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The Best Kids Headphones

posted by on May 15, 2013 in Headphones, Music and Video, Home Audio, Family and Parenting, Kids, Guides & Reviews :: 0 comments

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Giving your kid a pair of headphones if a great way to let them listen to music or watch videos without driving everyone else in the house crazy. However, there is a danger that noise levels from their electronics could damage their hearing. Instead of just buying any pair, get headphones made specifically for kids that limit the decibels to safe levels.

Learn more about how to protect your kid's hearing with sound-limiting headphones and get more headphone picks.

Prices valid as of May 15, 2013.

iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear

iFrogz Animatone Over-EarMany kids headphones fit youngsters around 6 years old and up, but are too big for smaller kids heads. Animatones are great for little ears for many reasons, a big one being that they're snug and comfortable even on tiny heads. Parents will like that they limit volume to 85 decibels to protect hearing, kids will enjoy the cute ladybug, turtle, and snail patterns.

Style: On Ear
Controls: None
Noise cancelling: Passive Isolation
Wired: Non-detachable cord
Loudness: 85 dB

Price: $25 on, $21 and up on Amazon

Griffin Technology Crayola MyPhones

Crayola MyPhonesFor kids with a more artistic bent, the MyPhones come with stickers and markers so young artists can decorate them on their own. These also limit sound to child-safe levels.

Style: On Ear
Controls: None
Noise cancelling: Passive Isolation
Wired: Non-detachable cord
Loudness: 85 dB

Price: $25 on and $25 on Amazon

Etymotic ETY Kids 5

Etymotic ETY Kids 5Once kids get older they may start to lose interest in headphones with animal patterns or stickers. That doesn't mean they don't still need to keep the volume down and protect their hearing. The ETY Kids is bling free and look just like any pair mom or dad might have. In addition to good audio quality, the eartips offer passive noise isolation so kids won't even need to turn the volume up to hear their music (or block out the world). Even if they try, the volume limiting keeps things at a safe level.

Style: In Ear
Controls: None
Noise cancelling: Passive isolation, 35-42 dB. Programmable noise isolation available via app for iOS and Android.
Eartips: Cone-shaped silicon, 3-flanges silicon (better isolation), and foam
Wired: Non-detachable cord
Loudness: 85 dB

Price: $49 on, $35 on Amazon

Need more help deciding which pair of headphones is right for you? Check out our story on how to buy headphones.

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