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Seashells App Saves Your Pocket Change, Adds Interest

by on May 17, 2016
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Seashells appSay bye-bye to your piggy bank with the Seashells app, an easier and more automatic way to save change using the concept of round-up savings. Every time your make a purchase, Seashells rounds up the total to the next dollar and pockets the difference in your Seashells account. Save up your change for rewards purchases from 180 choices including air fare, hotels and gift cards.

Seashells helps you save money automatically on virtually every purchase you make. Once you've linked your debit or credit card to the Seashells app, Seashells starts helping you save. Every time you use your linked card to make a purchase, Seashell rounds up the price to the next whole dollar and keeps the difference —what's called the round-up fee. So for that $2.80 cup of coffee, Seashells rounds up the price to $3.00 and keeps the change of 20 cents. For even-dollar purchases, Seashells credits you 1 cent. Seashells debits the round-up fee from your credit or debit card and transfers it to your Seashells account.

Seashells sweetens the pot by matching your transfers with a 15 percent bonus. The 20 cents in change from your coffee purchase translates to 23 cents in your Seashells account. If you’re like the average consumer who sets aside about $40 in round-ups every month, you can expect to save about $46 every month through Seashells. You actually earn money through using this app.

What can you do with your Seashells savings? Buy whatever you'd like from Seashells' 180 redemption options, including flights, hotel bookings and gift cards from stores like Sephora, CVS, Kohl’s, Bed Bath Beyond and American Eagle. Seashells makes it easy to turn your day-to-day purchases into an easy way to save for big goals like vacation trips or to treat yourself with smaller rewards from your favorite retailers.

Is an app or service like this a safe way to handle your money? Seashells explains that your round-ups are transferred and stores on an electronic Seashells gift card until you're ready to redeem your earnings. These electronic gift cards never expire, so both the round-ups you save and the 15 percent you earn never go away. It's as if you've used that money to purchase a Visa gift card.

The Seashells app is free to use and is available for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit the Seashells website.

[Image credit: Seashells Technologies Inc.]

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Where did they go?

From Shiv on March 14, 2019 :: 7:05 pm

Hey, so after reading your article, I signed up for the app and had accumulated quite a bit of change with them. A while later, I checked and couldn’t log in to the app and now their website is inactive. They seemed to have stolen a lot people’s money. Any idea how to contact them? An email?


You can try to track down the founder

From Josh Kirschner on March 15, 2019 :: 4:19 pm

It looks like the company has been shut down for a while, so calling or emailing probably won’t help. I did a little research on LinkedIn, and one of the founders was TJ Signa. You can try to track him down and see if he can provide more information on what happened to existing account balances. If you don’t have success, and it was a meaningful amount of money, perhaps you could file a complaint with the district attorney in Manhattan, where they were based.


Thank you so so much

From Shiv on March 15, 2019 :: 4:22 pm

Thank you so so much for taking the time to write to me so promptly. I’ll try these options.
Thank you!


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