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Vudu 3D Streaming Now Available

by Josh Kirschner on January 24, 2011

Vudu is now offering 3D streaming through on VUDU-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players, including Sony's PlayStation 3 and video products from Boxee, LG, Mistsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio. If you already have one of these Vudu enabled devices, the Vudu application will automatically be updated for 3D streaming.

According to Vudu, 3D titles will be available at three resolutions—SD (480p), HD (720p) and FullHD (1080p)—and the minimum bandwidth requirements for 3D viewing are the same as for 2D.

Vudu 3D streaming rental will costs a dollar more than 2D rentals. The 3D title selection is pretty limited currently, but I expect it will expand quickly.

When I did a quick test of the 3D streaming on a Panasonic TC-P54VT25 plasma using their Viera Cast Vudu app, everything worked seamlessly and image quality was very good.


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From Marc Waxman on August 21, 2011 :: 8:34 pm

I have Panasonic 3D Bluray and TV and neither is enabled to stream Vudu 3D. the Bluray can stream Vudu but not 3D. I can not find out from Panasonic when they will have a firmware update.



From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2011 :: 9:00 am

I tested the Vudu 3D on a Panasonic Viera TV and it was updated immediately through the Vudu app. What model TV do you have and are you sure you have the latest firmware update? Also, is it that you can’t find a 3d option for movies on Vudu or do 3D movies not correctly stream in 3d?



From Marc Waxman on August 22, 2011 :: 2:11 pm

I have the Viera TC-46PGT24 (3DTV) and the DMP-BDT100(3D Blu-ray player). The Blu-ray player has the Vudu app. I can stream 2D Vudu, however, when I attempt to access the 3D folder it is empty. Vudu support stated that the player is only enabled for 2D. The TV does not have the Vudu app installed at all! On Vudu’s web site they identify Panasonic’s only 3D enabled equipment as a 10” TV. I don’t understand why Panasonic won’t update the firmware (3D) at least for the Vudu enabled player. Updating the firmware for the TV would be an added benefit.



From Josh Kirschner on August 26, 2011 :: 4:47 pm

This seems to be a Vudu issue. I can no longer access Vudu 3D on our Panasonic player and from the Vudu forum, it appears that very few devices are actually supporting Vudu 3D at this point, even though information on the Vudu site may lead you to believe otherwise:


From Marc Waxman on August 30, 2011 :: 11:32 pm

What I don’t understand if a 3D device is enabled to recieved a particular “app” i.e. Vudu why further action by either the devices’s manufacturer or the “app’s” producer is necessary to recieve 3D? Vudu states in their “forums” that it is up to the manufacturer to enable a 3D device to recieve their 3D streaming. Another question; when I watch Comcast’s “On Demand” 3D is that being streamed the same way Netflix and Vudu is?



From Josh Kirschner on August 31, 2011 :: 1:39 am

Vudu 3D features can (should) only be enabled on 3D devices, so separate coding is required from manufacturers for 3D and 2D devices. And the apps pull information through the manufacturer’s servers, so changes there may be required, as well. So there is additional effort for manufacturers and, given the weak interest in 3D content among consumers and the limited Vudu audience, it’s not an effort many have been willing to make.

I’m not sure I fully understand your question re Comcast and Netflix/Vudu. What do you mean by “same way”?



From Marc Waxman on August 31, 2011 :: 1:48 pm

Ok, let me try this again. As previously stated (Aug 22 E-mail) I have two (2) 3D devices; the Blu-ray is Vudu enabled but evidently not for 3D. I can stream 2D selections. I don’t understand if the manufacturer offers the Vudu “app” for streaming what more effort/expense would it take on their behalf to enable 3D streaming?
As for the Comcast question; I can “stream” 3D selections from Comcast on Demand and they don’t seem to be particular on the device that I’m using (of course only that it’s 3D capable). What makes Comcast so much more “user friendly” than Vudu or Netflix? On second thought I don’t believe that Netflix offers any 3D selections so that may be a moot point!

Thx for your insight!



From Josh Kirschner on September 02, 2011 :: 1:39 am

Going from 2D to 3D would likely require two things 1) A firmware update for each device. 2) Backend coding on Panasonic’s or whomever’s servers to process the new Vudu functionality and feed it to the Vudu app sitting on your Blu-ray player or TV. How hard is that? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like many manufacturers deem it worth doing.

Comcast has coded their backend systems and devices (set-top boxes) to handle 3D streaming. They chose to do this because they obviously make money every time you rent a 3D movie. Vudu doesn’t control the devices that bring its content into your home, so Vudu is reliant on the manufacturers to make the updates. But since the manufacturers aren’t getting paid for those rentals, what’s the incentive to do the work?



From Spike Jones on July 07, 2012 :: 11:22 am

I can confirm VuDu 3D streaming on Panasonic P55VT50 is still voodoo. It has not been accomplished. Boxee has given them selves an edge by only streaming player listed here.

It is on the PS3 but not the streaming Sony Google TV2? That is odd!

In fairness Panasonic call the VuDu (HD) on main screen.


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