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zBoost Metro Cell Phone Signal Booster Giveaway!

by on September 20, 2011
in Phones and Mobile, Giveaways, Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Blog :: 376 comments

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Congratulations to our winner: Serenity from Raymondville, TX!

zBoost METROAre there rooms in your home where you wish you could use your cell phone but you just don't get a good signal? An indoor signal booster, like the zBoost METRO from Wi-Ex, can help.

Designed for use in apartments and small homes, the zBoost METRO can boost signal for an area up to 1500 sq ft inside your home. Simply mount the zBoost METRO's antenna inside a window in your home where you get the best reception (using the included suction cups) and then place the base unit where you want to strengthen the cell signal.

The zBoost METRO works with all U.S. cellular providers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon - and enables you to take full advantage of your cell phone's voice, data and Internet services, including 3G data, streaming video, instant messaging, sending pictures, and more.

Benefits include:

  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • Decreases dropped or missed calls
  • Easy to set up – comes complete with everything you need
  • No cradle or connections to your phone
  • Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)

The zBoost METRO retails for $299. Enter the zBoost METRO giveaway through September 27th, 2011 for a chance to win one of your own!

To Enter for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign-up for our FREE Techlicious Newsletter—be sure to provide a valid email address when you sign-up so we can contact you if you win. If you're already a subscriber, skip to step #2.
  2. Once you have subscribed, tell us in a comment below "In what room do you use your cell phone most?"
    (IMPORTANT: If you use the Facebook login feature for your comment, please provide your email address)

Want an extra chance to win? Of course you do!

  1. Become a Fan of the Wi-Ex zBoost Facebook Page. Just "Like" it in the Facebook box and the post a second comment below for your Facebook entry. Already a fan of Wi-Ex zBoost? No worries. Just tell us below in a comment.

See Official Rules below for more details.

Official Rules

We will randomly select one (1) winner from the entries. No purchase is necessary to win. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on September 27th, 2011. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents only. Click here for the full rules.

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I use my cell in

From Felina Maris on September 22, 2011 :: 6:02 pm

I use my cell in the bedroom near the window, where it works.


Cell Phone boost

From RON on September 22, 2011 :: 9:10 pm

I use my phone most in our sun porch.



From James on September 23, 2011 :: 3:17 am

In my living room


I like zBoost

From James on September 23, 2011 :: 3:21 am

on Facebook



From Jessica PoveaMaciel on September 23, 2011 :: 11:48 am

Maybe I could continue my conversations into the bathroom…


At Sisters House

From Teresa Aber on September 23, 2011 :: 12:05 pm

It will be used at my sisters house, She has the worst reception ever.  I have to go stand in the door way just to use my cell phone.


This is something I could really use

From Clarence on September 23, 2011 :: 12:34 pm

All I have is cell phone and have to go outside to get good service


Wi-Fi zBoost

From Donna on September 23, 2011 :: 1:29 pm

I can use my phone anywhere except my basement. I would give the zBoost to my 80-year-old friend so that she can get better reception as she can only use her phone outside her house.


I am mostly on my

From Sami Coghill on September 23, 2011 :: 2:18 pm

I am mostly on my cell at my desk which is in my living room


I like zBoost on FB

From Sami Coghill on September 23, 2011 :: 2:19 pm

I like zBoost on FB


Where I use it most

From Omarie Kinman on September 23, 2011 :: 4:52 pm

In the bedroom, where I do all my most fun and exciting and useful things!


cell phone booster

From Connie on September 23, 2011 :: 7:47 pm

In my bedroom because I am always there either watching tv, on the computer or propped up on my bed reading a good book and someone will call or I will want to call someone and I will never have good enough coverage to talk so I will always have to leave the room just when I am good and comfortable and or if I want to have some privacy.


I use my cell phone

From Lawrence Gatpandan on September 23, 2011 :: 9:23 pm

I use my cell phone mostly in my bedroom…Thanks!!!



From Mary E. Adams on September 23, 2011 :: 10:34 pm

I don’t use my cell phone at home because I live in a vortex.  It sucks the life out of my cell phone and if a call does ring through, I can’t lose the call before I can say “Hello.”  Can’t call out, can’t text, can’t receive texts. I could really use a zBoost!


zBoost Metro

From AF on September 24, 2011 :: 1:01 am

I would use it in the guest room, upstairs, so guests can use their phones at any time and I would have an emergency back up phone if the cable line phone became unusable.


Would love to have a

From Judy on September 24, 2011 :: 4:04 am

Would love to have a signal boost, I have some dead zones in my house and yard.


Signal booster

From Dorothy Davidson on September 24, 2011 :: 6:46 am

The kitchen, of course.


Cell Phone Boost needed...

From Brenda Yohannes on September 24, 2011 :: 8:16 am

all over the house…but i use the phone most in the living room.


In the living room

From Desiree on September 24, 2011 :: 11:13 am

In the living room


IN the Living Room

From Desiree on September 24, 2011 :: 11:15 am

IN the Living Room


Home Office

From Walt Nicholson on September 24, 2011 :: 11:38 am

in this order:
Home Office 30%
Car       30%   
work office 30%
home     10%


I can definitely use a boost.

From Ken Harlson on September 24, 2011 :: 7:26 pm

I use my phone mostly in the living room. Unfortunately the best signal is in the bedroom at the other end of the building. This would really help.


no place at home

From Coleen Walters on September 24, 2011 :: 11:15 pm

I cannot use my cell phone in any o the rooms of my house, I do get about a half a dar if I open the kitchen window and hang out half way !! I would love to have on of your boosters for cell phones. You never know you may also be saving me from some broken bones if god forbid I fell out the window. (only kidding) Coleen


zBoost Metro cell boost giveaway

From AF on September 25, 2011 :: 12:23 am

Would make my day… If I could have any room in the house available to my cell use, which, now, it is not. If our cable phone goes out we are left with NO way to call for assistance.


Cell used most in...

From June Little on September 25, 2011 :: 1:02 am

The bedroom - Great way to avoid the telephone ringing all hours so I’ll answer my silenced cell or answer with a very silent text msg.

Hope this is a winning answer…..



upstairs bedroom because on the

From sarah oswald on September 25, 2011 :: 4:59 pm

upstairs bedroom because on the lower floor we dont get any reception.


would love one

From Connie on September 25, 2011 :: 9:51 pm

I have lupus so I have to stay in touch with my doctors with my cell phone and in my house I spend most of my time in my bedroom due to illness and there is not much coverage there let alone the rest of the house and I don’t go ouside in the winter to use the phone or I would freeze in the Summer it’s not so bad. So a boost would be a blessing.


Wi-Fi zBoost

From Lee Myers on September 25, 2011 :: 11:32 pm

I use my phone while walking around the house, I can’t sit still.


use it most

From Letessha Williams on September 26, 2011 :: 1:50 am

Living room


fb fan of wi-ex zboost/letesshaw

From Letessha Williams on September 26, 2011 :: 1:51 am

fb fan of wi-ex zboost/letesshaw


I use my cell phone the most

From Maureen Baker on September 26, 2011 :: 1:53 am

in my bedroom/livingroom


I Use My Cell Phone Mostly In My Master Bedroom!

From Murine on September 26, 2011 :: 4:45 am


I use my cell phone in my master bedroom and I live in a rural area with poor signal. The zBoost cell phone signal booster really would be appreciated and give me a better signal.

Thank you.




table top

From matt on September 26, 2011 :: 8:48 am

Sometimes I have to stand on my table in my living room to get cell service, that being the room i use the phone in the most


Does the front porch count?

From Monique Charles on September 26, 2011 :: 10:21 am

If outside doesn’t count, then I’d have to say my living room is where I use my cellphone the most…and I don’t get calls or texts until I go outside or move a few inches to the side.


really need this

From Joanna Armentani on September 26, 2011 :: 10:35 am

hardly get good cell phone service in my area, this would greatly improve things for me.



From Marilyn on September 26, 2011 :: 12:35 pm

I would like to use my cell phone in living room but no signal.


contest entry

From norman matlock on September 26, 2011 :: 1:54 pm

I use my phone most in my home office


I need a boost in the boat

From Carol on September 26, 2011 :: 2:01 pm

The signal is terrible under the metal roof covered slip at the marina and living on a boat may seem lovely but not if you have to walk to the shoreline to get a signal.  My room is the inside of a cabin cruiser and the slip dock…I am so tired of being isolated by my phone and the service provider.  I would love to get a wi-fi zboost and make a difference to the boaters here!


Where do I use my Device(s)?

From Jason Knight on September 26, 2011 :: 2:10 pm

Master Bedroom and Living Room


oh and I'm not putting

From Jason Knight on September 26, 2011 :: 2:12 pm

oh and I’m not putting my email address on this forum, but it’s the same one used to subscribe to the newsleter


1 Bar

From Richard Grounds on September 26, 2011 :: 2:22 pm

I need this for my Home Office. 1 bar central!



From TYEDYEJAMES on September 26, 2011 :: 6:04 pm




From KAREY DAVIS-ASHCRAFT on September 26, 2011 :: 6:07 pm

I use my cell so much; I have two! When one don’t have signal; the other one does! But recently, I can’t seem to get either one to work most of the time at home!
Oh yeah! And where do I use it most? The bathroom!?! It seems everytime I walk in my phone rings and everyone knows if I don’t answer, call my cell!!!



From Karey Davis-Ashcraft on September 26, 2011 :: 6:26 pm

I use my cell phones contantly! I hove 2! A Verizon and an AT&T! Usually, when one don’t work the other does {sometimes}.
I have 2 ear pieces - one for each phone! And yes, I can talk on each one, talk to a friend here with me, and even answer my office phone at the same time!!!
Oh yeah! And where do I use it most? The bathroom!?! It seems everytime I walk in my phone rings and everyone knows if I don’t answer, call my cell!!!


I can only get reception

From Lori on September 26, 2011 :: 7:09 pm

I can only get reception at home if I stand by the sliding glass doors to the back deck. Very restricting!!!


In what room do you use your cell phone most?

From Joseph Marsten on September 26, 2011 :: 7:44 pm

I use the cell phone throughout my house and the most use is in the Family Room where I go to relax and talk to family and friends while watching Television or Movies or while discussing family meetings.


in the back bedroom downstairs

From Wllharrington on September 26, 2011 :: 10:06 pm

I have a bi-level and the lower floor back bedroom has no signal


Where I use my cell phone

From Debbie on September 27, 2011 :: 12:16 am

When I can get a signal, I use it in the family room.


zBoost Metro

From AF on September 27, 2011 :: 1:06 am

It sure would be great to have a alternate way to have a phone connection. We live in the middle of “nowhere” so when the phone lines are down, there is no way to contact anyone. This would give us cell access in an emergency.


Living room

From Rachel S on September 27, 2011 :: 6:25 am

Our town is quite rural and because of that we have awful cell reception in our town, I would use it in my living room because it would be able to touch the majority of the house from that room.


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