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5 TSA-Approved Laptop Bags That Aren’t Ugly

posted by on October 12, 2011 in Travel & Entertainment, Travel, Guides & Reviews :: 10 comments

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Mobile Edge ScanFast ElementConfession: I think checkpoint-friendly laptop bags are the anti-fashion. Because of this, I’ve chosen to forgo function and maintain style, but many of my more practical traveling companions would happily ditch fashion for the chance to move through the security line a bit faster.

I talked to those practical travelers to ask them their opinions of checkpoint-friendly laptop bags, a.k.a. TSA-approved, and the response was overall very good. The frequent flyers who use these bags often say they typically get through the line without hang-ups. The most common complaints: cost and style.

This takes us back to my function vs. fashion dilemma; I searched high and low for TSA-approved laptop bags that aren’t ugly, and the selection of ladies’ bags is quite dismal, I must admit. But here are a few that made the cut for style and function:


Mobile Edge ScanFast ElementMobile Edge ScanFast Element

The Mobile Edge ScanFast Element is one of the most high-tech bags out there. It not only includes a section just for your laptop, making it TSA-compliant, but it also has a wireless security shield to keep your devices safe. Price: $68.10


Lodis Audrey Collection ToteLodis Audrey Collection

The Lodis Audrey Collection is one of the few checkpoint-friendly laptop bags I came across that was made of leather, so it immediately gets extra points. (Plus, it comes in red!) It has a designated laptop-only section that lays flat on the x-ray belt. Price: $299


Brenthaven Women’s Prostyle-XF Shoulder CaseBrenthaven Women’s Prostyle-XF Shoulder Case

The Brenthaven Women’s Prostyle-XF Shoulder Case is a great option for working professionals who need a simple, functional bag but want the added luxury of some style. My favorite part: the two front pockets to store smaller items such as your cell phone and keys. Price: $149.95


Skooba Harmony Laptop Sleeve Skooba Harmony Laptop Sleeve

If you’re the sporty type, check out this lightweight Harmony Laptop Sleeve by Skooba, one of the first companies to ever design a TSA-approved laptop bag. All of Skooba’s checkpoint-friendly bags are designed and tested in collaboration with the TSA. Price: $27.95


McKlein Oak GroveMcKlein Oak Grove Laptop Tote

Artfully marketed as checkpoint-friendly, the McKlein Oak Grove Laptop Tote bag really just has a checkpoint-friendly component. But it’s stylish! A detachable laptop sleeve designed to make it through security is included inside the bag, so you still have the added step of removing it for scanning. Price: $119


NOTE: If you’re in the market for a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag, it’s a good idea to cross-check its components with the Transportation Security Administration guidelines for compliant laptop bags. That said, I should remind you that the airport security screening process can be random, so just because you have one of these bags doesn’t mean that you won’t be asked to remove your laptop. As many of the practical travelers told me, the bags usually do the job, but not always.

Jennifer Gaines is the senior travel editor for Spire, a new flash-sale travel site that specializes in limited-time hotel deals with added perks.

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From Tony on October 13, 2011 :: 12:31 pm

are there any for a man? these are clearly all for women


I'm with you really if

From Lethal Leprechaun on October 13, 2011 :: 1:14 pm

I’m with you really if this blog wants to be of service it should remember that men FAR more than women are tech heads and do about 2 or 3 times the amount of business travel as a sex.



From Sandi on October 13, 2011 :: 3:36 pm

Gentlemen:  I noted the one for 69 dollars comes in brown and olive…why not those?  Plus already noted in beginning of article she said those normally out there to use are already in black. Just sayin, unless you need purse type places one should be friendly for you.  Or, hey, go for it and do like it were a pink or purple shirt/tie and use anyway!!  I LOVE to see men FINALLY using colors!!


Response to Bags- I agree with the other 2 men

From S.Phibber McGee on October 13, 2011 :: 4:21 pm

“The Mobile Edge Scanfast Element Briefcase is a checkpoint-friendly laptop case designed specifically for women”

That is taken from the product description on the page of the link provided.

‘nuff said right there.

If this is going to be a women’s tech blog it needs to be advertized and marketed that way so as not to waste the time of others. Otherwise the posts need to take both sides into account


Bags for Men

From Jennifer Gaines 409 on October 13, 2011 :: 6:33 pm

Hello! When it comes to checkpoint-friendly bags for men, there are a ton of options. Most bags out there are quite manly. Check out Mobile Edge, Skooba or Kenneth Cole. North Face also makes a very simple laptop sleeve.



From Richard on October 18, 2011 :: 10:32 am

“5 TSA-Approved Laptop Bags…” Note that the TSA doesn’t actually approve bags, it simply provides guidelines.

The TSA site clearly states “TSA will not approve or endorse any bag design or manufacturer. TSA will only allow laptops to stay in bags through screening if they provide a clear and unobstructed X-ray image of the laptop.”


These are nice, but...

From Julimar Castro on October 19, 2011 :: 2:11 am

Never have I seen the TSA allowing people to pass their laptops while still in the bag. I once tried in a TSA compliant bag but the moment they saw the bag on the belt, they told me I had to remove the laptop anyway. So I don’t bother anymore. If I knew they would let me, though, I might consider some of these - the least expensive that is. I think it’s ridiculous to dish out over 100 bucks for a “stylish” bag for your laptop.


TSA Bag always OK for me

From Jay on November 03, 2011 :: 3:30 pm

I carry a “TSA Approved” bag on multiple flights each month - never a problem.  The bag unzips to split in half, the laptop is in one half and does indeed provide “a clear and unobstructed X-ray image of the laptop.”  In fact, I usually have my iPad AND laptop in that half, have never had a problem. 

Hmm, now that I think of it, that half usually has: laptop, iPad, clicker, extra AAA batteries, eyeglasses in a case, and one or two other odds and ends.  This bag saves me a lot of hassle.


Question for Jay

From Matt on November 17, 2011 :: 12:54 pm

I have been searching for a “checkthrough friendly” bag for a while, but have found none that I like.  I am curious to know which bag you are using, since you seem to do so well with it.  Could you provide the make/model or a link so that I can check it out?  Thanks!



From cathy on August 20, 2014 :: 3:02 am

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