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5 Fashionable Ways to Recharge Your Phone On the Go

posted by on October 29, 2014 in Phone Accessories, Phones and Mobile, Guides & Reviews :: 3 comments

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Even the best smartphones can run out of power at the most inopportune times. But carrying around a charger and cables can be awkward and turn your bag into an ugly, bulky mess.

So we went in search of fashionable alternatives to the usual black recharger brick. The following five stylish accessories not only top off your battery when you need it, they look good too.


EverpurseEverpurse Second Generation

With an Everpurse, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for function; this stylish clutch bag has a built-in charging pocket. Simply put your phone into the dock within the pocket to begin charging it instantly. Everpurse says the recharger holds enough power to charge your iPhone or Android phone up to three times.

Everpurse is taking preorders now for second-generation purses, which will begin shipping to customers in December. The Everpurse comes with an interchangeable dock that lets you charge iPhone and Android devices in the same purse, a USB-powered charging mat to charge the purse itself and both a wristlet and a cross-body strap. The Everpurse is available in Sapphire, Black and Nude.

Price: Starting at $249 at


Puku S8 Portable Charger

Puku S8 Portable Charger

If you prefer to stash a portable charger in your backpack or car, the Puku S8 charger holds enough power to charge a smartphone three to five times. The 8,000mAh battery can also power up a tablet, portable speakers or a GoPro camera. The device comes with a 40-inch USB-to-micro-USB connector, but you can use any USB cable you need (such as one with a Lightning tip for Apple devices).

The Puku boasts a stylish design and soft exterior and comes in six bright, vibrant colors including purple, red, blue. It’s a little larger and pricier than other portable chargers, but it certainly packs a punch in the power department.

Price: $99 at Amazon


Powerocks MagicstickPowerocks Magicstick

For portable power and passionate, bright colors are what you’re looking for, the Powerocks Magicstick belongs in your purse. The small 2800mAh battery actually resembles a tube of lipstick and comes in fun colors that match your bag, phone or personality. It’s small enough for travel or carrying around for the day; just remember to pack your own charging cable.

Price: $18.13 at Amazon


Tylt Syncable-Duo CableTylt Syncable-Duo Cable

The Tylt Syncable-Duo Charge and Sync Cable makes a great accompaniment for portable battery chargers. The thin, bright, tangle-free cables are attractive enough that you don’t feel like a tech geek.

What sets the Syncable-Duo apart is its two USB connectors, one with a Lightning tip for iPhone 5 and later Apple devices and the other with a micro-USB tip for Android and other devices. Use it in a car charger or with any other power device with a USB port. When you plug it into your computer or laptop, the cable will sync as well as charge your device. The cord comes in lengths from one to three feet.

Price: from $27.50 at Amazon



Nomad has been making unique chargers since 2012, and the new NomadKey is the smallest, lightest one yet. It’s a 3-inch sync and charge cable that attaches to your key ring so it’s always with you when you need it. Even better, it’s made of tough plastic so it can stand a beating at the bottom of your purse.

Like the NomadCard and Clip before it, the NomadKey comes with a Lightning or micro-USB tip on one end and a USB plug on the other, so you can charge your device wherever there’s a USB port. When you plug it into your computer or laptop, it syncs as well as charges. Although it’s only available in black, this little charger adds a sophisticated, sleek look to your tech wardrobe and definitely jazzes up your key ring.

Price: $29 at Amazon

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I feel like these are

From Megan on October 29, 2014 :: 6:53 pm

I feel like these are all rather pricey options with the exception of the tube chargers.  If you’re talking about bang for your buck, people should check out this charger.

or this $40 one by Macally


Cant argue with the Macally for bang for the buck

From Josh Kirschner on October 29, 2014 :: 7:02 pm

This really was an article about the integration of fashion with charging. But certainly wouldn’t argue with the Macally MBP30L as an excellent pick for those looking for the charger that delivers the most bang for the buck. It was our pick for the best portable charger under $50. You can read our review here:


I absolutely love the Everpurse!

From Julie Fliton on November 18, 2014 :: 7:34 pm

Just thought I’d share this. It’s well done, looks amazing and juices up my phone without any cables needed.


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