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Test: Are You A Geek?

by on February 21, 2013
in Blog, News :: 35 comments

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Do you have a wifi-enabled, Roku-streaming 3D HDTV in every room, juggle a dozen smartphones of every kind and color plus five different-sized tablets, and, just for kicks, like to confuse people by speaking in binary? Or do you just hand all your electronics to your kids and ask them to make the dohickey work with the thingamajig? 

If you really want to know just where you fall on the geek scale, take the following quiz to find out. All you need is a pad and pencil or your stylus and Galaxy Note 2 to keep score.

Section 1: Multiple Choice

Choose the best answer that most applies to your life.

1. How do you most like to communicate with others?

A. Talking on the telephone
B. Emailing them
C. Sending a text message
D. Cybernetic Implant

2. Your DVR only has room for one more show and you can't delete any others. Which of the following do you choose to record?

A. Downton Abbey
B. Once Upon A Time
C. Mythbusters
D. Your local cable station's broken help screen that's just continuously spewing out syntax errors because you're determined to solve the problem and send them the fix

3. The last time you dressed up for Halloween, you went as:

A. Darth Vadar
B. Steve Jobs
C. A PC (and your friend went as a Mac)
D. An 8-Bit version of yourself

4. When you're not at home, your favorite hangout is:

A. Barnes & Noble
B. Starbucks
C. GameStop
D. Plugged into the Matrix

5. Your pet name for your computer is:

A. The $800 paperweight
B. Watson
C. HAL 9000
D. My preciousssssss

Section 2: Skills

Give yourself 1 point for each of the following skills that you possess:

  • Have a Facebook account
  • Have used your privacy settings on your Facebook account
  • Have untagged a picture of yourself on your Facebook account
  • Can attach a document to an email
  • Have forgotten to attach a document to an email even though you said you would in the email resulting a follow up email with the actual attachment
  • Text with smiley faces
  • Text with smiley faces to the wrong person
  • Responded to a smiley face text not meant for you with a frowny face
  • Walked away from a computer rather than throwing it out the window

Give yourself 2 points for each of the following skills that you possess:

  • Speak fluent Klingon
  • Can recite Pi to the 12th decimal place
  • Can sing every song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Word for word. Without a mistake.
  • Never attended a baseball game
  • Knows what Linux is
  • Own at least one Atari T-shirt
  • You browse eBay at least twice a day.… looking for a working Commodore 64
  • You've tried to move a can of soda with your mind
  • You've solved the Rubik's Cube… without removing the stickers or breaking it apart
  • Syncing your family and friends' new smartphones to their email
  • Double Points: Avoiding syncing your family and friends' new smartphones to their email

Section 3: Acronyms

Write down what each of the following acronyms stands. Give yourself 1 point for each acronym you actually know. (No Googling!)

  • ATM
  • DVR
  • USB
  • HTML
  • CRT
  • AFK
  • IP
  • XML
  • DVD
  • RAM
  • VOIP
  • CDMA


Now that you're done, here's how you can score yourself.

For Section 1:

  • 1 point for every A
  • 2 points for every B
  • 3 points for every C
  • 4 points for every D.

Total that score. Then add up your points from Section 2 and Section 3.

Now add all 3 sections together for your final score. The chart below will tell you how you rank amongst geeks!

Score Your Geek Factor

0-5 Your modem still makes sounds when you dial-in to your AOL email account.
6-15 The only iPod you own doesn't have a touch screen.
16-30 You're an average geek who owns an Iron Man flash drive.
31-40 You wish they'd make wallpaper out of dry erase boards.
41+ You are King or Queen of the Geeks. All shall bow before your supreme knowledge of making computers talk to printers.

How well did you score? Let us know in the comments!

Discussion loading

DOH! :-O

From Brian on February 21, 2013 :: 11:15 am

Scored 39…and am unsure if that is a good thing or not grin



From Old-Age-Pensioner John on February 21, 2013 :: 11:19 am

40 ... that’s deeply disturbing smile

Volunteer for UK Rock Challenge (backstage help / website editing)


but see. . .

From babzilla on February 21, 2013 :: 11:27 am

I got a 36 which isnt all that geeky but i don’t need dry erase wallpaper cause i got the paint!


Wow !

From OLD-AGE-PENSIONER JOHN on February 21, 2013 :: 12:35 pm

Wow, BabZilla !

Watched the “IdeaPaint Goes to Brooks School” and would have LOVED that over 3 walls of my classroom back in the last century, and over any large tables I had. SO jealous ! smile

OAP John

Volunteer for UK Rock Challenge (backstage help / website editing)



From Chris Swain on February 21, 2013 :: 11:35 am

I scored 38 and was hard on myself. This is what I get for picking this up in 98


I scored a 30. I

From Deborah Throgmartin on February 21, 2013 :: 11:36 am

I scored a 30. I don’t even consider myself a geek!


average geek

From coco on February 21, 2013 :: 11:38 am

yes I’m an average geek with a score of 28



From Bruce Strong on February 21, 2013 :: 12:23 pm

That figures.



From Mel on February 21, 2013 :: 12:36 pm

31, thought I’d be a bigger geek than that. That’s what I get for working in finance…


Well I knew I was...

From Dione Rose on February 21, 2013 :: 12:54 pm

But I quit counting after 42. I think I need to go do some actual “girl” stuff now. hmmmm now what do girls do?


I didn't know

From Wes Westberg on February 21, 2013 :: 1:10 pm

41. I thought I was normal.



From Susan Marleau on February 21, 2013 :: 1:12 pm

Lower than I thought, but I wasn’t sure on some of the acronyms.


Only a 34

From Josh Kirschner on February 21, 2013 :: 1:18 pm

Wow, you guys are a lot geekier than I thought!


going through the same thing

From autumn seiler on February 21, 2013 :: 2:19 pm

i am going through the same thing with the same friend


bow before me

From geekgal77 on November 14, 2019 :: 4:10 pm

I the queen of geeks!



From Angelica Weber on February 21, 2013 :: 2:12 pm

If you know more than 3 definitions for CRT, you should get am exits point for each one. Lol. I got a 39.


37? Really? Am I that

From Felina M on February 21, 2013 :: 2:34 pm

37? Really? Am I that ...


Wow I got a 35!

From Peter XXIII on February 21, 2013 :: 3:10 pm

It just seems like a confirmation to me. I knew I was a baby geek…but it seems I’m growing too fast…



From OLD-AGE-PENSIONER JOHN on February 21, 2013 :: 3:46 pm

Well, this HAS been fun smile


Do I get bonus points for going through 3 pens to find one that worked?

From Kat Lehman on February 21, 2013 :: 5:56 pm

Ok, it took me a while to go through this because I couldn’t find a writing implement that worked…(and yes, I scored over 40 points).


Ah, more proof that I

From Jean Parks on February 21, 2013 :: 6:37 pm

Ah, more proof that I seriously need to leave the basement & get a life! I did substitute a working Apple Lisa in place of the Commodore 64 on the ebay question wink


Serious geek

From Kathryn Neel on February 21, 2013 :: 6:47 pm

I blew out the limit and wondered how I get points for actually having a Commadore 64 that I am in the process of modifying with a Raspberry Pi. Geek girls rule.



From Donna on February 21, 2013 :: 9:23 pm

Wish I had those dry erase walls….



From kw on February 22, 2013 :: 12:19 am

I need a twelve step program. I scored 43


Grandma Geek!

From Terra on February 22, 2013 :: 3:28 am

Surprised myself, I got a 31 ... guess that’s why the grandkids give me the electronics to set up! (or rebuild when they get a virus ... LOL!)  Cute Test ... and I agree with OMG comment, I probably need that twelve step program to get me away from my computer now and then ... 8-)


43...I knew I was a nerd, but not a geek

From Jezebellydancer on February 22, 2013 :: 6:31 am

Do I get extra points for the Atari and Commodore 64 up in the attic that I can’t bear to part with? I’ve always considered myself a nerd rather than a geek. Guess I’m both.

As for the question about what show to record in the last slot on the DVR—who cares? I can stream anything I want online.


Average Geeks. We are not average!

From Karen Rainwater on February 22, 2013 :: 11:34 am

My 11 year old and I took the quiz together and we both scored 27! LOL But, we got points on different questions. I prefer the term “typical” to average, thank you very much!



From Joel on February 22, 2013 :: 3:06 pm

I’m a geek! My wife could have already told you that. Anyone that would fly to Australia to see Star Trek is a nerd for sure. Thanks for making up this quiz. I got a 50. smile



From Josh Kirschner on February 22, 2013 :: 3:09 pm

You are a geek! Looks like you’re in the lead!


Only a 37. I am

From Alison Wright on February 22, 2013 :: 7:33 pm

Only a 37. I am saddened.


I'm 72 y/o and got a 43!

From Jay on February 25, 2013 :: 11:58 am

Now I see what my wife means when she says I need to do more around the house and to get out more.


I forgotten I had this

From Kris on April 04, 2013 :: 11:18 am

I forgotten I had this in my email and meant to take the test…Not as geeky as I thought, but I did score a 28.


I am Geek - Byte Me

From ubergeek on July 29, 2014 :: 4:01 am

I was cool at 20 of 20 pts.  Err…

Hitting 30 was ...

Every single acronym known, many used, all explained.  In English.

I am UberGeek.  Shower me with bitcoins!



From Bodhi Oye Pastore Siedler on April 23, 2018 :: 10:49 pm

that would be a score of 35 holding down shift.



From on April 11, 2020 :: 8:39 pm

44… But I usually score badly on geek tests… But I am a geek…


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