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How to Dip Your Apple in Honey for the Jewish New Year

by on September 29, 2011
in Phones and Mobile, Our Favorite Things, Blog, Tech 101 :: 3 comments

We love holiday humor, especially when there's a tech angle! So happy Rosh Hashanah to everyone who is celebrating!


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From Virginia on September 30, 2011 :: 1:43 am

I love my Apple products and while I could never dip them in honey this was too funny. I found myself gasping each time he threw a new product in lol.



Dip your apple . . .

From Jill on September 30, 2011 :: 2:22 pm

Very funny! I like that! I’ll have to remember next year.



Dip Your Apple

From Pat Chiappa on September 30, 2011 :: 5:01 pm

I loved this video!
Have a sweet new year!


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