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Prevent Headphones from Damaging Your Child's Hearing

by on March 19, 2010
in Phones and Mobile, Headphones, Music and Video, Portable Players, iPods & MP3 Players, Health and Home, Family and Parenting, Baby & Toddler, Kids :: 6 comments

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Young children are highly succeptable to hearing damage when using headphones at too high a volume. This video, produced in conjunction with Parents TV, will guide you through the styles of headphones available for children and how to select the right ones based on your child's age and how the headphones will be used.

Prevent Headphones from Damaging Your Child’s HearingFlash and Javascript are required. Loading video now . . .

Prevent Headphones from Damaging Your Child's Hearing

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Products shown in this video:

AirDrives FIT Interactive Earphones
This is a good choice for kids who want to listen to music outside. These earphones let in some ambient noise, which is critical for staying safe. The earloops also make them great for sports.  
Price: $20 at

Coby Isolation Stereo Earphones
Sound isolating headphones are a good option for older children that want headphones to use inside in a hazard-free environment. These do not limit volume, so best for use with an iPod, which has volume-limit control built into the iTunes software.
Price: $15. Check price at

Griffin MyPhones
For the youngest kids, these headphones work really well. The soft padded ear cups won irritate and the headband is small enough for toddler-size heads.
Price: $40. Check price at

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From mbavishi on March 26, 2010 :: 2:26 pm

Very helpful - never even thought about the right type of headphone for children.  Will check out the Griffen for my toddlers.


From Josh Kirschner on March 26, 2010 :: 11:26 pm

The Griffens are what our 19-month old uses when we go on long car trips.  He is very happy wearing them (as you can tell in the video!).


From Riven on June 04, 2010 :: 1:02 pm

I have a daughter that is listening music with headphone. this guide is very helpful for me. thank for interesting video about various headphones. now I know which one is safer and better for my Vic.


That's amazing, I had no

From Matt on February 01, 2011 :: 5:45 pm

That’s amazing, I had no idea that many children have had some sort of damage done to their hearing. I have been doing some research on headphones for my son because he wants his first IPod. I really didn’t want him damaging any of his hearing, so it’s nice to find out that they make headphones that are only so loud. Thank you for the helpful video and information, it was much needed.


Amazing Trik

From Moha on October 04, 2011 :: 5:27 am

I have children and he always listend oldis gold is music now I know which one is safer and better for my Vic. Thanks for share


headphones with cool kitty ears

From alex larsen on March 19, 2018 :: 7:30 am

So cute! Love that it folds up, and love to see my kiddos sitting across the room with little cat ears smile


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