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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Techlicious target audience of post-college through empty-nest women is a key purchasing demographic—both directly and as an influencer—for consumer electronics. Yet, Techlicious is one of the few media outlets targeted to women that offers an authoritative, journalistic-quality voice on consumer electronics issues and the only women's service site that addresses tech concerns, for the novice to the tech savvy.

To help you reach this audience most effectively, we can provide a number of sponsorship opportunities, ranging from standard site advertising through customized video sponsorship packages that can be distributed through Techlicious, YouTube and your own web channels. Please contact us to discuss your interests.

 (Please DO NOT contact us about guest posting or sponsored text links within articles. We do not accept sponsored links and we will not respond.)

Sample of Sponsorships Available

Website Sponsorship: Sponsorships are available from a single ad placement, through complete sponsorship of an entire site section.

Newsletter Sponsorship: Full sponsorship of single or multiple editions of the daily Techlicious newsletter. Customizable ad sizes are available.

Video Sponsorship: Placing your product in one of our videos will build awareness and provide a marketing benefit that will last for the life of the video. Sponsored videos will also be available through third-party channels, such as YouTube, and can be distributed through your company's website.

Product Give-away or Special Promotion: Giveaways can generate significant awareness, through viral marketing, of your product. Giveaways could be promoted through the web, newsletter and Techlicious social media channels.

Special Section Creation: The Techlicious team can work with you to develop a special section of the site that would be devoted to a specific lifestyle (e.g., "Elegant Living") or technical (e.g., "How to put together a Home Theater") area.

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