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VTech Better Cell Coverage Giveaway

by on August 07, 2014
in Cordless Phones, Giveaways, Phones and Mobile, Cell Phones, Blog :: 219 comments

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VTech DS6671-3How frustrating is it when you can't get decent cell phone coverage in your own home? The phone works fine in the kitchen, but not your bedroom – you end up with dropped calls and poor sound…grrr.

For the conversations that count, you need reliable reception.

VTech’s DS6671-3 Connect to Cell™ phone system ($99.95 from enables you to make and receive mobile phone calls with your home phone for better sound quality and clarity. And, you get the added benefit of using a comfortable handset or headset for mobile calls.

Connect to Cell takes advantage of the zone in the house with the best cellular coverage, ensuring you don't have to worry about dropped calls anymore. Through a simple one-button Bluetooth pairing process, you'll be able to conduct all your calls through the VTech handset or headset, while your cell phone remains connected and charging. These systems work with or without a landline, so they're great for cellular-only households.

Use up to two cellular lines and one landline with your cordless system. Then, enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls on all three lines – all at once.

Enter through August 22nd, 2014 for your chance to win one of your own!

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winners from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. One entry per person. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on August 22nd, 2014. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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I would be able to

From Sue Brandes on August 07, 2014 :: 5:52 pm

I would be able to use my cell phone in my home. Right now no reception.



From Mary Bing on August 07, 2014 :: 5:54 pm



This would be wonderful for

From Margaret Smith on August 07, 2014 :: 5:59 pm

This would be wonderful for us because we get very bad reception in our home with our cell phones.  We seriously have to step outside to get reception.


No excuse for missed calls

From Mike Bungee on August 07, 2014 :: 6:04 pm

I plan on giving this to my girlfriend so she does not have the excuse of not seeing my call. grin


This would be a Godsend!

From LAGraham on August 07, 2014 :: 6:19 pm

My home is made of cinderblocks and has an aluminum roof. The combination makes cell phone reception horrible.  This would be a Godsend, particularly when my arthritis is acting up and it’s difficult to get around to a spot with better reception near a window - which has its own disadvantages:  hotter in summer, colder in winter.



From Richard on August 07, 2014 :: 6:42 pm

man could we use this in our house!!


Cell only

From Richard Foreman on August 07, 2014 :: 6:43 pm

we are cell only and reception in our place is really spotty—this would be a wonderful solution


I need this I have

From Lee Durgan on August 07, 2014 :: 6:58 pm

I need this I have to go outside to use my cell phone!


Wider Coverage with Vtech

From Shel Pang on August 07, 2014 :: 6:58 pm

Cancel all those frustrations in connection where we needed most.


Awesome news for guests from out of town

From Debbi B. on August 07, 2014 :: 7:16 pm

I have great cellular reception in my house, but I have guests frequently and their reception is absolutely nonexistent in my house.  Now a great solution for my frequent visitors!


hopefully, no more dropped calls.

From Elaine on August 07, 2014 :: 7:16 pm

hopefully, no more dropped calls.


If Only!

From Micki S on August 07, 2014 :: 7:36 pm

I even got a cell signal booster from my cellular company since I couldn’t walk from the living room to the bathroom without losing service!  (And my place is tiny.)  And I *still* have problems even with the booster.  Drives me crazy.  Crazy, I tell you!!!!  A V-Tech Connect to Cell system would solve that problem as well as the fact that my old cordless home phone system is so old that even the new set of re-chargeable batteries I purchased a few years ago are dying ... along with the phones.


Searching for Signal

From Cecellia on August 07, 2014 :: 7:56 pm

I’m hoping this solution may mitigate the problem I have of losing battery power because my cell phone is constantly searching for a signal when I’m at home.


Ideal for my mother

From Cleo Sids on August 07, 2014 :: 8:03 pm

My elderly mother can’t move quickly due to her illness and would find this convenient , in easy reach.


No worry about leaving my

From Jacob LaFountaine on August 07, 2014 :: 8:26 pm

No worry about leaving my cell phone in one room and having to get up to answer it. Just place these around and I’m set


Always have bad connections

From Doris Reed on August 07, 2014 :: 8:34 pm

We always have problems with our cell phones in our house. Most of the time you have to go outside to make a call.  I sure would love to win.


Boonies Problem

From Robin Bullock on August 07, 2014 :: 9:09 pm

We live in a very remote and rural area in Colorado with erratic cell coverage. The VTech ‘Connect to Cell’ phone system would help stop us from experiencing dropped calls. It happens with fustrating regularity.


deja vu

From Robert Hall on August 07, 2014 :: 9:17 pm

I was thinking of this sort of thing and now here is the solution.



From Dawn Waggoner on August 07, 2014 :: 9:44 pm

I live 10 miles from town and I have to drive 7 of those miles to get service (sometimes I can text from home, but not reliably). How exciting it would be for me to actually get what I’m paying AT&T for every month!!


great idea for crappy cell

From john c on August 07, 2014 :: 9:55 pm

great idea for crappy cell service


I have horrible cell service

From Susan on August 07, 2014 :: 10:18 pm

I have horrible cell service at home so this is great!


This great device would help

From sdadolf on August 07, 2014 :: 10:50 pm

This great device would help me to not have to switch back and forth between cell and landline each time I come in or go out of the house.


this might help the terrible

From chris vance on August 07, 2014 :: 10:59 pm

this might help the terrible reception in our area.


I've been wishing for one

From Tesuque on August 07, 2014 :: 11:06 pm

I’ve been wishing for one of these systems.



From ken on August 07, 2014 :: 11:09 pm

Great not to be tethered to one device all the time



From ANGELA PRINGLE on August 07, 2014 :: 11:16 pm



I am outside a lot

From Rebecca Swenor on August 08, 2014 :: 12:06 am

I am outside a lot sometimes or on the road this would help out a lot so I don’t miss calls.


For my parents

From Julie on August 08, 2014 :: 12:11 am

They live in the country and their cell reception is poor. If this can help, it would be awesome, since the landline there is faulty and if something goes wrong, they could be days without a phone.


I could hear so much

From Jennifer Long on August 08, 2014 :: 12:13 am

I could hear so much better!


I would donate to my

From Steve on August 08, 2014 :: 1:02 am

I would donate to my sister so I could hear her calls!


This is so cool!

From Lori Toupin on August 08, 2014 :: 1:23 am

Thanks for the opportunity!


Love it!! Need it!!

From Nancy A Nash Coleman on August 08, 2014 :: 4:58 am

Oh, yes!! We need this soooo badly! Please pick us! smile


am a senior i live

From Suzanna Pickering on August 08, 2014 :: 7:07 am

am a senior i live alone this would be very helpful in case of an emergency getting help


Tech finally advances!

From Shawna on August 08, 2014 :: 7:29 am

I love this idea! I live in the mountains and there isn’t much coverage there. I have to stand in front of a bay window, facing east, holding my mouth right and I can talk on my cell. If it truly works, this would be an amazing find!


It'll help me in ways

From Ron Ablang on August 08, 2014 :: 8:10 am

It’ll help me in ways I haven’t yet imagined.


It would help me because

From Cynthia C on August 08, 2014 :: 9:16 am

It would help me because my cordless phone doesn’t work any more.


Cell Phone Coverage at home

From Sheryl Hunt on August 08, 2014 :: 9:47 am

I would not have to stand at the back door to use my cell phone at home.  What a pleasure that would be.


Would be nice to have

From sahara rao on August 08, 2014 :: 9:52 am

Would be nice to have the connectivity on the go.


I’m always using my cell

From Sonya Allstun on August 08, 2014 :: 10:17 am

I’m always using my cell here at home and sometimes calls can be horrible depending upon where I am. This would be the perfect solution to resolve that problem!


This is exactly what I

From Lincoln Mulkey on August 08, 2014 :: 11:24 am

This is exactly what I need in my home office…thanks for the giveaway!


That phone

From Andrew on August 08, 2014 :: 11:27 am

Being able to use the larger handset with larger numbers that accommodate my rather large and clunky fingers would be a great convenience and timesaver.  A great idea,


Finally, cell reception at home!!

From Kimberly S. on August 08, 2014 :: 11:29 am

We have terrible cell reception in our house - I typically have to walk outside to the end of the driveway to use my work cell at home, really inconvenient! This would eliminate these issues, and that is always a good thing!


I like to have the

From Dawn Monroe on August 08, 2014 :: 11:40 am

I like to have the option of having the mobility of a cell and the stability of a home land line. I like the design too.


I have poor reception in

From Sue on August 08, 2014 :: 11:44 am

I have poor reception in my house so this would be great



From ktusa on August 08, 2014 :: 11:45 am

Use voip at home, land line phone is part of bundle and just used by telemarketers.


VTech’s DS6671-3 Connect to Cell™

From Pat Richter on August 08, 2014 :: 11:57 am

Love this.  I have so much problems with coverage at my home.  I have to stand near the back windows of my house with my cell.  If I walk to far in the center of my home the call drops.
Thanks Techlicious for always giving us great tech advice.


I can go outside to

From April Brenay on August 08, 2014 :: 12:43 pm

I can go outside to watch my kids play and not worry about missing a call


Static Free

From Rafael Toscano on August 08, 2014 :: 1:07 pm

Would love to be able to hear what the other person is saying…


We didn't get a landline

From Helen on August 08, 2014 :: 1:24 pm

We didn’t get a landline when we moved and sometimes it’s hard to sprint across the house when we hear our cell phones ring to answer a call. Having a few more handsets would be so helpful.


My current phone is awful.

From Tari Lawson on August 08, 2014 :: 1:37 pm

My current phone is awful.  It cuts us off about 50% of the time.  This new V-tech phone will help me stay in contact with callers and not have to waste time calling them back.


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