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Taylor Swift Engraved Sony Cyber-shot TX7 Summer Fun Giveaway!

by on June 16, 2010
in Cameras and Photography, Giveaways, Cameras, Point-and-Shoots, Organization :: 402 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by Sony

Congratulations to our Sony Cyber-shot winner, Denise from Tarentum, PA!

Sony Cyber-shot TX7We are giving away one very special, limited-edition Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 engraved with Taylor Swift’s signature (MSRP $425).

Check out this video of Taylor demonstrating the Sony TX7's panoramic shot capabilities:

The Sony TX7 ultra-slim point-and-shoot camera is perfect for capturing summer vacation memories, and offers a range of great convenience features:

Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® Lens with 25mm equivalent wide 4x Optical Zoom
The high-performance Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® 4x optical zoom lens brings distant subjects closer for video recording as well as for outdoor, sports, and travel photos, and Close Focus shoots close-ups up to just under ½” from the subject. A 25mm equivalent wide-angle lens allows you to take wider shots of the scene or group in crowded spaces

Ultra-wide, 258-degree Panoramic Shots
iSweep Panorama Mode reaches beyond the traditional wide angle lenses to let you capture expansive, breathtaking shots of landscapes or skyscrapers. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera does the rest.

Backlighting Problems Solved
Shooting high-contrast scenes can often lead to washed out backgrounds and details lost in shadow. Backlight Correction HDR helps correct for this by taking two pictures at different settings and processing the best elements of both into a single image. It's perfect for candlelit shots or subjects that are partially in shadow.

Great Low-light Shots Without a Flash
Sometimes a flash can wash out the scene, making it hard to capture the mood of the moment. For low-light environments, the back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor delivers stunning performance and increases sensitivity by 2x to reduce noise. Shots around the campfire never looked better.

Sony Cybershot TX7 touchscreenTouch 'n' View
No more fussing with tiny buttons. Just tap the large, 3.5" (diag.) touch screen display (230K pixels) to review your shots in vivid color. Thanks to a layer of hardened glass, the display of the DSC-TX7 is twice as durable as that on the DSC-T90.

Takes 10 Photos in 1 Second
Capture decisive moments—like the ball hitting the bat—with the ability to shoot 10 images in one second at full 10.2 megapixel resolution. And by employing a mechanical shutter, distortion is reduced when continuously shooting moving subjects. This feature is ideal for capturing a unique sequence of images.

Burn HD Movies to DVD
Shoot beautiful HD movies and then burn them to DVD. By recording in the AVCHD format, you can transfer full 1080i clarity and smooth motion video to disc and play it on a Blu-ray Disc™ player or a PS3™ game system. Create an entire library of your memories in high definition. 

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. If you're not already a subscriber, sign-up for our free Techlicious newsletterbe sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up (the same one used for your comment) so we can contact you if you win.
  2. Then, tell us in a comment below why you want the new Sony Cybershot TX7!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on July 6th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

Discussion loading

would love to win this

From Holly C. on June 18, 2010 :: 6:00 pm

would love to win this camara, mine is so old and outdated, I love sony products!


I would like to win

From Lindsey on June 18, 2010 :: 11:48 pm

I would like to win this camera for my mom. I’m the youngest of four and she and my dad divorced when I was pretty young. She worked full time jobs while being a full time mom and never once did she show us a sign of weakness, only strength. Taylor is a huge part of mine and her relationship. We enjoy listening to her music together, whether it’s riding in the car or blaring it in the house being silly together. She’s been through a lot and she deserves something special and I don’t really have the funds to supply that. Having this camera would mean a lot to her, especially now that she’s a grandmother to seven grandbabies!! I will forever be grateful for the kind of mother she is, and I will forever be grateful for Taylor for the strength that she shows as well. Everyone can learn a lot from her, no matter gender or age.


Our family has an old

From Julia R. Boykin on June 19, 2010 :: 2:17 am

Our family has an old camera.  Zeb, the oldest of 4 boys will be going to college and playing football.  It would be nice to have a camera that works well.


I love cameras and I

From Evelyn Wackett on June 19, 2010 :: 6:56 am

I love cameras and I love Taylor Swift. Count me in!


My daughter's birthday is coming

From Kim on June 19, 2010 :: 11:08 am

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she loves Taylor! I was going to get her a digital camera for her birthday and this would be perfect! The panoramic capabilities would be great for her to use at concerts!


Boy what a great camera

From Jerold A. Sauer on June 19, 2010 :: 1:41 pm

Boy what a great camera for as giveaway


I could use one to

From Colleen on June 19, 2010 :: 5:51 pm

I could use one to take pictures of the grandbaby that is on the way.


I’m a subscriber. I would

From Kiara on June 19, 2010 :: 10:21 pm

I’m a subscriber. I would love to win this camera because,I enjoy taking pictures.


I wanna win this for

From Michael on June 19, 2010 :: 10:56 pm

I wanna win this for my dad for fathers day..his camera is so old!


I'd like to win this

From Jeremy on June 19, 2010 :: 11:32 pm

I’d like to win this to replace my terribly outdated and not very good current digital camera. I like taking family photos, but I’m not happy with the pictures from my camer.


my kids tell me I

From Theresa Jenkins on June 20, 2010 :: 2:36 am

my kids tell me I need a tech makeover;this giveaway would sure be a great start. right now I still have a big bulky film camera with all the different lenses


I have a new grandchild,

From Anson on June 20, 2010 :: 9:36 am

I have a new grandchild, and I’d love to get lots of pictures of her.


If I won this, I

From Amber on June 20, 2010 :: 10:49 am

If I won this, I would be considered the coolest big sister ever. My sister loves Taylor Swift. My sis is having her 21st birthday in early August, and I’d love to surprise her with this. She would flip out! Thanks so much. I love the Sony brand, my last digital cam was a Cybershot but it’s about 5 years old now. Yes, it’s been 5 years since I bought a new digital camera, I know I know what a slacker! wink Thanks Techlicious!


I need a new camara,

From Homero Gutierrez on June 20, 2010 :: 11:05 am

I need a new camara, mine is currently 8 years old and this would be just a double win camara and taylor swift signature.


Yesterday we were 15 feet

From John OBrien on June 20, 2010 :: 12:04 pm

Yesterday we were 15 feet from a Great Blue Heron sitting on the bank of the Erie Canal - would have been so nice to have this camera then.  Would love to use it to capture scenes like that.


I am an e-mail subscriberI

From Jacob on June 20, 2010 :: 12:37 pm

I am an e-mail subscriber

I would really love the panoramic abilities! I have run into so many instances where I really could have used this. It would be so cool to be able to take those kind of pictures!


My old camera has a

From richard t. on June 20, 2010 :: 12:56 pm

My old camera has a problem with batteries and I have replaced it numerous times - expensive and I need to replace it.


I'm a subscriber and my

From courtney on June 20, 2010 :: 5:11 pm

I’m a subscriber and my camera broke a while ago. this would be a great help!


My camera is very old

From scarlette on June 20, 2010 :: 5:54 pm

My camera is very old and still uses film.


I take alot of photos

From Timmy on June 20, 2010 :: 6:36 pm

I take alot of photos of my worldwide trips!


I am an e-mail subscriber

From Joseph Stowell on June 20, 2010 :: 8:07 pm

I am an e-mail subscriber (stowelljg at comcast dot net)


I would love to win

From Joseph Stowell on June 20, 2010 :: 8:15 pm

I would love to win the Sony Cybershot TX7 so that I can capture all of the events in my life.  With the Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® Lens having 25mm equivalent wide 4x Optical Zoom the pictures should be sharp and clear.  The Ultra-wide, 258-degree Panoramic Shots would be a great feature to have on vacations having beautiful vistas.  The solved backlighting problems and great low-light shots without a flash would come in hand in any indoor activity.  The Touch ‘n’ View feature would be fantastic.  On top of all of that, it takes 10 photos in 1 second and I could burn HD movies to DVD!  Wow!  All of that and Taylor Swift’s autograph!  What more could anyone want in a camera?


My youngest daughter considers herself

From Larry on June 20, 2010 :: 8:52 pm

My youngest daughter considers herself an avid Taylor Swift fan and this camera would just put her into orbit.


I need a nice pocket

From Timothy Pedersen on June 21, 2010 :: 12:20 am

I need a nice pocket sized camera.


My digital camera is old;

From va563 on June 21, 2010 :: 5:37 am

My digital camera is old; time for a new one.


Love Taylor and Sony.

From Bert on June 21, 2010 :: 8:04 am

Love Taylor and Sony.


This looks like a wonderful

From Janice Wright on June 21, 2010 :: 9:00 am

This looks like a wonderful camera, definately better than the one I own now.


I'm Cheap and my gf

From Jason Poeppel on June 21, 2010 :: 9:05 am

I’m Cheap and my gf needs a new Camera.


I would love this camera

From Ali Jameel on June 21, 2010 :: 9:28 am

I would love this camera because all my friends have cameras and I always feel left out, haha. Thanks for the giveaway!


My camera is on its

From Brett on June 21, 2010 :: 1:44 pm

My camera is on its last legs and this would be a great replacement.


I heard this was an

From Jacqueline Griffin on June 21, 2010 :: 8:03 pm

I heard this was an AWESOME Camera and I was raised with Sony, their the best.
Thank You!!


With four daughters there are

From Monika on June 21, 2010 :: 8:59 pm

With four daughters there are lots of moments needing to be captured.. cheerleading, basketball, football, soccer, dance, gymnastics and then there are the peaceful moments that are great too… sleep pictures…

I love the 10 pictures in a second… so much happens in a second (sports) that these would be awesome!!!

Thanks for the contest—



I would love to win

From Amy Brewer on June 22, 2010 :: 1:51 am

I would love to win for two reasons. First, I would love to use it because it is a great camera. This would be such a major upgrade from my camera. I can take pictures with it but it is not a great one. Second, my daughter would be so thrilled that we had something with Taylor Swifts name in it. She is such a fan of hers. I just know that this camera would be a lifesaver for them moments that you can never get back.


My husband is in a

From Emily on June 22, 2010 :: 8:06 am

My husband is in a paintball league and the “10 photos in 1 second” feature would be fantastic for taking action shots!!


I don't even have a

From katy Jamison on June 22, 2010 :: 10:05 am

I don’t even have a camera yet!


I would love to have

From Mellissa Clark on June 22, 2010 :: 12:02 pm

I would love to have this for a gift to my stepdaughter. She is in to taking pictures.


Why, let me count the

From Nancy on June 22, 2010 :: 4:26 pm

Why, let me count the ways . . .

1. It’s personalized with an engraving of Taylor Swift’s autograph!

2. My daughters would be jealous of my new camera and how it makes me look soooo cool!

3. It blows my very old camera away!

4. I could definitely fit my entire family (8 siblings and their families) in a shot with the panoramic setting!

5. I could close my eyes when I go to the top of tall buildings and still get to see all I missed.  I’m afraid of heights!

6. I take better pictures than my husband, who is always hogging my old camera!

7. Because I LOVE Techlicious! and . . .

8. It would make my day!


Taylor Swift is my favorite

From Amy on June 23, 2010 :: 4:25 pm

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer ever!!! Her songs are stuck in my head all the time, I sing them everyday, I’ve seen her before, Taylor Swift is just the best singer ever, and I am a huge fan of her, plus a camera would just be fabulous.


I've heard a lot of

From Ashley M on June 23, 2010 :: 8:49 pm

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this camera and don’t currently have one so I’d love to win this thing!


I'm an email subscriber.We own

From shel on June 23, 2010 :: 8:52 pm

I’m an email subscriber.

We own a 4 megapixel HP camera..taking more than 1 picture at a time means a long, slow wait…I love that this Sony can take 10 shots in a second..that’s super speedy! We’re planning a trip to New Orleans this fall and I’d love to have a camera to take photos that actually look professional.


my daughter and i love

From amy on June 23, 2010 :: 9:46 pm

my daughter and i love to take pictures together and we love taylor swift!!


This camera is awesome. It

From Robin Stephens on June 24, 2010 :: 12:13 am

This camera is awesome. It has all the features anyone could want. Did I mention the camera is awesome.


I signed up for the

From Monique Rizzo on June 24, 2010 :: 1:03 am

I signed up for the newsletter.
Thanks for the chance.


I dropped mine and broke

From Monique Rizzo on June 24, 2010 :: 1:25 am

I dropped mine and broke it!!
Thanks for the chance.


I'd like to win because

From Sonya Sparks on June 24, 2010 :: 10:05 am

I’d like to win because my old camera just isn’t up to par compared to the newer cameras. Thanks!


I'm already a subscriber.I'd use

From Elkaye on June 24, 2010 :: 1:30 pm

I’m already a subscriber.

I’d use the camera for taking pictures of my family and friends.


enter me thanks

From evelyn on June 24, 2010 :: 3:32 pm

enter me thanks


My 35mm film camera died

From anna t. on June 24, 2010 :: 4:46 pm

My 35mm film camera died last month (electrical motor problem) and my kids say it’s time to get into the 21th century.


Photos are the best way

From Paula on June 24, 2010 :: 10:34 pm

Photos are the best way to share life.


subscriber!5 years It has been

From erinxduh on June 25, 2010 :: 2:26 am

5 years It has been since I’ve had a camera…Technology advandced, I’m in college and I have a new baby sister to celebrate! So many “Sony” moments even in Americas down-turn. We need to celebrate what we can!


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