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9 Free iPhone Apps Everyone Should Download

posted by on June 13, 2012 in Phones and Mobile, Mobile Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Guides & Reviews :: 7 comments

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You finally took the plunge and got yourself an iPhone. Awesome. You'll quickly see how amazing this slick little device is. But take a stroll through the App Store and chances are you'll find yourself just a tad bit overwhelmed. Considering there's an app for, well, everything... how do you even know where to begin?

Don't worry about it. You've already begun just by reading this article. We dug deep, played with countless apps and came up with a list of nine amazing apps that you'll most likely use on a regular basis or have at the ready, should the need arise. So get your iPhones ready, hit the App Store and dive into the nine iPhone Apps Everyone Should Download:


Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone

Strange that this one isn't included with your iPhone, but it's the best safety feature you can have. Tied into the iCloud, this app will let you find and control your iPhone, as well as other Apple devices including an iPad, iTouch or even Mac. (Tough to misplace that last one, though!) Just install this app on any device, enter your credentials and it will pinpoint the location of your iPhone. If you're worried about someone stealing your lost phone and accessing all your data, the app features a remote locking aspect, as well as a way to remotely wipe your device to erase all personal data. You can also remotely play sounds or send text messages asking for someone to contact you about your lost phone.
Price: free on iTunes



Yes their IPO tanked and they're constantly making cosmetic changes to your profile, but Facebook is still the Biggest Gun in social media. With Facebook Places, updating your status on your iPhone is simple and even lets your friends know exactly where you are. An incredibly robust app, you can upload photos, send messages, add videos and write status updates, as well as check out what all your friends are up to, leaving comments and "likes" all over the place.
Price: free on iTunes



You know an app's off to a great start when it has a powerful elephant graphic for its icon! This award-winning app is one of the most versatile and useful apps you'll ever download. What's it do? Well, everything. Basically, Evernote can be used in an infinite number of ways. At its core, the app lets you take notes, save cool web pages, attach images, make lists and more. But it all syncs up with your other computers, smartphones and tablets so you can access your info anywhere, anytime. From shopping lists to recipes, you'll save and organize everything in your life, and best of all, it's all searchable.
Price: iTunes is already an incredibly useful website, and the iPhone app continues that trend. Now it's super easy to manage your personal finance by creating budgets and keeping up with expenses, all from your phone. Easily check your finances and decide whether Super Sizing that meal is even an option, right as you're placing your order. Budget yourself out and keep track with incredibly easy charts and graphs.
Price: iTunes



Take a lot of videos or photos on your phone? Make it super easy to share with friends, family or your personal computers by installing Dropbox. This free service acts as a virtual drive and lets you store documents, photos, videos or whatever else you want, with the ability to access it anywhere you can get onto that internet thing. You can make certain folders public or even share with a specific user, so no more worries about emailing huge files to one another.
Price: iTunes



"What do you want to eat?" Easily the most asked question on a daily basis, and easily the most annoying question to answer on a daily basis. So don't. Let the Urbanspoon app do it for you. Just shake your phone and let the local restaurant slot machine pick a restaurant for you. Of course you can also browse restaurants by area, cuisine or even price, read reviews, see what your friends like, etc. It's just a wonderfully clean and slick app that's not too overwhelming at all. Perfect for aiding you in your dining decisions.
Price: iTunes


Flashlight by RikFlashlight by Rik

Pardon the word choice here but this app is far from flashy. What it is, however, is an incredibly lightweight and straight-to-the point app. It turns your iPhone into a simple flashlight with three modes: off, on, and a strobe light effect. The only real customization you have is in slowing down or speeding up the strobe light. Considering most users would turn this on during blackouts or when trying to unlock their card doors at night, you don't need any bells or whistles. Just a light.
Price: iTunes



Know those amazing iPhone commercials that promise the world with a mere swipe of the finger, leaving you drooling in your Cheerios at how unbelievably cool this smartphone is? Well the Flipboard app is just like that. It's just so incredibly fun and amazing to use and look at. Yes it provides great content based on your social networks and various digital magazine-type sites, but it also displays the information in a flippable magazine-like fashion. Flip a page up, slide it to the side for more information. It's really the Origami of apps.
Price: iTunes



The RedLaser app is a barcode and QR code scanner, but so very much more. After scanning a barcode, the app will provide you with basic product information, as well as search thousands of online and local retailers to offer you a list of price ranges. At a store and not sure if you should buy that TV because it might be cheaper elsewhere? Just scan the barcode and you'll instantly know if any other stores (locally and online) have it cheaper.
Price: iTunes

Discussion loading

For the photo down load

From Philip Crawford on June 14, 2012 :: 12:23 pm

I need connection for Google Plus I notice all the Phito Apps are for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Mailing Address but nothing to make it easy to down load a group of photo you have on your mobile phones CAMERA ROLL



From Dove Taylor on June 14, 2012 :: 9:36 pm

No flashlight by Rik at iTunes.


Not on iTunes

From Amy Fuller Plá on June 16, 2012 :: 11:17 pm

I also was not able to find Flashlight by Rik on iTunes.


Just click the link in

From Josh Kirschner on June 16, 2012 :: 11:39 pm

Just click the link in the article above and it will take you there.


It says your request cannot

From Dove Taylor on June 17, 2012 :: 6:24 am

It says your request cannot be completed.


See below in the comments

From Henri "Rik" Asseily on June 20, 2012 :: 1:27 am

See below in the comments section (should have hit reply on this thread, sorry)

Finding Flashlight by Rik

From Henri "Rik" Asseily on June 20, 2012 :: 1:25 am

Hello, I’m Rik.
To all of you who can’t find Flashlight by Rik, note that an iPhone 4/4S is required: they’re the only ones with an actual camera flash.
If you do have a 4/4S and still can’t find it, please contact me right away by email (find it at and I’ll look to solve the problem.


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