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Taylor Swift Engraved Sony Cyber-shot TX7 Summer Fun Giveaway!

by on June 16, 2010
in Cameras and Photography, Giveaways, Cameras, Point-and-Shoots, Organization :: 402 comments

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Giveaway sponsored by Sony

Congratulations to our Sony Cyber-shot winner, Denise from Tarentum, PA!

Sony Cyber-shot TX7We are giving away one very special, limited-edition Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 engraved with Taylor Swift’s signature (MSRP $425).

Check out this video of Taylor demonstrating the Sony TX7's panoramic shot capabilities:

The Sony TX7 ultra-slim point-and-shoot camera is perfect for capturing summer vacation memories, and offers a range of great convenience features:

Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® Lens with 25mm equivalent wide 4x Optical Zoom
The high-performance Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® 4x optical zoom lens brings distant subjects closer for video recording as well as for outdoor, sports, and travel photos, and Close Focus shoots close-ups up to just under ½” from the subject. A 25mm equivalent wide-angle lens allows you to take wider shots of the scene or group in crowded spaces

Ultra-wide, 258-degree Panoramic Shots
iSweep Panorama Mode reaches beyond the traditional wide angle lenses to let you capture expansive, breathtaking shots of landscapes or skyscrapers. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera does the rest.

Backlighting Problems Solved
Shooting high-contrast scenes can often lead to washed out backgrounds and details lost in shadow. Backlight Correction HDR helps correct for this by taking two pictures at different settings and processing the best elements of both into a single image. It's perfect for candlelit shots or subjects that are partially in shadow.

Great Low-light Shots Without a Flash
Sometimes a flash can wash out the scene, making it hard to capture the mood of the moment. For low-light environments, the back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor delivers stunning performance and increases sensitivity by 2x to reduce noise. Shots around the campfire never looked better.

Sony Cybershot TX7 touchscreenTouch 'n' View
No more fussing with tiny buttons. Just tap the large, 3.5" (diag.) touch screen display (230K pixels) to review your shots in vivid color. Thanks to a layer of hardened glass, the display of the DSC-TX7 is twice as durable as that on the DSC-T90.

Takes 10 Photos in 1 Second
Capture decisive moments—like the ball hitting the bat—with the ability to shoot 10 images in one second at full 10.2 megapixel resolution. And by employing a mechanical shutter, distortion is reduced when continuously shooting moving subjects. This feature is ideal for capturing a unique sequence of images.

Burn HD Movies to DVD
Shoot beautiful HD movies and then burn them to DVD. By recording in the AVCHD format, you can transfer full 1080i clarity and smooth motion video to disc and play it on a Blu-ray Disc™ player or a PS3™ game system. Create an entire library of your memories in high definition. 

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. If you're not already a subscriber, sign-up for our free Techlicious newsletterbe sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up (the same one used for your comment) so we can contact you if you win.
  2. Then, tell us in a comment below why you want the new Sony Cybershot TX7!

Maximum of one entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on July 6th, 2010.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

Discussion loading

I want one to keep

From Onolee R on July 05, 2010 :: 4:53 pm

I want one to keep track of my boys growing.


I like to take a

From Donna Carr on July 05, 2010 :: 5:14 pm

I like to take a lot of outdoor sports pics and this would be great for that.


email subscriber.It's vacation time and

From Tara W on July 05, 2010 :: 5:35 pm

email subscriber.
It’s vacation time and I could really use a good camera.


For my brother!

From Ed Nemmers on July 05, 2010 :: 5:36 pm

For my brother!


Having seen the commercial, I

From Jeff on July 05, 2010 :: 5:38 pm

Having seen the commercial, I have to see the panorama feature work in person ...


already a member of the

From Ron Miller on July 05, 2010 :: 5:41 pm

already a member of the Techlicious mailing list!

Man I’d love to take this to Thailand, we’re staying on one of the top floors of the highest hotel in Bangkok. Would love to get a panorama off the balcony!


just became a member of

From anna christiansen on July 05, 2010 :: 6:23 pm

just became a member of the techlicious mailing list. i’d love to win this camera—the one i’ve had for six years recently broke and well it was pretty old technology-wise now anyway. thx for the giveaway~


I'm an artist who loves

From Sheila on July 05, 2010 :: 7:03 pm

I’m an artist who loves to take photos and videos but recently my Canon SD600 broke! It was very old and wasn’t the best, but it was still a tragic loss. I’ve been trying to save up for a legit camera ever since! I actually saw this commercial and found the camera to be really appealing. 10 photos in 1 second is both crazy and awesome! Also, I love Taylor Swift and her music! This would be fabulous to win - thanks for the opportunity!
p.s. I’m a subscriber, of course!


I'm an email subscriber -

From Geoff K on July 05, 2010 :: 7:14 pm

I’m an email subscriber - thanks!

I’d love to have the Sony Cybershot camera so I can finally be proud instead of embarrassed both to pull out my digital camera (the one I have now is gigantic and screams “antique”) and display my photos (the quality of my current camera’s shots is laughably bad).  Plus, it would be great to have a new camera when I travel to NYC for a conference later this summer.  Many thanks!


Subscriber! I want this because

From Shellie on July 05, 2010 :: 7:57 pm

Subscriber! I want this because my camera broke and I think this camera is great!


I would love to own

From Jammie on July 05, 2010 :: 8:25 pm

I would love to own the sony cybershot because my daughter is getting older and my current camera has a hard time catching the perfect moments. They alwats end up blurred would love to own me a new one to get all the perfect pictures.


Subscriber...Looks like the perfect, easy-to-use

From Cheryl on July 05, 2010 :: 8:25 pm

Subscriber…Looks like the perfect, easy-to-use camera to take lots of pictures of our one-year-old granddaughter.


I have 3 beautiful kids

From huff181 on July 05, 2010 :: 8:41 pm

I have 3 beautiful kids and would love to capture them in all their glory. I am currently using a 3.1 mega pixel Kodak and would love an upgrade.


I am a subscriber who

From Sharon Seneker on July 05, 2010 :: 8:43 pm

I am a subscriber who would love to be able to make 4 generations beach trip pictures to capture those fun summer memories! Thanks!


I would love to win

From Pamela on July 05, 2010 :: 9:01 pm

I would love to win this to take pictures of my family


My current camera often takes

From Miles on July 05, 2010 :: 9:18 pm

My current camera often takes blurry photos and you can’t even zoom in while you’re shooting video! I can’t tell you how many precious moments I’ve lost in photos and video due to it!!! I need help (and a new camera!)!


The camera we currently have

From T Mills on July 05, 2010 :: 9:27 pm

The camera we currently have is standing on it’s last leg and the picture quality can’t even compare to the Sony Cyber-shot.  Not to mention I just would like to win one of these contest for a change!!


Well since my camera just

From Jill L on July 05, 2010 :: 9:33 pm

Well since my camera just broke, this would really come in handy.


we have a 7 month

From cynthia layton on July 05, 2010 :: 9:54 pm

we have a 7 month old baby girl and no camerea


I'm a subscriber, I would

From Angela Winesburg on July 05, 2010 :: 10:42 pm

I’m a subscriber, I would love to win this camera to take on our vacation to Jamaica at the end of July, thanks for the chance!


I would love the new

From Danielle Marshall on July 05, 2010 :: 10:43 pm

I would love the new Sony Cybershot TX7 because my last camera had broke and i feel like im missing out on sharing many great moments of my 7 year old with my family


I STILL use the digital

From Kaitlyn Strycker on July 05, 2010 :: 10:57 pm

I STILL use the digital camera that I got when they first came out. It’s a beast!! This would be a perfect upgrade!


I have lost My

From kay wolter on July 05, 2010 :: 11:04 pm

I have lost My camera to Our 13 year old Son..He loves taking pictures almost as much as His Dad and Mom but now have   no camera to take pictures for Our scrapbooks


I am already a subscriber.

From Becca on July 05, 2010 :: 11:05 pm

I am already a subscriber.  I want this camera for my grandma, hers broke and she needs a new one.  Thanks!


I am going to CO

From Vicki Andrew on July 05, 2010 :: 11:09 pm

I am going to CO to visit my daughter in a few weeks, love to have a camera that takes great pictures (but is still easy to use)  so I can share the trip with her sisters


I subscribed and I want

From Stacey Brown on July 05, 2010 :: 11:39 pm

I subscribed and I want this camera because I want to start taking amateur pictures, and just pictures of my families life, it seems like life is passing by and not enough pictures!!


Subscriber, A Digital Camera

From juau4 on July 05, 2010 :: 11:42 pm

Subscriber,  A Digital Camera would make life SO much easier!


sony has the best cameras.

From Danielle on July 05, 2010 :: 11:42 pm

sony has the best cameras. period. low light, day light, everything! unfortunately I have only had a chance to play with my friend’s sony camera and I do not own one. This makes me sad. Plus Taylor Swift is my favorite female singer!

sony + taylor = AWESOME!


The panoramic mode is so

From Paul Pitts on July 05, 2010 :: 11:50 pm

The panoramic mode is so cool.  I take a lot of pictures skiing and wish I had this feature to take a shot of the whole mountain.


I want this camera because

From R Hicks on July 06, 2010 :: 12:20 am

I want this camera because my old digital kodak camera is 7 years old and doesn’t even come close to the resolution this one has.

ardy22 at earthlink dot net


subscriber!i would love this as

From trisha on July 06, 2010 :: 12:27 am

i would love this as #1 big taylor swift fan
#2 my camera is on its last leg!!
#3 i love to take pics!


I would like the TX7

From Jennifer Girard on July 06, 2010 :: 12:56 am

I would like the TX7 because it has the panaramic sweep and it has a 3.5 inch touch screen.


already a kids keep

From Theresa Jenkins on July 06, 2010 :: 1:11 am

already a subscriber…my kids keep telling us we need a tech makeover,the newest camera I own is at least 20 yrs.old,the ‘new’sony cybershot tx7 would be a great start to that makeover….thanks



From BROM on July 06, 2010 :: 1:46 am



to take pictures of family

From vivian on July 06, 2010 :: 2:41 am

to take pictures of family gatherings ty.


I really hate using the

From Schmitt on July 06, 2010 :: 2:50 am

I really hate using the flash, even indoors. Looks like this camera has that solved for me.


My camera hit the floor

From danielle on July 06, 2010 :: 4:32 am

My camera hit the floor one time too many and has died, it can’t be resurrected so it must be replaced.


Getting your updates & I

From Eryn on July 06, 2010 :: 4:39 am

Getting your updates & I want to win this so I can stop having to ask other parents for copies of their tapes of my kids’ games/recitals/plays/etc!

My 12-year-old girl would *freak* out about it being engraved w/Ms Swift’s autograph smile


My camera just died and

From oneangel on July 06, 2010 :: 4:52 am

My camera just died and I am SO lost without it :(


I subscribe, and I want

From Rosey on July 06, 2010 :: 6:23 am

I subscribe, and I want to win because I had this camera (not the signature, of course) in silver, and it broke on our vacation to the island this summer when my daughter dropped it!!!

Thank you!


I'd like to have the

From Tracey Byram on July 06, 2010 :: 6:43 am

I’d like to have the camera for it’s iSweep Panorama Mode feature.


I subscribed as barbara529 at

From barbara wright on July 06, 2010 :: 7:12 am

I subscribed as barbara529 at juno dot com .  I would like to win because my current camera can only take blurry pictures - not very helpful!


I'm already a subscriber.

From Kimberly on July 06, 2010 :: 8:00 am

I’m already a subscriber.  I’d love to win this because I have a camera that is very outdated and has been dropped too many times.


I subscribe with emailThe panoramic

From Julie Jones on July 06, 2010 :: 8:28 am

I subscribe with email
The panoramic feature and the touch screen are features that make this camera very desirable. I would love ti win this. Thanks!


I could take this camera

From Paul Benson on July 06, 2010 :: 8:29 am

I could take this camera with me to Comic-Con, and be able to finally capture the full scope of the place with the panoramic shooting.  And the HD video capabilities are an added bonus, especially now that I can edit video on my PS3!


I susbcribeI would like this

From Susan Smith on July 06, 2010 :: 9:47 am

I susbcribe

I would like this camera to take pictures of my children.


Our camera now is a

From Sheryl Klepac on July 06, 2010 :: 9:51 am

Our camera now is a cyber shot but is over 5 years old and is so no frill,i would love to win this one to take better photos of wild life and the grandkids


I want this for hubby.

From carol lewis on July 06, 2010 :: 10:00 am

I want this for hubby. He has always been the photographer in the family and he would love this camera!


I subscribe via email.This camera

From Joanne Schultz on July 06, 2010 :: 10:24 am

I subscribe via email.
This camera looks great! I have two weddings to attend this summer, and this camera would make it so easy to get great photos!

Thanks for the giveaway!


My old camera has had

From spencer on July 06, 2010 :: 10:26 am

My old camera has had coffee spilled on it, and been dropped many times, it’s just about had it.
A new one would be great for taking those family shots.  This looks like a great camera for that job.


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