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Get a 3D Digital Camera for Only $50

by on March 15, 2011
in Cameras and Photography, News, Cameras, Blog :: 3 comments

DXG-810 3D Camera
If you're not ready to spend hundreds of dollars to try out 3D photography, how does $49.99 sound for the DXG-018 3D digital camera?

The DXG-018 3D camera kit uses a dual-lens digital camera to capture 3D images, then rolls back the clock for the viewing experience. To see the 3D effect, you print the side-by-side images on standard 4x6-inch photo paper and insert it in one of the five included cardboard viewers. This works just like old-fashioned stereoscopic glasses: each eye sees a different image, which your brain combines to create a 3D effect. Think of it as a do-it-yourself Viewmaster.
DXG 3D Veiwfinder

Admittedly, the DXG-018 isn't going to have Panasonic, Sony and other makers of high-end 3D photo gear quaking in their boots. Maximum resolution is just 1.3 megapixels, you can't use the camera to take 2D photos at all, But there's certainly at least $50 worth of fun for your next party in a kit that lets everyone "oooh" and "aaah" at the same cool 3D effect that wowed the crowds in the 1850s.

The DXG-810 3D camera will be available in May.

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good but need improvement

From M Arshad Jamal on March 16, 2011 :: 4:54 am

Need to upgrade at least upto 4 mega pixel




From laura on July 18, 2011 :: 10:11 am

where can I buy some of cardboard viewers without pictures?



You can purchase the 3D

From Suzanne Kantra on July 18, 2011 :: 10:17 am

You can purchase the 3D viewers separately from DXG here:


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