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Targus Creates Lifestyle Laptop Bags

by on September 25, 2009
in Computers and Software, News, Computers & Accessories, Laptops, Accessories, Back to School :: 4 comments

Targus Phobos

Targus Phobos 10.2-inch Netbook Case

Targus, the laptop bag specialist, has joined the fashion fray with what it calls its Fashion-Forward Lifestyle collections.

The Crave Collection is made of cushioned, nylon material and reminds me of my parka. It’s fluffy, stuffed with double-foam padding, and is stain- and scratch-resistant. You can get it in either blue or green and it comes in three different styles: a 16-inch Backpack (TSB158US), 15.6-inch Laptop Slipcase (TSS113US) and 10.2-inch Netbook Case (TSS112US). Each includes a front zippered compartment, and the backpack also has a back panel with air ventilation.

If you’re in the market for something a little funkier, check out the Phobos Netbook case, which is supposed to conjure visions of acid-washed jeans. Like you ever forgot them. The crinkled case is also water-resistant and includes a front compartment for extra storage space and a magnetic closure for easy opening.

targus phobos bagTargus Phobos 10.2-inch Netbook Case ($25): Buy Now

targus backpackTargus Crave 16-inch Laptop Backpack ($50): Buy Now

targus laptop caseTargus Crave 15.6-inch Laptop Slipcase ($30): Buy Now

Targus netbook caseTargus Crave 10.2-inch Netbook Case ($30): Buy Now


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cool bag!

From Green on March 18, 2011 :: 4:09 am

I love the Targus Phobus Case because it doesn’t look like a laptop bag. I don’t like the idea of walking around looking geeky, lugging along a laptop bag wherever I go. This one looks great!



functionality wins over style?

From Jesse on July 03, 2011 :: 1:19 pm

Yep, they do not seem fashion forward, alright. But I guess there are folks who value functionality and reliability over chicness and style. After all, this is a laptop bag—anyone who has to cay around a laptop all the time must be pretty busy to even worry about looking cool. wink



dependable is #1 on my list

From Camden on July 20, 2011 :: 12:22 pm

When you’re a mom with 2 feisty kids hanging around you at all times, Targus bags are lifesavers if only for their durability ad dependability. I should know ... I have 2 of these bags and no amount of swinging and yanking has ever broken them up to bits yet.


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