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iCup Coffeemaker Promises a Better Tasting K-Cup Experience

by on March 19, 2014
in Kitchen, News, Health and Home, Blog :: 15 comments

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Remington iCup single-serve coffee brewerWe’re huge fans of single-serve coffee makers here at Techlicious. I love the ease of my Keurig and being able to offer a wide array of flavors to guests. Suzanne loves how single-serve coffee fits in an incredibly busy morning. Most importantly, though, we both love the taste (and caffeine content) of a fresh, on-demand cup.

That’s why my ears perked up when I heard about Remington Design’s new iCup “Lifestyle Series” lineup of single-serve coffee makers. Unveiled just this week, the new Keurig-compatible line promises even better tasting joe thanks to an advance in technology the company calls SteamBrew.

Unlike a regular drip Keurig brewer, SteamBrew fills K-Cups with rotational steam to stir the coffee grounds at an optimal temperature. This, according to the company, “creates a brewing environment that extracts rich, smooth flavors without the bitter-acidic aftertaste often associated with drip and single-serve coffee brewers.”

There’s another very important feature on these iCup brewers: future-proofing. Keurig recently announced that the next generation of Keurig cups would feature digital rights management (DRM) protection to keep unlicensed K-Cups from working in new machines. Remington promises that its Lifestyle Series line will accept “the new 2.0 interactive K-Cups,” as well as the big name and generic K-Cups currently available on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Remington will release 6 different models in the Lifestyle Series with an array of available options by the third quarter of 2014. Pricing has yet to be announced, though Remington CEO Bruce Burrows promises “a cost that is substantially less than the competition.”

For more on the iCup Remington Lifestyle Series line, visit the company’s website at

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Great news!

From Frank on May 23, 2014 :: 10:20 am

I’ve been using a Keurig single brew machine myself for some time and think it makes one of the best tasting coffees ever. There are many great single serve coffee makers on the market, at really competitive prices. I’m really curious about how the new line of coffee makers from Remington will compare to other great products in this category.


Glad that Remington didn't made

From Joe on August 05, 2015 :: 5:51 am

Glad that Remington didn’t made the same mistake Keurig did for DRM coffee pods.


Keuring is definitely my top

From Stella on December 13, 2015 :: 7:39 am

Keuring is definitely my top choice but Remingtons Opus Single-Serve is really great coffee maker also..


Remington CEO kept his promise

From Willie Murphy on January 09, 2016 :: 3:36 pm

Remington CEO Bruce Burrows kept his promise right on competitive pricing, as I found it’s price around 10% to 30% cheaper than its close competitors.


Remington is good choice..

From john on March 11, 2016 :: 3:07 pm

Thanks for taking some time and posting useful information. Definitely, I too believe Remington is a good choice for Drip Coffee maker.


Good for the office

From Mike on March 15, 2016 :: 1:16 pm

Hi, Thanks for the info. I think that k-cups or nespresso are a good choice for the office. But if you have the time i prefer other brewing methods like french press!


Can get costly if you drink a lot?

From Mark on March 24, 2016 :: 10:29 pm

Hey Fox,

Single cup coffee makers like the iCup are great, but I find that if you drink a lot of coffee (like I do) the cost per cup soon adds up when using coffee pods.

To be honest I’ve not heard of the iCup before, i’m going to have to check it out. Any ideas who stocks it? Amazon?



The Result Of Keurigs DRM

From Thomas on April 24, 2016 :: 10:00 pm

Hi Fox

Just stumbled upon your post.

It’s almost two years now since the DRM was introduced to new Keurig 2.0 and thank god, it backfired. They admit it was wrong and profit is down!

I don’t hate single cup coffee makers because, even when they don’t make the best coffee, it’s perfect for a quick cup or when I have to be quiet in the morning to not wake up my family.

But I don’t like Keurig and their company philosophy!

Have you tried the iCup coffee maker? If yes how do you like it?
I personally use the Bunn MyCafe MCU and love to be flexible with the drawers.

Enjoy your coffee!


From Amit on May 24, 2016 :: 12:05 am

Single cup coffee makers are great to deal with saving a lot of time especially in the offices were we have no time to do the brewing process. They are a bit costly but are worth. About the Remington, I hope it also allows Keurig like similar pods that are not costly affair


From teachersday on August 06, 2016 :: 4:11 am

Hello sir, your web site is lovingly serviced and saved as much as date. So it should be, thanks for sharing this with us. i also found some helpful sites like yours.


From Madeline on August 15, 2016 :: 12:13 am

I bought iCoffee Opus Single Serve,as it really looks great in kitchen counter. Yeah it works with all kind of k cups and really easy to use. But at some point, i feel, nothing taste better then freshly grounded coffee, so i am thinking to buy a Grind and brew coffee maker and cuisinart 900bc looks promising to me. Any suggetion guys?


From nicky on March 28, 2017 :: 12:30 pm

Both Krups and Mr.Coffee are all cheaper than others but i find Krup K-cup makes a more consistent coffee cup.


From John on May 07, 2017 :: 4:04 am

Thank you for this informative post. I personally believe Remington is a good choice for Drip Coffee maker and I’m using this from last 2years


New Cups

From Coffee Lisa on November 12, 2017 :: 6:44 am

The only problem with the new 2.0 Keurig pods is that they don’t work with the older machines. If you’re trying to use the new one on Keurig K55 for example, you’ll quickly find out it doesn’t fit.

You can get a list of Keurig machines that don’t work with 2.0 pods at The taste, however, is better? Well, at least for some.


I totally agree with you,

From Kim Stone on March 01, 2018 :: 9:39 am

I totally agree with you, because I’ve tried this and I know it makes the best coffee offer. I’ve tried many coffee makers and I find it to be the best.


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