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Toy Fair 2012: The Hottest Tech Toys

by on February 13, 2012
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Every February, I get a sneak peek at the year’s hottest tech toys at the American International Toy Fair in New York City. Not surprisingly, much of the excitement was in toys that interact with iOS and Android devices. But there's a lot more in store this year. Here are the toys that made my short list. See them in action in the video I taped with at the bottom.


Transformer Prime RC robotsTransformer Prime RC robots

Making the transformation from car to robot and back again can be challenging for younger kids. So Hasbro made it one-button easy with the new Bumblebee and Knockout Transformer Prime RC vehicles. Hasbro recommends the vehicles for ages five and up, but I can see younger siblings having fun with it as well. $19.99 - Available this fall


Fijit Friends YippitsFijit Friends Yippits

Last year, Fijit Friends was a huge hit with girls, dancing, talking and laughing their way into popularity. This year, girls can get a pet for their Fijit Friends, Fijit Friends Yippits. The Yippits bark, growl, dance and even learn tricks. Yippits work on their own or they can interact with Fijit Friends through audio "Sonic Chirp" technology. $37.99 - Available June


Lazer Tag BlasterLazer Tag Blaster

Augmented reality comes to laser tag with Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Blaster. The heart of the system is your iPhone or iPod touch, which turns into a “heads up display,” or HUD, when running the Lazer Tag app. The HUD lets you see the laser beam, locate your opponents' and teammates' positions, swap weapons and keep track of your remaining power. In solo mode, you can practice shooting augmented-reality virtual targets that pop up in the environment around you. $39.99 for one or $69.99 for a set of two - Available August


Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower track setHot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower track set

When Wall Tracks debuted, they took Hot Wheels fun from the floor to the wall. This year, Wall tracks gets some power-ups in the form of a spiral corkscrew elevator, a moving saw and a car-chomping monster, which deposits “eaten” cars on the floor. Best of all, the tracks still attach with 3M’s Command strips, which leave walls unmarked when removed. $44.99 - Available June


Lapiluv apronLapiluv apron

Need to keep your baby or toddler busy on your lap? The Lapiluv aims to entertain with an apron full of toys, plus a pocket on one side for your iPhone and on the other for your iPad. The apron comes bundled with six developmental toys plus rings for attaching your child’s favorite toys or a pacifier. $69.99 - Available now on


Regal Elite Force FlyerRegal Elite Force Flyer

The controls for the Regal Elite Force Flyer helicopter couldn’t be easier. Rotating your wrist forward and backward controls elevation, turning your wrist left and right controls direction and there a small thumb-controlled throttle. Regal Elite calls its unique RC technology Glove Force, and it’s making piloting RC helicopters fun and easy. $49.95 - Available this spring


Crayola Digital Light DesignerCrayola Digital Light Designer

Kids can draw light pictures using a digital stylus on a 360-degree dome. Pick the line thickness and one of eight colors to begin. Up to 50 drawings can be saved in a gallery for playback. There are also games, including maze races, animated connect the dots and mirror draw. $49.99 - Available September


Dr. Seuss AppPlay gamesDr. Seuss AppPlay games

For young iOS and Android device users, there’s Dr. Seuss AppPlay Games. Each pack comes with a set of thick cardboard tiles that enable kids to play three educational games, focusing on topics like colors, shapes, numbers and letters. For instance, in “Slap Down,” players see a shape, color or character on screen, and it’s up to the players to see who plays the correct tile first. $9.99 - Available this fall

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