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Tiny Tile Sticker Lets You Track Everything from Your TV Remote to Your Bike

by on October 11, 2019
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Tile Bluetooth trackers are one of our favorite ways to keep tabs on our tech. By attaching a Tile to you gear — from keys to backpacks — you can track them using Bluetooth on your phone or trigger an alarm to help you find exactly where it is (or tap on your Tile to make your phone ring to find where it is). And if it’s beyond your Bluetooth range, the Tile community can help you find it: any phone running the Tile app will let you know if you wind up in Bluetooth range of it.

One downside to Tile devices is that most of them are a little large. They’re designed to be attached to keychains and purses, or slipped in wallets, which makes them a bit unwieldy if you want to find the TV remote. But the new Tile Sticker is designed for just that.

The Tile Sticker is tiny at just 27mm x 7.3mm. That’s a little wider than a quarter, but quite a bit taller: around the size of four quarters stacked. It has a sticky back, so you can attach it to just about anything: the TV remote, your camera, or even your bike. It sticks firmly — it will come off, but it takes a fair amount of effort — and it’s waterproof so it can withstand any weather. The downside to being waterproof is that the battery isn’t replaceable, but with a 3-year battery life, we don’t think that’s a dealbreaker.

The rest of the lineup has gotten a small update as well: the Tile Slim is now shaped to better fit a wallet, and all Tile trackers now have a larger detection range. If you need a to track something small — or something that doesn’t have any kind of keyring to attach a standard Tile to — the Tile Sticker is your best bet. But if you're looking for something else, the Tile Slim ($30, check price on Amazon) is now perfect for a wallet, and the Tile Mate ($25, check price on Amazon) or Tile Pro ($35, check price on Amazon) are best for anything with a keyring to attach them to.

Stickers run about $20 each, sold in packs of two ($40, check price on Amazon) or four ($60, check price on Amazon). Amazon is also running a good deal on the Tile Sticker, with four Stickers and a latest generation Echo Dot for $60. If you’re in the market for both, that’s a nice savings.

[Image credit: Tile Inc.]

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Looking for a jewelry theft deterrant

From Beverly on October 14, 2019 :: 3:35 pm

I have had jewelry stolen in my home several times. So,the few pieces I have left would be nice to keep.

Would tile stickers work?


Probably not

From Josh Kirschner on October 21, 2019 :: 4:58 pm

If you could hide the tile inside the jewelry box, then it could work. But it certainly would be two large to use on individual pieces of jewelry, and it would only send out a signal when in range of another Tile user, which depending on where the thief is, may not be very common.

You may be better off with a security camera, safe or other theft deterrent/detection device.


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