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Gillette’s Newest Razor Heats Up CES

by on January 08, 2020
in CES 2020, News, Health and Home, Blog :: 2 comments

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Gillette’s Newest Razor Heats Up CES

Shaving just a got a little posher with the newest digital innovation from GilletteLabs: the Heated Razor. Though it was shown as a prototype at last year’s CES, at this year's convention the luxury razor was functional and available for purchase.

No, the razor couldn’t fit any more blades, so you’ll have make do with the standard five. The true luxury of the device lies with the gold bar beneath the blades, which heats the razor up to simulate a hot towel shave. The technology allows for a steady heat within about a second — just press the button and a blinking LED light will alert you when it’s ready. You can also toggle between two temperatures (either 109°F or 122°F) depending on your shaving preference, and four heat sensors prevent the razor from overheating.

Out of the box, it needs to be charged for about an hour on its base dock. It charges wirelessly and each charge lasts about six shaves, so there’s no hassle to keeping it powered up. And of course, it’s waterproof.

You can buy the GilletteLabs Heated Razor now. A Starter Kit comes with the Heated Razor, charging dock and two GilletteLabs blade cartridges for $200. If you’re worried about running out of replacement blades, you can also subscribe to have them automatically shipped every month, three months or six months at $25 per four-cartridge pack. 

[Image credit: Gillette]

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