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Five Apps to Spice up Your Marriage

posted by on May 10, 2011 in Family and Parenting, Phones and Mobile, Mobile Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Guides & Reviews :: 2 comments

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The ease, companionship and routine that help make a good marriage work can also work against it when it comes to the romance department. I’ve been married to my husband for more than half of my life, and I’ve found that the spark needs nurturing in order to stay alive.

So I’m always looking to draw inspiration from new sources, entertain new ideas and generally step outside the box I’ve created over the years. Not surprisingly there are more than a few apps for that to be found in the iTunes App Store.

Real Sex for Real WomenReal Sex for Real Women
Based on Laura Berman’s book, the Real Sex for Real Women explains how men and women experience intimacy and sexuality and provides practical advice on how to spice things up in long term relationships.   
Price: $9.99 in iTunes

Sex & Marriage
If you’re looking for some fun ways to explore your relationship, this app has an assortment of tips and spicy games that provide the inspiration. A lot of the suggestions are simple, but effective, like a whipped cream battle, a bed of rose petals or a sexy photo shoot.
Price: $0.99 in iTunes

With 110 different positions to choose from, there’s bound to be one you and your spouse haven’t tried. Work your way through them all (you can see your progress on chart) or hit the random button for a surprise. You can also search by adjusting sliders for the amount of intimacy, complexity and physical strength the position requires.
Price: $2.99 in iTunes

Sexulator: Sex Health Calculator & Calendar
If things have been a little slow, start keeping stats on how often you are intimate. The app rates your sexual status, which isn’t flattering at the lower levels. No one wants to be a sex turtle.
Price: $1.99 in iTunes

Hot GameHot Game: The Sexy Scratch Game
Make him a promise about the night’s activities with this app. You input your preferences in three categories: foreplay, location and position. Shake your phone to randomly generate a combo and “scratch” to reveal your game plan.
Price: $0.99 in iTunes

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Nice to know I'm not as weird as I thought I was

From aztnge on May 10, 2011 :: 10:42 am

I personally think it’s pretty bad when you have to use a phone just to have good sex. The idea of one person holding to to a phone during sex, at least to me is really a turn-off. Whatever happened to good old imagination? I guess it’s just to each his own…....


Flash Games

From Flash on July 25, 2011 :: 8:38 pm

At least to me is really a turn-off. Whatever happened to good old imagination? I guess it’s just to each his own


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