double the memory!

Plus with the back being accessible, the battery is technically user replacable shoudl the need arise down the road.

KLasly, while the black is lighter, thinner and has a smaller surface area, the white has a nice edge-to edge styling w/ a flash glass screen as opposed to recessed like the black.  There’s been studies that show most consumers (not necessarily you but most) prefer the flush screens rather than recessed (this is when there is a lip or raised edge around the glass screen).

Pros of the black -
> Size
> Built in sylus
> Wifi on off switch (physical, white one is in “settings” menu)

Cons of black are -
> Recessed screen (taste - subjective)
> Single speaker (white has two)
> Placement of speaker (back on black, bottom edge on white) Speakers on bottom edge make much more sense to listen to music while reading holding portrait orientation than speaker away from you. Also if you set black down, presumably speaker will sound muffled whereas the white one will play out edge fine.
> Upgradable to 64 GB (32 using just internal Micro SD slot alone).  Black is upgradable to 32 ONLY via the external expansion slot.  This means you won’t be able to keep that slot open for just importing cam cards, etc. and the internal card may actually read faster.

Hope this helps!


I want to get the

From Priya on July 23, 2010 :: 3:38 pm

I want to get the Novel, and I’ve been waiting for it forever, but I’m kind of confused about somethings. I checked out BBB and the White Novel is there, but is it the one with the firmware updates? or is it the old one? And also, will the black one work better than the white one? Because I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the touchscreen so I want to know if the the screen will work better or not, and also my daughter’s Birthday is in August, and I want to get her the novel. Her birthday’s August 22nd. Does anyone know if the black novel will be out by then?


So, the PD Novel has

From Nathan on July 24, 2010 :: 8:11 pm

So, the PD Novel has a mini or micro USB port right? If I have a USB bluetooth for my laptop can I use some type of adapter to connect the device to a cable or something that would link up to the Novel and give me the capability of using a wireless keyboard?



Does anyone know of a

From MichelleS20 on July 24, 2010 :: 9:03 pm

Does anyone know of a link to show how to hack the novel? I was really hoping to to be able to download Android apps on this! And if there is a way to watch you tube videos on this thing?


Yes, the one in stores

From CPG716 on July 24, 2010 :: 9:56 pm

Yes, the one in stores now has recent Firmware, plus even newer firmware is available on their website.

To put apps on the Novel go to


Make sure you install the

From Rob on July 26, 2010 :: 6:02 pm

Make sure you install the Start up Manager and Advanced Task Manager apps after the hack. You can kill stuff that runs in the background you don’t need. Speeds it up quite a bit.


Just bought one from BB&B.

From Kent on July 29, 2010 :: 5:21 pm

Just bought one from BB&B. Sign up for e-mail and get 20% off $169.99, plus a $20 rebate.  With CA tax $127.21.
So far, I’m pleased with it.  Don’t know about hacking (I’d need specific instructions anyway!!). It does what I want at this stage.


@Shellie I've gotten confirmation that

From Suzanne Kantra on August 03, 2010 :: 3:54 pm

@Shellie I’ve gotten confirmation that cases are on the way to stores. A clear gel cover should be in BB&B stores now with a black leather one on the way shortly. Pandigital and online retailers, including Amazon, will sell additional colors in the near future.


Questions for those who own

From walterbyrd on August 04, 2010 :: 7:02 am

Questions for those who own one:

1) Can the PN be used watch videos? Full length movies? Is the video smooth? Can the videos be viewed in landscape mode?

2) Is the touch-screen responsive? Do you have to press hard, or press over and over, or use some sort of stylus?

3) Can PDFs be viewed in landscape?

4) How is the battery life? Do you get an honest six hours? How long does it take to recharge?

5) Does the PN freeze up, or auto-reboot, with normal use?

6) Is the Wi-Fi strong? Do you constantly lose the signal? Do you get decent range?

7) How is the music player? Can you create play lists? Can you listen to music in the background while you read?


Yes you can watch full

From Shellie on August 04, 2010 :: 8:58 am

Yes you can watch full length movies, they do have to be converted.  They run extremely smooth.

Yes it is responsive.  You can use either your fingernail or a stylus.  I have found a light tap is acceptable.

Yes, you can view books in the pdf or anyother approved format, movies and the web in landscape

I believe the 6 hours to be true time for reading, using other features shortens that time.  Not sure of th erecharge time.  I usually just plug mine in at night and forget it.  You can use it while it is charging.

I have not had mine freeze or reboot on it’s own.

The wi-fi is every bit as strong as my laptop.  The bars may fluctuate but I have’t lost a signal, yet.  Not sure of the range, but I sit in my backyard and mine works great.

Really nice for music, it doesn’t have the sound of your main mp3 players, but it gets the job done.  Yes also to playlists, this also goes for listening to audio books.  And finally yes, you can listen to music in the background as you read.

Remember all the features other than the ereader are bonuses.  This is primarily a book reader, so everything else is basically icing on the cake, and very tasty icing if I may say.



Dennis- How do you

From Kent on August 04, 2010 :: 8:40 pm

Dennis-  How do you remove the back?  Did you write down specifics on battery - for ordering?


I bought mine on Sunday

From Jack Fender on August 06, 2010 :: 10:13 pm

I bought mine on Sunday and I have had nothing but problems. This model has the FW upgrade as the screen will flip. It has frozen numerous times, just a blank white screen and it will not turn off…paperclip time. I performed a reset and lost the preloaded books but not my music files. Today it froze at the music player screen..paperclip time. The Novel came with 3 sheets of paper with some hastily photocopied instructions on how to open the unit and reseat the mem card. I will get a 16 gig sd card and pop it open. You will need to remove the original card and download some files on it to your computer, copy the files on to the new card and pop it back in, at least that is what I read on a post somewhere. Every so often the internal speakers will work when I plug in the headphones really annoying. One good thing is I plugged into my Mac and it was found instantly, I was able to drag mp3 files directly into the music folder. I tried that on my windows pc at work..forget it.


My daughter's birthday is fast

From Priya on August 06, 2010 :: 10:16 pm

My daughter’s birthday is fast approaching, and she has been wanting this for a while now, but now wanting to spend the money, I really need to know whether or not the black device with 2gb internal memory will be out by August 22nd


Jack, if you are having

From Shellie on August 06, 2010 :: 11:16 pm

Jack, if you are having so many problems you may just have a defective one.  It happens.  I’ve had mine for almost a month now and I have had none of the issues you have reported.

Priya, I have heard the black one won’t be out till fall, but stuff changes.  I have read some of the tech reports on the black one and other than it being a bit lighter in weight and the 2GB vs the 1GB there is no difference.  I have even read it has a few glitches not on the white one.  Since you can add the 32GB SD card, the internal memory size is moot.

She’ll love it, I do.


Thanks Shellie

From Priya on August 06, 2010 :: 11:59 pm

Thanks Shellie


ShellieThanks for the advice, I

From Jack Fender on August 09, 2010 :: 8:25 pm

Thanks for the advice, I returned the Novel to BBB and exchanged it. So far I have had no problems,  I am sure in the coming weeks someone will write a GUi to allow app downloads straight onto the novel, I can’t wait…


ShellieSince U seem to be

From Novel Novice on August 10, 2010 :: 12:13 am


Since U seem to be the expert,

In what file format do the videoes show,....AVI, MP4,..3GP,....WMV,....all of the above



I don't know about expert,

From Shellie on August 11, 2010 :: 1:22 pm

I don’t know about expert, but here is what I know.  The video format for the Novel 7 is Mpeg4. I use E.M Total Video Converter.  Of the selections for conversion, I use Pocket Player/PSP Mpeg4.


Just bought a notebook from

From Kent on August 12, 2010 :: 3:45 pm

Just bought a notebook from Walgreen’s that is a good fit for the Novel—- $8.79.  A little velcro holds the Novel and the cover protects the screen.


Thanks Kent, I'll check it

From Shellie on August 12, 2010 :: 7:21 pm

Thanks Kent, I’ll check it out tomorrow.  The pandigital site is still saying coming soon on their portfolio case.  I know it will be much more than 8.79


The notebook is about 6x8.5"

From Kent on August 12, 2010 :: 8:23 pm

The notebook is about 6x8.5” and has a leather(ette) cover.  Cut out the note book, I stiffened the spine With a strip of cardboard and covered with “good old” duct tape!!


thanks shellie & do u

From novel novice on August 15, 2010 :: 3:07 am

thanks shellie & do u also know what the differnces are in the 8-6-10 firmware update, vs the previous one? any new apps or fuctionality?


My understanding was it's suppose

From Shellie on August 15, 2010 :: 11:46 am

My understanding was it’s suppose to improve internet connectivity.  My connections were good to start, so i didn’t notice any difference.  It did add a dictionary app.  If there is something more, I’m unaware.


Hi I just bought the

From Monique on August 16, 2010 :: 10:58 pm

Hi I just bought the white Novel yesterday. First out of the box was fine. I can connect to my home network(Comcast) with a little difficult @first. Then I did upgrade firmware Via computer. After that I can’t connect to my internet @ all.

It can find my network w/fair to excellent signal but after it tried to connect it just did nothing didn’t inform me any problem. just say “connecting to monique…” then “disconnected”

I did tried to connect to other secured networks it show “obtaining IP address from 2Wire***” then “unsuccessfull(which I expected) and kept trying twice.
When I tried to connect to unsecured network it went ok even the signal was so poor.

My Firmware version is S10_07_18B_PD_INX7E_ENG_6410POP
wi-fi version is
Any suggestion please.
Thank you very much


They should add a Comic

From Novel Novice on August 16, 2010 :: 11:11 pm

They should add a Comic App, is a “book” after all,


Hi everyone,We just posted our

From Josh Kirschner on August 17, 2010 :: 11:18 pm

Hi everyone,

We just posted our review of the new black model here:

Will be in BJ’s starting today, and K-Mart and Sears in the next few weeks.


Shellie-The suspense is killing me!!

From Kent on August 18, 2010 :: 8:49 pm

The suspense is killing me!!  Did you find that notebook at Walgreen’s?  Mine works great.  I did find that the magnetic catch will select whatever is underneath it!!


Everyone--- Thank you

From Skipper on August 19, 2010 :: 12:13 pm

  Thank you so very much for your time and expertise.  I just bought a PN three days ago at Kohls and exulted in my great price:  $179 with a 30% discount and $15 rebate.  You have confirmed this as an excellent buy and helped immeasurably with what is meant by “hack” and opening the PN to increase memory!
  Wish I could buy you all a drink!


It will run the Kindel

From Gerry on August 24, 2010 :: 10:33 am

It will run the Kindel app but first you need to get rid of the default shell. You need to remap the volumne keys to home and back buttons and install another launcher like Panda or Launchpad. Then you can install applications using adb or install a filemanager that can backup and install apk files and disable the marketplace only install option.

I have one of these running Kindle and other readers and games.


From magnum on August 29, 2010 :: 9:52 pm

While it’s great that PD took the time to address the questions, the more I think about it, the more I start to realize, yeah, they should be answering the questions because you simply don’t release a device such as this in such a state of disrepair and not have to do some PR cleanup & promotion to save face.  Why release it in such a shoddy condition and require so many upgrades that only seem to either improve it slightly or dismantle one or two of its major features & selling points?

Hopefully, it won’t just be an eye-candy for consumers.


Just a short note to

From Jack Fender on August 30, 2010 :: 9:35 pm

Just a short note to Magnum. I had a problem with the first PD Novel I purchased I returned it and have not had a problem since. I opened the device easily and inserted an 8 gig mini sd card and it still works perfectly. Please remember this device was released primarily as an ebook reader with some great additional features and as such it works fine. The problems that cropped up were fixed very quickly, almost all of them were recalled and fixed with a firmware upgrade. To call it released in a state of disrepair is hardly true and to also say shoddy is hardly representative of a device with its capabilities and at a price that is really low. Many people rave about this great little pad and if you bought it but don’t like it you can easily sell it, probably for more than you paid for it…


Several posters have mentioned how

From Kasey Jones on August 30, 2010 :: 10:54 pm

Several posters have mentioned how easy the back is to remove.  I’ve tried to slide it down from the crease, doesn’t give at all.  Several requests have been made for details I’ve never seen reply.  My white PDN didn’t have the instructions on how to remove so if someone would share I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be grateful.

Thanks in advance.


I agree with Magnum, it

From PARMonday on August 31, 2010 :: 7:41 pm

I agree with Magnum, it was originally released in shoddy condition and basically not usable. I bought it in June and waited for the firmware to make it work.  Pandigital should be ashamed for their product they released…but I still have mine!

I have yet to put on latest firmware, and I am currently experiencing hanging issues, frequent resets, and my latest is that it wouldn’t charge.  I was about to return to Kohls and bam…now it charges.  Anyone see this issue?

I am debating whether I just return for new hardware or see what happens with new firmware.  I am thinking the first units out the door were poor quality hardware and software.

For the price and potential, it sill can’t be beat.  But those with patience will love what will hit the store shelves over the holidays…with a slew of tablets and eReaders on the way.

Question:  For those that hacked the PD, do you still have the option to run the original Novel “code” with the new installed home screen…giving option to still run the original PD?  I assume you are not rooting it?  Also, do you need more system memory to effectively do this?



Magnum & PARMonday, you should

From Andrea on August 31, 2010 :: 8:16 pm

Magnum & PARMonday, you should really consider doing the hack. I can’t imagine using it without it. I do have the option to run the original Novel home screen…I have an android app called Home Switcher that lets me select. I don’t have any more memory than it had before, though I do have an SD card installed so I can use the Kindle app (requires and SD card to put the books on).

Before you give up on the device you should really try it. With the hack it is a very acceptable, low cost option and I think it definitely has its niche. A little lighter would be the only thing I’d really like.


Thanks.I actually hacked it last

From PARMonday on September 01, 2010 :: 11:05 am


I actually hacked it last night and loaded about 10 free apps, of which only a few worked well on device.

I did upload the latest driver first, then did the hack and it was simple enough.  When I shut it down and restarted, it went right the PDN home screen and did not give me option for PandaHome.  I will grab a home switcher.  Some things I noticed using PDN home after hack.
1) eReader is buggy. Has issues and sometimes fails to load.  Did not see this before the hack. Also seems slower.
2) Videos from SD card are very slow and choppy.  This was issue when it first came out and had since been fixed.  I did not verify this before hack.  But makes watching videos too painful now.
3) Could not find my wireless network.  I did not verify this with new firmware before hack.
4) Could not play music while switching to read book…it stopped music.  Again, not sure if new firmware or hack
5) And of course my volume buttons work as home and return, not volume buttons.  That was from hack and I acutally like that!

I am going to re-install the new firmware as that will wipe out the hack (from what I read).  Then I will confirm issues noted above as either firmware or hack issues.

As I was searching for free software I saw some development on an APK that makes flash work on Android 2.1.  Anyone see that and try it out on the PDN?


Have you visited SlateDroid, PARMonday?

From Andrea on September 02, 2010 :: 6:56 am

Have you visited SlateDroid, PARMonday? That is a great resource to find information and get questions answered about the Novel. I have a number of apps that work great, trial and error, but some don’t. Here are ones I like and use:

Brightness Level
Home Switcher
Aldiko (both of these are great readers)

Hope this helps.


I have...lots of great info...just

From PARMonday on September 02, 2010 :: 3:03 pm

I have…lots of great info…just not enough time to read it all.  I love the Wiki created to help the newbies.

One remaining issue is that Wifi is not working, both with and without the hack.  Anyone run into this issue with latest firmware or hack?  Does the WiFi APK resolve that?

I did read something that said WiFi is only discoverable if unit is held in landscape orientation…or held on it’s side.  grin


From Shellie on September 03, 2010 :: 1:06 am

Hello everyone, Pandigital finally got their cases on line for the Novel 7.  Sadly enough I kept checking the accessories listed under the Novel 7 and nothing, but then on a whim I checked the accessories listed under all the products and there they were.  At $40 plus another $10 to ship I think that’s rediculous, so I’m checking into a Kindle case from Case logic.  Many available on  Pandigital, you sold me on the Novel 7, but not on the long awaited case.


Shellie-I take it you couldn't

From Kent on September 11, 2010 :: 11:28 am

I take it you couldn’t find the notebook at Walgreen’s.  Mine works quite well and protects the screen.  Let me know.


From Shellie on September 11, 2010 :: 2:08 pm

Sorry Kent, I checked out Walgreens here and couldn’t findone like you descibed.  In the mentims I have been checking out the various neoprene zipper cases, some with soft side and some with harder bodies, ther are tons.  I was actually in Toys Are Us yesterday and found a pinl one with handles that would be the perfect size and it’s has straps inside to hold it in place and the case has a firm body to it.  Plus it’s on clearance for $7.99.  Sooo, I thinking about that one.  The website has tons. in every size and color and price.  I getting closer.  Thanks for the info.


KaseyThe instruction sheet I received

From Jack Fender on September 14, 2010 :: 9:48 pm


The instruction sheet I received to open the case reads as follows:

“Place the Pandigital Novel face down on a soft surface to avoid scratching the screen. Orient the device so that the Pandigital Logo appears upside down.

Slide open the back cover. This can be done by gently inserting your fingernails into the gap above the logo and sliding the back cover back and then lifting up”.

It takes a bit of prying to move the case back but once you have moved it enough to see a small gap, you can then insert a thin flat object to gently pry it open more, don’t force it just apply steady pressure to release the tape bond.

IF you go here you can see the insides of the Novel:

Best of luck


Thanks so much Jack.Pretty much

From Kasey Jones on September 15, 2010 :: 1:37 am

Thanks so much Jack.

Pretty much as I had guessed, but now that I KNOW the official technique I can pursue it with confidence. 

Got a 4 gb card I want to take advantage of.


When will the new black

From jace on September 15, 2010 :: 4:49 pm

When will the new black 2G pandigital novel, with the capability to get Android apps, be released?


jace,I got a black 2g

From Kasey Jones on September 15, 2010 :: 5:14 pm


I got a black 2g (as opposed to the original white 1g for first generation) about 10 days ago from BJ’S in sanford, FL.  BJ’s is an east coast warehouse club like sam’s and costco.  Price was $159 with a $10 instant rebate and an included silicon ‘case’.

IT DOES NOTHING THE WHITE PDN DOESN’T DO.  It seems no more responsive or stable than the 1g, wifi seems about the same with an up to date firmware.  2g hasn’t been hacked yet as far as I know although it should be just as hackable as 1g, the display is slightly more white, the white areas of the 1g is more of a very pale grey.

The back doesn’t seem to slide off.  I do like the placement of the inputs, headphones, etc better but the weight / size difference is hardly noticable, without the silicon ‘case’ I would find the g2 to be too thin to hold comfortably.

Overall I see no advantage for me worth the extra $35 I paid for the 1g to kohls so I plan on returning the 2g.


We just published a story

From Josh Kirschner on October 21, 2010 :: 3:00 pm

We just published a story on Pandigital’s new eReader with a touchscreen ePaper display.  It’s worth checking out.

You can read about it here:

Josh Kirschner
Founder, Techlicious


i want to know if

From shel on October 24, 2010 :: 6:40 pm

i want to know if u can play games on it like to itouch or ipad


I got the new ereader

From Dakota Collins on November 01, 2010 :: 10:42 pm

I got the new ereader and it arrived today, even when i went to the hospital where theres wifi, and i got a poor signal, but its still a signal, and so i opened up the web browser, where instantly the wifi signal dissapears, so i cant connect, even when i have a strong signal, it comes up with a page that says could not connect to the internet, i have a wireless router that ive tried hooking up 3 times with no success, too confusing, and just doesnt work like in the instructions, and on top of that, when i hook up the router, i loose my established interned connection on my regular computer, im at my wits end and dont know what to do, can enyone at all offer some advice?


Dakota Collins, If I had

From Shellie on November 02, 2010 :: 11:29 am

Dakota Collins, If I had that many issues with the ereader and your router, I would take both back.  Get a different router, most of them basically set themselves up.  As far as the ereader.  Maybe it’s defective.  I’ve said it before, if it doesn’t work, exchange it.  I have had no real problems with mine and I have had it for about 3 months.  Good Luck!


Shellie, my mom got the

From Dakota Collins on November 03, 2010 :: 7:13 pm

Shellie, my mom got the same one, and it has the same wifi problems, so its not defective, im getting a new wifi router made for the dsl modem and ill see if that works.


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