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About Us

About Techlicious

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, women influence the purchase of more than 90% of consumer electronics. Yet there is nowhere women can go to get straightforward advice tailored to them that is not overly geeky, snarky, or dumbed-down.

Techlicious serves the role of that tech-savvy friend who women can count on to share tips and tricks to get the most out of technology; whether that’s saving time in their hectic schedules, discovering new ways to enjoy their personal interests, or keeping up with the latest technology trends and styles.

Techlicious offers women the authoritative yet approachable information they’re seeking. We keep our readers up-to-date with how-to videos, new product and website recommendations, as well as useful tips for getting the most out of the products they already own. Our Buyer’s Guides provide advice on choosing the right product for every lifestyle, and include recommendations at various price points. Techlicious also offers a community forum where women can get answers to their questions and share their own tips and discoveries.

With decades of experience in consumer products, our writers and editors cut through the hype and technical jargon to give women the information they need, in language that’s easy to understand.  We make tech simple.

Editorial and Advertising Policy & Disclosures

We believe that it is important to be honest with our readers about how we make money, where potential conflicts exists and how we manage them.

We firmly believe that editorial quality is critical to establishing trust with our audience. Our editorial team is made up of professional writers and editors, who have experience covering consumer electronics for some of the most highly respected consumer publications. We maintain a strict policy of not allowing advertisers to influence our editorial opinion. We say what we do because we believe it is the most appropriate information or advice for our audience.

As part of our normal editorial process of reviewing products, we frequently receive samples of products from manufacturers. In most cases, we return products to manufacturers when we are done reviewing. Less valuable items are often not returned because the cost and effort of shipping outweighs much of the value, as are items kept for long-term evaluation due to wear-and-tear these items incur. A small number of items are also given away to our readers or donated to charity. The decision to review a product and the tone of our reviews is not based on whether we receive a sample.

Sponsors are an important part of keeping this site running. Occasionally, when we produce a video, we will use a product provided by one of our sponsors as part of the demonstration. Similarly, certain giveaways are advertising or advertorial in nature. Sponsored giveaways will be labeled as such, and advertisements and advertorials will always be easily distinguishable from editorial content.

We believe that providing our readers the ability to "click-thru to buy" recommended products is a helpful service. At the time of writing an article, we identify the product distributor we believe is offering the best combination of price and service for each product, and provide a link to that store next to the product. Techlicious receives a small commission from some, but not all, of the "click-thru to buy" links contained on article pages. These click-thru links are only determined after the article has been written and recommended stores are not chosen based on commissions.  Likewise, commissions in no way impact the price paid when purchasing the product.

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