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Help Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

by on April 01, 2011
in Phones and Mobile, Mobile Apps, Android Apps, BlackBerry Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Windows Phone Apps, Tips & How-Tos :: 2 comments

lost cellphoneIf there's one thing sure to cause panic, it's the thought of leaving my phone in a taxi or having it stolen. My whole life is stored there through my calendar, contacts and other apps. So if I lose my phone, and I know that it's not stuck between the sofa cushions, it's time to turn to the tracking app I have loaded on my phone.

For my iPhone, I use the Find My iPhone app (free; iTunes). Since I've activated tracking on my phone, I can log into my account on my computer to locate my phone on a map, lock it or even wipe any personal data from it. Find My iPhone is integrated into Apple's MobileMe service, which will run you $100 per year, but it's also now a free service if you have an iPhone 4, iPad or the latest generation iPod Touch.

There are similar services for other smart phones. There's the Phone Locator app (free; BlackBerry App World) for BlackBerry, which shows your phone's location. iTag (free; for Android devices let you locate and lock your phone, as well as back up your contacts and wipe the data. And Windows Phone 7 devices can be located by logging into your Windows Phone 7 Live account.

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Find My iPhone

From jimmijames73 on August 29, 2011 :: 5:16 am

Find My iPhone is an excellent app, has saved me a couple of times. Like the function allowing u to send a popup notification so u can let anyone who finds the phone details to contact u.



Is it really accurate those

From Kathryn on April 25, 2013 :: 9:03 am

Is it really accurate those tracking apps for android? most of the feeds on my FB are talking about it.


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