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Give Broken Plates a New Life as Jewelry

by Robert E. Calem on June 03, 2010 necklace

Red and Grey and Green Floral Broken Plate Pendant
on Sterling Chain on the company's Etsy shop.
Price: $40

Those vintage china plates in your dining room breakfront are more than just beautiful decorations, they’re precious family heirlooms stacked with sentimental value.

Too bad junior just used one as a Frisbee and shattered it.

Bypass wailing like a banshee, pull yourself together, and point your web browser to

There you’ll find The Broken Plate Pendant Company, brainchild of craftswoman Juliet Ames, who will take any fine china and transform it into glamorous jewelry ranging from necklaces to rings and cuff links––as well as into other items, such as a wine bottle stoppers.

Founded in 2005 to fashion pendants out of plates Ames had collected from thrift shops and shattered for other artwork, the business has since expanded to creating bespoke items from plates sent to her by customers––including “broken sentimental china.”

But it’s not just antique plates that can stir memories and emotions. Among Ames’ most popular custom services at re-crafting plates from customers’ recent weddings into gifts for bridesmaids and best men.


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From Kathy on June 07, 2010 :: 10:37 am

Wow I’m gonna try this !! Thanks for posting it



Neat looking product.That's what I

From jeff.fountain on June 19, 2010 :: 12:44 am

Neat looking product.

That’s what I call efficient!


This is a great idea.

From netgirljenn on October 04, 2010 :: 10:10 pm

This is a great idea. Besides the obvious fact that it is keeping trash out of landfills, it is a wonderful way to make precious memories into something beautiful. I honestly would have never known that there was a company that did this. Thank you for posting it.


Not a bad idea, makes

From Erin on November 04, 2010 :: 12:41 am

Not a bad idea, makes for a nice looking necklace!


Sounds like a great idea

From roddy on November 30, 2010 :: 6:45 pm

Sounds like a great idea to make something useful again plus beauty is in the eye of the beholder so i am sure there would be many fans of this venture


This is so great.

From larson on December 02, 2010 :: 2:26 am

This is so great.  I’m so glad I came across this.  This would also be a wonderful present for a family member.  I would love to make a necklace out of my grandma’s china and give it to my mother.  and the wine stoppers would be a great gift for anyone.  Next time myself or anyone in my family breaks a plate, we’re doing this!  Thanks!


This is an excellent idea-

From Lauren on December 27, 2010 :: 12:43 am

This is an excellent idea- thanks for the suggestions- I just wish I’d seen this before Christmas, but I think it will work for up coming birthdays, such a neat idea.


Great idea!

From Thierry on March 21, 2011 :: 11:27 pm

This is a very good idea. The necklace is great. smile



From Martha on April 22, 2011 :: 6:07 am

Brilliant idea! Whoever first thought of doing this is a genius! smile Broken plates that would have otherwise been discarded into the trash bin are turned into pieces of jewelry…and I must say they are quite beautiful pieces of jewelry. I love the Red and Grey and Green Floral Broken Plate Pendant you have pictured in the article.


Its beautiful!

From Miley on May 31, 2011 :: 1:08 am

I really love this necklace.


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